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Uopinion App

Let your feedback help our business productivity.

An innovative way of welcoming the feedback from the customers to help the business improve their quality in terms of service and production.

Business areas where feedback app can be used

Every Business depends on the opinion or the feedback from their customers. Some of the industries where Feedback is useful are mentioned below

Why does any business require Feedback?

  • Get updated with the current trend
  • Converts disparager customers to complimentary one.
  • Build a good customer relation
  • Resolve the flaws in the product.

Benefits of feedback app

Muti-Admin profile

Process simplified

Remote access

Dedicated support

Fully White labeled

Feedback Management

Efficient to manage and handle feedback from customers

Have a look at the features of Feedback app

  Branch admins
 Feedback links
 Change Password

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Super Admin Login

Username: admin
Password: admin


Email: [email protected]

Branch Admin

Email: [email protected]
Password: krify

Glimpse of the Web screens of feedback app

What support you will get?

Free Updates
Free Support
Free Brand Removal
Free Installation
Easily scalable


What is Uopinion App?

Uopinion App is a Feedback managing app for the business organizations to help understand customers feedback about their service though the app.

Why Feedback is Important?

It might be challenging to know what your customers will need from a mobile app. But no matter what your customers need now, the only way to know it for sure is to listen to their personal opinion.