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Whatsapp Clone App

Whatsapp Clone App

Whatsapp – Chatting And Messaging App

A chat application that lets people connect and send instant messages by giving users a variety of chatting options.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a Messaging app that makes it simple to chat with people anywhere in the world. It enables real-time message sending and receiving audio and video conversations, and story features. It will also allow you to share images, audio, video, your current location, and many other things.

Ready Clone For WhatsApp Messaging App

Convenient and Efficient

User-friendly Interface

Easy Communication


Our WhatsApp clone, which is intended to make a significant sensation throughout the market, will help you get to have hassle-free chatting. It is developed using cutting-edge technologies filled with amazing features. You may easily build an instant messaging app that top the charts with the help of our solution as it has the following advantages.

Features of Whatsapp Clone Script

1. End-to-End Encryption
Only the sender and recipient will be able to read the messages. It means that even the admin of the app will not have access to read the messages.

2. Admob ads
This app will allow the admin to show different ads like banner ads, interstitial ads, and video ads to the users of the app.

3. Advance Admin App Controls
Admin will have a separate app from where he will be able to manage and control the user’s actions in the user app.

4. Lock/Unlock Chats(Individual Chats)
Users will be able to look and unlock any individual chats.

5. GIFHY Integration
GIFHY will include advanced emoji stickers and GIFs. These stickers and GIFs will be in 3D format.

kukuq whatsapp clone app

6. Audio and Video Calls
Users will be able to do in-app audio or video calls to their connections. Also, they will be allowed to do one-on-one or group video calls.

7. Notifications
Users will be notified when they receive any messages, and more.

8. Messages
Users will have the option of chatting with one another privately or creating groups to communicate in. Users can share text, photos, and videos in one-on-one chatting.

9. Location Sharing
By using this option users can share their current location with another user of the app.

10.  Invitations
Users will have full access to accepting or rejecting chat invitations from other users of the app.

Exclusive Modules in Whatsapp Clone App

whatsapp clone app development
  •  Admin will get real-time statistics, country-wise data, also will be able to collect user device info, and many more.
  • Admin will be able to send notifications to the users and users will be able to see those notifications. 
  • Admin will be able to approve or block the users if the admin finds anything wrong.
  • Admin will be able to allow/ block calls, media sending, text message sending, and new logins.
whatsapp clone app development
  • Users will be able to message other users of the app without having their mobile numbers. 
  • Users will be able to hide, lock or block the there chats with other users if they wish to do so.
  • Users can take video and audio. Also, they will be able to send advanced emoji stickers and GIFs. 
  • Users will receive push notifications when someone messages or called them through the app. Also, there are many other options that a user can perform through this WhatsApp clone app

Whatsapp Clone App Kukuq Screens

Technologies used in the Whatsapp clone app

The technologies that supported successful Whatsapp Clone app development are as follows:

Flutter Framework

Firebase Backend




Why choose Krify for Developing Whatsapp Clone App?

Our Whatsapp Clone provides you with the chance to experience:

1. Access to source code

2. Free updates

3. Free Installation

4. White-labeled product

5. Easily scalable

6. Free support

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Whatsapp White Label Product for Different Business Domains

Various business verticals can make use of TaskRabbit clone script to extend their service.








Yes, we offer technical support unless the code hasn’t been altered in any way.

Being the best messaging app development company in India, our business analyst will examine the app’s features after carefully analyzing the client’s requirements and will provide them the accurate development costs.

Some of the benefits of WhatsApp clone apps are as follows:

– Fast and easy way of communication between users 

– Real-time messaging

– Flexible over android and iOS devices

Yes, in accordance with the needs of the client, we do customize the application. However, there will be some extra costs associated with this.