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Mobile app ideas for your Pharma Business

Mobile App Ideas for Your Pharmaceutical Business

Mobile apps have been a very popular trend in the past few years and it is continuing to grow. In fact, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular for pharma companies because they allow them to provide their patients with up-to-the-minute information about their medication and also provide other services such as reminders, notifications, and more. With a range of mobile apps for pharmaceutical businesses, it is easy to stay connected with your clients on the go. These apps are designed to help you manage all aspects of your business, from ordering, managing inventory, and reporting on sales.

Advantages of Mobile app for Pharma Business

Mobile apps have many benefits for the pharmaceutical industry. They allow businesses to eliminate paper trails that are prone to errors and offer convenience for their clients. Below we have mentioned some of the benefits:

1. Maximum supply:

Medicine is a necessary supply that is frequently required urgently or on short notice. Because orders are frequently placed directly with bulk suppliers and pharmaceutical companies, there is no shortage. Individuals and even retailers can easily place orders on the app and retrieve parked orders whenever it is convenient for them.

2. Service transparency:

Apps that provide detailed information to patients about the company’s functional standards are widely trusted. It contributes to making services more transparent and profitable. The more organised and easily accessible system of information, such as drug details in the description, and more, helps to increase transparency and elevate brand value and authenticity.

3. Administrative management:

Hospitals and clinics are already benefiting from the use of app technology to manage administrative tasks. Pharmaceutical companies can use the same format of a centralised management unit. Such apps can improve the system’s efficiency and eliminate errors.

4. Ease of accessibility:

Apps are traversing infrastructure gaps and taking the world closer together. Immediate access to data, health facilities, information, supplies, and other resources improves the patient experience while making doctors’ jobs easier. As a result, apps make the process even easier by providing instant online and offline access and an easy-to-use interface.

5. Unified data management:

Cloud-based data management systems integrated into apps can make patients’ and suppliers’ lives easier. Yet another access can be used to receive, send, or monitor prescriptions, as well as validate them, check the stock level and order history, and do other things.

Features to be implemented in a Pharma-based Business App

1. Simplified user onboarding:

Your users’ immediate and long-term experiences should be satisfying enough to keep them coming back for more. A complicated signup process may result in the app being abandoned immediately. As a result, simplify the registration process and provide multiple sign-up and log-in options, similar to Google and Facebook. The splash screen, landing pages, and app interface should all be consistent and entice users to continue using the app.

2. Smooth & layered navigation:

Most of the users will most likely be sick patients. As a result, the very purpose of providing them with an app to ease and convenience should be kept in mind. Enabling layered navigation ensures that everything your app users are looking for is at their fingertips. Create a premium native app that is responsive and fast, and provides an extraordinary user experience. Consider the user’s perspective when designing the icon, function buttons, pages, and screens.

3. Smart product search filter:

Smart searching, filtering, and sorting options can help your users achieve their shopping goals. Users should be able to filter medicines and products by the company, disease, composition, order history, and other criteria. Intuitively design and list products and product variations. Display important announcements, sales, and offers on the banner to keep users involved from the start of the session.

4. Seamless payment checkout:

This is the level at which the traffic and engagements turn into sales. Make it a top priority, and make the checkout process as simple as possible. Allow people to modify their cart, claim insurance, view taxes, and apply discounts and promo codes at this juncture. Also, incorporate multiple payment gateways that support different locations and currencies. It will assist you in reaching a broader target audience and thus increase your revenue.

5. Additional features & benefits:

By being more than just a medicine ordering app, you can broaden the scope of your brand. Enhance the customer experience with additional features and benefits, such as information and entertainment. You can go the extra mile to see what your competitors are up to. Remember to choose personalised offerings and to interact with your customers on a regular basis. You can also use in-app marketing and promotion techniques such as Push Notifications. Increase conversions by communicating new offers and updates to your customers, as well as sending trend and price drop alerts.


Mobile apps for pharma businesses are becoming increasingly popular because they allow companies to provide up-to-date information about medications and other services to their patients. Apps can be used to provide promotional offers and discounts to customers in the area and also be used as a way to track prescription levels. They can even help your business stay compliant by tracking changes in legislation.

At Krify, we have a team of well-trained professionals who are well-versed in developing robust mobile and web applications. If you are looking to develop a mobile app for your pharma business, contact us right away.

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Features to be implemented in a fitness app

Top features to be implemented in a Fitness App

Achieving a fit and healthy body is hard for many people. This is because of the need to balance between heavy workouts and an appropriate diet. It doesn’t help that a phone app can’t keep up with what you need in terms of motivation. Fitness apps have been around for many years and the market is flooded with them. But, it’s not just about looking for the most popular app and downloading it. There are different criteria to consider before making a decision on which app will best match your fitness needs.

Some apps are more focused on tracking and monitoring your body’s health by logging each workout session with details of calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, etc. These apps can be used to better understand your workout performance over time to help you stay motivated.

Some other fitness apps are designed in a similar way as video games where you have user-friendly AI trainers that teach you how to set up gym routines, how to do each exercise properly, when to rest in between exercises, etc. There is also a gamification element that rewards users with badges and achievements as they progress through their workouts. These types of fitness apps can make exercise more fun and motivating. 

However, there are some fitness apps which are very unique and user-friendly. They promise to take away the difficult aspect of fitness by using AI trainers who will always be available when you want them.

Features to be implemented in a Fitness app

1. Simple Signup

An easy and simple sign-up is the first step to peek and explore your app, so it is better to make it simple and hassle-free.

2. Create daily workout

Make it simple for users to create their daily workout plan. It is preferable to prepare a workout plan ahead of time rather than each day before the workout.

3. Choose types of workout

A fitness app should function as an AI trainer, guiding users through a wide range of exercises and their descriptions such as barbells, dumbbells, machines, cables, and smith machines.

4. Add new exercise

It is also important to provide an option for the user to add an exercise that he/she would work out on a daily basis, and if isn’t found in the app library.

5. Body Stats

Users may be given the option to share their body stats to track or check their progress during the workout process.
Mobile app service

6. Baseline Test

Before beginning the workout, it is important to execute a baseline test to determine how many repetitions the user can perform with the specified weight. After completing the baseline test, the user is given an estimate of how many repetitions he or she can perform for the specified weights.

7. My Profile

A separate functionality can be used to keep track of an overall workout plan, a history of all the information about a user’s daily workout, and a profile. This way, the user can access all of his workout data and update his profile.

8. Add progress photos

Users enjoy checking their progress using either graphical data or images. Providing the option to upload progress photos encourages users to monitor their workout progress.

9. History of workout

A record of daily, weekly, and monthly workouts will provide the user with a clear picture of their progress on the targeted body part and encourage them to focus more on the workout.

10. Subscription Plan

A Basic and a pro subscription plan will aware the users of the benefits of each plan with limited and unlimited feature access and will provoke the users to choose a pro plan, if he/she is still in the basic plan.


It is critical for beginners to begin working out with a trainer to stay motivated. These intelligent fitness apps use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to customise workouts and provide coaching for each individual.

At Krify, we have a team of professionals who are up to date on the latest trends and technology and provide a quality-based service, implementing all of the client’s requirements. Contact us right away if you are looking to develop a fitness-based app and would like to incorporate the features mentioned above.

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What is AWS and its essential services?

What is AWS and what are its Essential Services?

AWS is a cloud-computing platform provided by Amazon Web Services. It is built for developers and enterprises to start, run and scale applications in the cloud. AWS offers a wide range of features – from computing, storage, and database to networking, analytics and more.

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most popular cloud computing platform that startups and enterprises use to create more agile implementations. AWS offers a broad set of products such as Amazon S3 which stores large amounts of data on its servers so that it can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world; Amazon EC2 allows users to rent processing power from AWS and use it at any time they want; Amazon DynamoDB which is a NoSQL database that manages fast, scalable performance; AWS Lambda which provides custom functions that can be managed through an API or through cloud function console.

AWS is a cloud computing platform which was launched in 2006. It provides a wide range of services that are essential for businesses to run efficiently. Below are some of the services that are offered by Amazon web services.

Essential Services of AWS(Amazon Web Services)

1. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

Simple Storage Service, one of the most popular AWS services, is the ideal tool for businesses looking to harness the power of big data because it is a flexible, high-availability storage web service. Businesses can use it to store virtually unlimited amounts of data on what are known as “S3 buckets” and only activate them when necessary.

2. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

An essential component of the entire AWS ecosystem is the Elastic Compute Cloud. It enables scalable, on-demand computing resources, making it simple to scale up and down AWS environments in a matter of minutes. Because users only pay for the resources they use, EC2 is a great alternative to purchasing traditional servers for workloads that are unpredictable or have irregular traffic.

3. Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) 

AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides message delivery or sending of messages to subscribing endpoints or clients through its Amazon SNS service. It is a fully regulated messaging service that is incredibly reliable, strong, and secure.

4. AWS Code deploys

Any application can be run on the simple-to-use and easy-to-adopt CodeDeploy platform. It is convenient to reuse the setup code. CodeDeploy can be integrated with the continuous delivery toolchain or the software release process to make deployment quick and simple.
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5. Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service): 

Technical experts and developers use Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), a managed message queuing service, to send, store, and retrieve multiple messages of different sizes asynchronously. The service allows users to scale serverless applications, distributed systems, and individual microservices by separating them from one another and scaling them without having to create and maintain their own message queues.

6. AWS Lambda

Serverless computing is a service that Amazon Web Services offers under the name AWS Lambda (AWS). AWS Lambda users build functions self-contained programmes written in one of the supported languages and runtimes and upload them for the service to execute in a swift and adaptable way.


We at Krify have a team of qualified professionals who are more focused on developing reliable Mobile Apps and Web Applications so that we can best serve our customers, with their requirements and deliver the best results.

Contact us if you have any queries or plans relating to the development of mobile and web applications. If you have any questions regarding AWS and its services, you can also get in touch with us for a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts.

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What Are The Features Of The SOS Application?

Life is unpredictable, and emergencies are even more so for this reason, it is always preferable to make some plans, and take some measures. You can actually turn on your phone and call or message anyone for support when you need personal assistance. But in a life-threatening situation, such as an attack, sexual assault, robbery, harassment, accident, fire, or many more, we need some accessibility techniques that will allow us to contact support just by clicking on the button without actually using the phone. So, it is always a good idea to have an emergency SOS app as a backup on your phone.

If you or your beloved one finds themselves in a life-threatening critical situation and requires quick help, the SOS apps can save you or your loved ones as they are advanced emergency apps. There are so many types of SOS apps available in the play store and apple store. So, let us see the common and best features of SOS apps.

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Features of the SOS application

1. Permissions

These types of apps are all about safety and security. So, once a user installs this application it will first ask to allow the permissions to send messages, access contact details, location, access to the camera, and other required things. This allows the app to work properly when it is really required.

2. Login/Signup

These apps will allow the users to register or log in with their name, mobile number, and OTP. Without registering and providing the required details, the app may not start working although you installed it. 

3. Photos and Videos

These apps will ask permission to take videos and photos. So that, they will be able to record videos and take pictures when a person seeking help or in some danger. Once the user presses the button or does some other action as per the instructions of the particular SOS app, the process of taking photos and videos will be done automatically by the app.  

4. Text message

These apps will allow the user to predefine the text messages once they signup for the app. This message will be sent to the contacts of the user when he/she needs any assistance. 

5. Audio record

These applications will request authorization to record audio. In order to record audio when someone needs assistance or is in danger. This is also an automated process as the above two features. 

6. Location sharing

It is the most important feature of the SOS application. These applications will detect the mobile location with the help of GPS and provide a rescue location to the user’s contact. 

7. Nominate the contacts

It is very important to send the emergency message with a predefined text, location, audio, video, and photos to your contact who understands the situation by checking the message and acting accordingly. So, it is always important to nominate or select the contact numbers of your closest people.

8. Predefined contacts

Some SOS apps provide predefined contacts like nearby police stations, nearby hospitals, and many others. The emergency message will also be sent to them along with the user-nominated contacts.

9. SOS button

SOS apps will provide an SOS button. If the user clicks on it, the app will be activated and an emergency alert to the selected contacts. Some SOS apps activate the button just by moving the phone, dropping the phone, or doing some other action with the phone, this will completely depend on the development process of the app. 


SOS applications are the best way to save the life of people. If you want to develop an SOS application for providing a free service or paid service, it’s important to contact the best app development company which can include the above-mentioned features while developing the app. 

As Krify has a team of professionals and has consistently been the leading application development company. The Krify team created many SOS applications like Crisis Control, React Track, and many more. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we achieve it by creating applications with excellent conversion rates. To learn more about how we can help you put your ideas into action, get in touch with us right away.

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Develop An On-Demand Spa Service App Similar To Soothe

Why shouldn’t spa services also have an app as there is an app for everything? Same as with any other on-demand mobile-based service, this app is used to connect with massage therapists and customers. Based on the services customers require, the app will pair them with the top therapist in your area. 

When we talk about spa services or message services the thing we get into our brain will Soothe app. As this application offers therapists and clients a smooth flow of functionality. This platform allows therapists to connect with need-driven, niche audiences. Additionally, it will be simple for customers to use this app to find qualified therapists wherever they need them. If you are also in the idea to develop an app like Soothe then you should know what features it provides and what are its advantages.

Features Of On-Demand Spa Service App Similar To Soothe

The spa app should connect a user and a therapist. Also, there should be a person who monitors their actions in the app. So, developing a spa service app means developing a user app, therapist app, and admin panels. Let us see the features that need to be included in each of them.

Features Of User

  • Information about the therapists
  • Effective filtering with multiple levels for search 
  • Comparing experts
  • Simple booking
  • Advice on how to negotiate for better deals
  • Simple communication methods
  • Push notifications
  • Simple cancellation method
  • Various payment options
  • Option for ratings and reviews
  • User dashboard

Features Of Therapist App

  • Manage profile
  • Set availability
  • Approve or deny a service request
  • Display work record or work history
  • Select the location to service 
  • Dashboard which includes accounts, bookings, and other information
  • The flexibility of showing services
  • Easy payment interface
  • in-app communication
  • System for collecting feedback with social media integration

Features Of Admin Panel 

  • An easy procedure for gathering and showing data regarding massage therapists using all available filters
  • Control over the communication channel
  • Manage ads & featured listing
  • Simple access to consumer data to better serve them
  • Account and payment functionality
  • Review and feedback
  • Automated booking data capture

free consultation for Mobile app service

Benefits Of an On-Demand Spa Service App Similar To Soothe

1. Flexibility

Appointments can be arranged by massage therapists or users according to their preferences and availability. The therapists and users can therefore balance their professional and personal lives.

2. Certified Professional

Licensed, experienced, and certified massage therapists can be found by app users. The app delivers complete security and convenience through its offerings.

3. Message services for Couples

You can enjoy spa services and other services together in the convenience of your own home as a couple.

4. Unique Services

People are always stressed out because of their jobs, travel, and modern lifestyles. A business like Soothe, which offers on-demand massages, demonstrates that no other app or service can match the satisfaction or relaxation that a massage app can deliver through its service.


Developing an on-demand spa service app similar to Soothe with all the above-mentioned features will provide a lot of benefits. If you are willing to develop a spa services app then approach the best app development company like Krify. 

Being a leading provider of mobile and web application development services, Krify creates reliable mobile and web applications. To help you achieve your objectives of developing a Spa service app that will boost traffic and conversions for your business, we have the knowledge and skill set you need. The members of our team would be delighted to make your idea live. To begin, get in touch with us immediately.

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Top 10 Advantages Of Hybrid App Development

The choice of mobile apps depends on customer needs and business goals. Hybrid mobile application development has become more popular through native and web-based applications both have benefits of their own. It is directly related to their adaptability to various stages. This concept of hybrid app development boils down to creating a solitary application that consistently functions throughout multiple stages.

A cutting-edge technique for creating mobile applications that function on various platforms and systems is hybrid app development. Apps used to be created on platform-specific, but with hybrid app development, they may now run on Windows, Android, iOS, and even web browsers with a single code base. You can minimize app development costs and make long-term financial savings by utilizing as it uses single code base. The majority of businesses and individuals select hybrid mobile application development because of its many advantages rather than because it is a new technology. The main benefits of hybrid app development are listed below.

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Top 10 advantages of Hybrid App Development

1. Cost Effective

An old idea that will affect your investment is creating an app for just one platform. Always think about how your app will work across several platforms. Instead of creating different apps for different platforms, hybrid app development allows you to create the finest app that works on multiple platforms without any additional work. So, the development cost will be reduced and money will be saved. 

2. Rapid Development

The development process is significantly quicker as compared to native app development because the hybrid app framework enables mobile app developers to reuse a large portion of the same code.

3. Better UI/UX

Multiple resources are available for improving the user interface and experience with hybrid app development. Hybrid apps, on the other hand, perform better and are faster, which improves the user experience. The same set of features and code allow them to function successfully and efficiently across several platforms. Hybrid apps also load material rapidly and are lightweight.

4. Easy Integration

One advantage of hybrid apps is that you don’t have to search for additional specialized libraries of SDKs, APIs, and other tools. For the creation of hybrid applications, the same SDK and API libraries are sufficient. It is impossible to install apps designed for one platform on another but apps designed using hybrid platforms overcome this inflexible circumstance through their simple integration and cross-platform capability.

5. High Speed

Do you know that the slow performance of an app is caused by long code? Hybrid apps rely on simple and relatively small amounts of code that may be also reused multiple times. They also don’t depend on network communication, which increases speed. Thus, hybrid apps outperform other applications in terms of performance and speed capacity.

6. Easy Maintenance

It’s challenging to create various apps, and it’s even more challenging to evaluate the quality of each app. This is a significant advantage of hybrid apps because it’s very easy to maintain all these apps on their respective platforms as it has only a single code base. The hybrid mobile application may run on all platforms with just single maintenance, which reduces maintenance expenses significantly.

7. Reach Target Audience

Considering where your target audience will help you decide whether to design your app for iOS, Android, or other platforms. You will always miss some potential users no matter how much time you spend on your market research. You can reach consumers on all platforms simultaneously so that your reach to the target audience will improve a lot if you use a hybrid approach.

8. Offline Support

Amazingly, offline support is provided by hybrid app development. Users with light data plans and a strong Internet connection will have a major benefit. Performance difficulties, crashing issues, etc. don’t affect them. They are perfectly capable of running hybrid apps, connecting to some functionalities even when they are offline.

9. Saves Time

Time, money, and resources are all saved while developing hybrid apps. You won’t waste time recruiting various developers, looking into different libraries and APIs, and maintaining and updating different versions because you’ll be concentrating on a single codebase. Additionally, creating several test cases will not be necessary to test the app.

10. Speed Ups The Launching Time

As previously mentioned, the development time is quicker because you will be creating an app for many platforms using a single codebase. It implies that you may launch the application much more quickly as there will be no need to create different apps for different platforms.


These advantages maintain hybrid app development at the forefront and are successful in the app development sector. If you are having an idea for developing an app for your business then developing a hybrid app will be the best choice and Krify can help you with this. With a team of professionals, Krify is a leading service provider for the creation of mobile and web applications. We are skilled in creating the best hybrid applications. Ensuring all of our clients are happy is our first priority, and we achieve this by creating applications with excellent conversion rates. To learn more about how we can assist you in making your vision a reality, get in touch with us right away.

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How To Develop A Ride-Sharing App Similar To Ola Or Uber?

How to develop a ride-sharing app similar to Ola or Uber? Most of the time, developing a ride-sharing application means creating an app similar to Uber or Ola although there are many other ridesharing apps available. This happens as those two apps are ruling the ride-sharing market with 122 million monthly active users for Uber and 32 million monthly active users for Ola.

To book a taxi in the past, one had to either physically travel to the taxi stand to hunt for one or make a phone call to the taxi hiring or rental organization. The duration of time it took for a cab to arrive and the overpricing by drivers were both problematic. Uber and ola transformed the procedure into an online one and made ride-sharing and hiring taxis much simpler, more transparent, and more affordable. These apps follow a simple and easy approach. They identified a common problem, created a remedy for it, and as a result, massively transformed how people considered ridesharing as a service. Their simple and user-friendly features have helped them become quite popular all around the world.

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Features Of Ridesharing Apps Like Ola Or Uber

Once you decide to develop a ridesharing app then you need to have an admin panel, rider app, and driver app. So, let us see the features of the above-mentioned three.

Rider App Features


Users will be able to register using email, Facebook, or phone number. Once the user is registered they will be redirected to the app home page and will be able to use all the features.

Vehicle Booking

Where users will book their preferred vehicle for a ride by selecting the vehicle type, and setting the pickup and dropping locations. Also, users will be able to cancel the ride if they wish to do so.


This feature allows the users to check the price of the ride before they go for it.

Driver Tracking

Which will help the user to track the location of the driver. So, they will be able to know when the vehicle will reach them to pick them up.

In-App Messages and Calls

By using this feature users will be able to connect with the drivers regarding their arrival and other things.

Payment Gateway

Different payment varieties should be added to the app. So that users will be able to pay for the ride easily.

Push Notifications

It keeps passengers updated on the status of their trip requests, the time the driver will arrive, the details of the driver and the vehicle, etc.

Driver Ratings and Reviews

Shows the ratings and reviews of the driver from the previous riders. So, that users will be able to take a decision on booking a ride with that driver.

Travel History

Where users will be able to see details of their previous rides, payments, and other things.

Driver App Features 

Driver Sign-In

The driver will be allowed to take the ride only once their driving license, vehicle insurance, and other things which they have uploaded during the sign-in process are verified by the admin.

Schedule Driving Timings

This will allow the drivers to select or schedule the time when they will be available to take a ride.

Ride Alert

The ability to receive trip orders, including details about the passenger’s location, route, and travel history. Also, the ability to accept or deny them.

In-App Calling or Messaging

Drivers will be able to talk or chat with the riders by using this feature.

Route Optimization

It offers the best route for the drivers to reach riders in less time.

Driver Delivery Report

Gives statistical data on daily and monthly earnings and trip details of the driver.

Push Notifications

Used to alert drivers regarding the vehicle app booking details (such as location, route, payment, and completion), and trip updates.

Accepting Or Canceling The Ride

Where the driver will be able to accept or cancel the ride request from the rider.

Waiting Time

The passenger will be charged additional surcharges on top of the base fare when they cancel the trip or the driver’s waiting time is more than five minutes.

Admin Panel Features

Real-Time Notifications

Admin will be able to send notifications to the driver and riders on promotions, discounts, and other things.

Document Processing

Only the admin will have the ability to verify the documents shared by the drivers. So, he will accept or reject the documents from here.

Driver Management

Admin will be able to manage the number of drivers, their activities, their reviews, and other things.


Admin will get analytics on the number of downloads, logins, bookings, payments, and many other things.

Driver And User Support

Admin will provide support to the driver and users in case they face any issues while using the app.


Ride-Sharing applications like Uber and Ola will have all the features that make the life of users easy. If you are having an idea of developing a ridesharing app with all the best features then it’s always a good idea to contact the top ridesharing app development company like Krify. As they can suggest a lot of other features which need to be included in the app along with the above-mentioned features. So that your app leads the ridesharing market. 

With a team of professionals, Krify has always been the leading provider of services for developing mobile and web applications and is skilled in creating the best ridesharing applications. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we achieve it by creating applications with excellent conversion rates. To learn more about how we can help you put your ideas into action, get in touch with us right away.

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Top Reasons To Choose Flutter For Ecommerce App Development

The app stores’ most important category for apps is eCommerce. Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices for their purchasing. Today, creating an online store that can be viewed and used at any time and from almost anywhere is more of a necessity for any company to operate effectively. An eCommerce application can significantly improve the sequence of events that control business transactions since retail is primarily conducted through mobile and online platforms.

You must create a dedicated mobile app if you aim to launch an online store. There are many frameworks available and they can be used when we consider eCommerce app development. Among them, Flutter is one such framework that has generated attention in creating mobile apps. It is a Google-developed open-source mobile user interface framework. Several multinational companies have apps made with Flutter. Also, because of its excellent functionality, apps developed in Flutter are the best in the market. If you’re still in doubt about whether to use or not to use Flutter when creating an e-commerce app, then let us see the advantages of using Flutter for eCommerce app development.

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Top Reasons To Choose Flutter For Ecommerce App Development

1. Overcomes cross-platform restrictions

In order to avoid having to create multiple versions of the same product, developers have long wished for a cross-platform method for developing mobile apps. Early attempts failed in providing a user experience that is similar to that of a mobile application developed using a native framework. You have to write the code only once with Flutter. You may make mobile applications that run flawlessly on both iOS and Android platforms by using the same code. This UI framework can overcome a number of difficulties that developers go into while creating cross-platform apps, including slower code, limited design, poor testing, and poor performance.

2. High performance

Dart is the only language utilized in Flutter app development. Flutter has declarative and reactive programming practices, and it does not require the usage of a JavaScript bridge to enhance overall performance. The ‘Ahead of Time’ and ‘Just in Time’ compilations enable Dart to operate at high-performance levels. The hot reload feature makes it possible to enhance the development workflow for Flutter. Without needing to produce a brand-new build, it can update the user interface while it is still in development.

3. Pixel perfect

Multiple functionality and ready-to-use plugins are offered by Flutter, which Google supports. Platform channels allow Flutter’s Dart programming language and the native code to connect if your app requires a plugin that is not yet available. Therefore, you can integrate anything that a native program can do into a Flutter app in this manner. 

4. Hot reload

The mobile app developer can examine the modifications made to the app instantly and will be able to fix the issues. The changes can be seen immediately after they are saved; this is known as hot reloading, and it happens by default whenever the programmer saves any change. This makes it possible for designers and developers to work together more effectively to enhance application interfaces. Additionally, it aids in reducing the time needed for app creation by 30 to 40% so that developers may do their work more quickly.

5. Scalable

Applications created with Flutter are simple to scale. Apart from iOS and Android, Flutter applications can be used for desktops (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and even web applications because they are created using Dart, an object-oriented programming language. Consequently, you may obtain a cross-platform, all-device solution for the price of a Flutter app.

6. Better UI

By combining widgets, it is possible to develop an app in Flutter where each component might serve as a placeholder for a Scaffold, Drawer, and so forth. You just wrap one widget inside of another to offer numerous features, providing users with an exceptional experience. Regardless of the platform being used to execute the program, this is achievable. For a final rectangular visual element with text, you can even stack the widgets on top of one another in vertical or even horizontal layouts. 

7. Error handling

Every time an error occurs within a mobile app, the entire app stops functioning, making it difficult for the developer to identify the error or fix it. In Flutter, it is not the case. Because the mobile application was built utilizing a variety of widgets and their combinations, if one widget or one of its components had a problem, the rest of the app would continue to work regularly. The developer may quickly and simply identify the mistake because the error message is only shown for those elements.


Flutter offers many other advantages apart from the above-mentioned advantages. So, it’s always a good choice to choose Flutter for eCommerce app development. Also, it is very important to approach professionals who have hands-on experience in developing Flutter apps.

At Krify, we have an experienced and professional Flutter application development team, who can provide the best output from your requirements. We do this because we ensure all of our clients are happy and it is our first priority. To learn more about how we can assist you in making your idea a reality, get in touch with us right away.

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What is D2C eCommerce?

Since e-commerce has grown so rapidly over the past five to ten years, businesses relied on it in order to adjust to a world that is becoming more and more online. Among the different types of commerce, Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) e-commerce is the best chance for unique brands to establish direct interactions with their customers. D2C refers to the practice of selling goods directly to customers through a business’s own online store, ignoring third-party distributors or merchants. Building D2C e-commerce capabilities enable businesses to communicate directly with customers, which supports brand strategy and innovation based on current customer insights. 

As businesses vary in terms of their direct selling experiences, as well as the attractiveness of their brands and categories for direct sales, some may find it easier to build a D2C business. However, businesses of all shapes and sizes have been able to utilize direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce by expanding their capacities or by gaining access to capacities like marketplaces, ready-to-use platforms, and software as a service (SaaS) that enable access to online channels. Let’s go deep and understand the benefits of D2C eCommerce.

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Benefits of D2C eCommerce

1. Direct Customer Data Insights

D2C businesses have access to first-party data including quantitative data (for example, transactional and customer service information), identity data (for example, personal and social media information), and qualitative data (for example, motive and opinion). This data will help the business in targeting the audiences based on their interests. So, that the chance for sale will increase.

2. Stock Management

Businesses will be able to handle stock more effectively with an online D2C eCommerce channel. Since they will control their cost margins and may ensure stock for their consumers and enhance cost control. As they will assure a better product at a reasonable cost than other eCommerce stores, people will show more interest in these D2C eCommerce businesses.

3. More Opportunities

D2C businesses can gain a better understanding of the preferences and behaviors of their customers so that they can provide more individualized services that encourage brand loyalty. They can design personalized online deals and pricing giving their customers the option to personalize their purchases and explore a variety of options for product innovation.

4. On-Time To Market

When businesses don’t have to coordinate with wholesalers and retailers, their D2C channel will allow them to introduce new products to the market much more quickly than ever. They can test minimal viable product (MVP) iterations in new markets and with current consumers for new products. This will help them understand which products are been liked by their customers more and business owners will be able to concentrate more on those products to increase their sales.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

As the end user will be purchasing directly from the D2C eCommerce site, this enables the manufacturing company to be directly involved in how and where they choose to sell their products and be in direct contact with the end user. They will be able to increase the brand of their business and have complete control over the consumer experience from the point of research to the point of purchase.


You may understand how important D2C eCommerce is for businesses. If you are a business owner who wants to develop a Direct to Consumer eCommerce site and looking for the best company, then you are on the right page. 

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What Are The Advantages Of Quick Commerce?

eCommerce is a common thing that we hear all the time and it describes the buying or selling of goods or services over the internet. Along with the growing technology many types of commerces came into the existence. Quick commerce is one and best among them. But what is Quick commerce?

More things than ever are wanted and expected by consumers to be delivered to their doorstep. So, Quick commerce came into existence. Quick commerce also known as q-commerce, is all about speed and convenience. In comparison to regular e-commerce, it is much quicker and more efficient. Q-commerce is a quicker version of e-commerce and is frequently used interchangeably with “on-demand delivery” and “e-grocery.” It brings together the advantages of conventional e-commerce and advancements in last-mile delivery. Now let’s dive deep to see the advantages of Quick commerce.

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Advantages of Quick Commerce

Quick Delivery

Delivery speed/time is the main factor that separates quick commerce from traditional eCommerce. Micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) are often located within highly populated areas for quick commerce enterprises, enabling incredibly quick deliveries. Q-commerce companies can pick, pack, and ship orders almost instantaneously because they have the micro-fulfillment center and necessary supporting technologies for demand forecasting, inventory allocation, and last-mile courier delivery in place.

Ease and Reliable

The main and most attractive advantage that q-commerce offer to clients who are short on time is ease. Quick commerce can help online retailers meet and exceed rising customer expectations. This way brand recognition will consequently improve. The q-commerce effectively addresses the clients’ problems. It can help someone stock up on supplies if they are unable to get to the store. There are various situations where the simplicity of q-commerce could reduce stress and perhaps even prevent danger.

24 Hours Operation

Quickcommerce offers delivery services around-the-clock, without setting daily business hours. The convenience of q-commerce has been its most important benefit. Customers can use their smartphones to shop whenever and wherever they wish. Additionally, q-commerce enables customers to choose the time that their items are delivered. It does not limit customers to particular business hours.

Order Tracking

The tracking of orders is another aspect of q-commerce. Customers may track their orders with the help of this service. Q-commerce platforms let customers keep track, manage, arrange, and organize all purchases. This will give a good impression to the customers on your site and make them come back to the site again and again. 

Lower Prices

Along with a large selection of products, this site offers price reductions. Businesses engaged in q-commerce usually make massive purchases of inventory. In addition to lowering the cost of each product individually, this volume purchase enables them to offer attractive discounts. Because of this, the goods sold on platforms for quick commerce are often affordable by making them available to customers.


Above mentioned are the main advantages of Quick commerce. In essence, it is a specific business strategy for delivering goods and services fast. If you are having an idea to develop a q-commerce site. Then you are on the right page. 

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