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frontend and backend features os a live streaming app

Frontend and Backend Features of a Live Streaming App Development

As a result of the development of information technology, we are seeing significant changes in our thinking, interaction, work, and leisure. We’d like to talk about innovative technologies such as live streaming and then general concepts that revolutionized the mobile apps industry from the television market stage. In this article, I will provide some frontend and backend features of a live streaming app effectively.

When it comes to mobile app development, there are a lot of technicalities involved. We’ve outlined the most important points in this guide so you can understand how these services will benefit your company. With each live streaming software’s popularity, its usage grows. Our specialists assure that their solutions are simple to navigate and visually appealing in order to help you achieve the greatest results in a short amount of time.

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Frontend Features of a Live Streaming App Development

1. Registration of Users:

This is one of the most important aspects of any media streaming software development. App Developers must offer a variety of registration and login choices to users. For example, they may pick a mobile phone for OTP verification, a Facebook account, or a Google account as an alternative option. Also, don’t forget to retain the ability for the user to retrieve their password if they inadvertently lose their credentials. Since it’s the first screen that app developers will show to the user, invest more effort in the UI of the registration and login page.

2. User Information:

It’s also useful for mobile app development companies to be able to modify and personalize user accounts. Developers can also acquire detailed information like users, subscribers, and video watched, among other things, through the Mobile App Platform. Also, keep the ability to post a recently viewed playlist of movies on social media open.

3. Privacy Preferences:

Although people typically want to share things on social media with their friends, they may require some privacy at times. As a result, remembering the stated fact, app developers must provide users the option to control who sees their preferences and which platforms they choose to broadcast them. App makers might also customize certain characteristics and allow users to select from a variety of individuals or any defined location or time.

4. Search Capability:

If the user wants to watch a video but does not know where to look for it or how to locate it, the search function comes in handy. Allow the user to search the whole database for a specific video. Instead of that, keep location-based filters (such as Most-watched), broadcast subjects (such as News), date (such as Today’s top stories), length (such as Top 10 most viewed videos today) genres, language, and top-rated movies under wraps. It will have an excellent impact if the user finds what he/she is looking for in a few seconds.

Mobile app service

5. Interactive UX:

It is important to have a good user interface design in addition to the player so that it looks nice while viewing the video on full screen or half screen. The App users may customize it as they choose, from converting a complete screen to increasing or lowering the volume, changing the brightness levels, adding headphone settings with a switch. FLV, VR, and 360-degree videos should all be supported by the video player for a more immersive user experience.

6. Ratings and Reviews:

It’s critical to understand what your consumers think of your app. They may be completely pleased with it or have problems in one area. Your video streaming software developer must be aware of these comments and needs so that they can provide the appropriate help.

7. Screen Sharing:

The “share the screen” functionality is well-known among Skype users. This is simply displaying another person what he or she would see on the mobile device. It makes streaming movies easier than ever and reduces the difficulty of creating tutorials. Game tutorial sharing using a comparable method is simpler to do and broadcast.

Backend Features of a Live Streaming App Development

1. Streaming Video:

This is the app’s central theme, so make every effort to include all of the features. Stream from an external server at all times and keep the program as simple as feasible. The streaming signal travels via the server to the user device and remains there until the user starts viewing it. It is immediately deleted from the server after usage. The server will convert the broadcast before sending it to the application. Video streaming applications necessitate cloud servers.

2. Quality of the Stream:

This is one of the most crucial elements to consider while developing an on-demand video streaming app. It allows people to watch the video without interruption if the network bandwidth is restricted. The default setting should be maintained for image quality, which should be set to 144p and increased up to 1080p or 4k. Allow the program to select the video quality automatically based on available network bandwidth.

3. Subscriptions and Revenue Streams:

When the user opens the app, this component notifies them that new videos from their favorite band or performing team are available. It’s the ideal approach to engage your users with your software. If a broadcaster does not allow free subscriptions, it is vital to preserve the option to redirect visitors to in-app purchases via their website.


The frontend and backend features of a live streaming app listed above are only intended to provide an image of what a live streaming app might look and function like. If you have your own concept for a video streaming application that you’d want to develop into reality, please contact us. Even if you have just an initial concept, we can discuss it further until it becomes an innovative mobile app. For more information, contact us

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mobile app ideas for restaurant and food business

Top Startup Mobile App Ideas for Restaurant and Food Businesses

Food businesses are an ever-changing and consumable market. Given that it provides normal food to its clients and has the capacity to target the proper consumers, the food industry has never been more appealing. For top startup mobile app ideas for restaurant and food businesses, you need a  strong app concept that can adapt to current technology and market trends that may help you maintain a balance between demand and supply when it comes to launching a food business. If you want to utilize wonderfully-designed client engagement to manage the power of on-demand food apps, read this blog to obtain some unique mobile app ideas for restaurant and food businesses.

Mobile App Ideas for Restaurant and Food Businesses

  1. App for Grocery Delivery
  2. App for Food Delivery
  3. App for Food Coupons and Discounts
  4. App for Recipes
  5. Food and Nutrition App for Gym Members
  6. App for Restaurant Table Reservations
  7. App for Reusing Food Waste

1. App for Grocery Delivery:

App for Grocery Delivery

According to Statista, the typical consumer goes to the grocery store once every two weeks and spends around 60 hours purchasing food each year. You can create a grocery delivery and purchasing app that allows users to look for near locations of different grocery delivery services. With technologies like RTLS, you may provide doorstep service.

2. App for Food Delivery:

App for food Delivery
This type of app is used for food delivery. This is the only method for customers to have door-step delivery of delectable meals through their smartphone settings. If you own a restaurant that uses an ordering system but cannot provide delivery, you may outsource it to a third party.

3. App for Food Coupons and Discounts:

App for Food Coupons and Discounts

This is one of the unusual food app concepts that have a lot of potentials. This program may quickly notify you when a restaurant has a great deal or coupons for free meal items are available. Restaurants spend a lot of money on advertising throughout the year, and during certain times of the year, food is often offered at half price in order to attract new consumers.

4. App for Recipes:

App for Recipes

The worldwide recipe app market will be capped at multi-millions of dollars by 2024, according to the Recipe Apps Market Report. The extremely inexperienced chefs can prepare a great supper using the help of excellent step-by-step instructions supplied by recipe apps.

5. Food and Nutrition App for Gym Members:

5. Food and Nutrition App for Gym Members
The information on food and nutrition apps for gym fans is generally focused on meals and diet charts for weight loss and gain. This diet and nutrition app concept may help you increase your company and earnings by enticing customers to use an online food ordering software through the food court.

6. App for Restaurant Table Reservations:

6. App for Restaurant Table Reservations

Don’t you think that no one wants to lose their valued consumers in the weekend rush? The table booking app idea is ideal for a restaurant since it may operate seamlessly and handle all clients effectively. This restaurant software application will present your cuisine ordering services in a classier, more poised light than your competitors.

7. App for Reusing Food Waste:

6. App for Restaurant Table Reservations
This is a one-of-a-kind app concept for your food business. A company may only be founded to provide leftovers from its restaurants to the homeless and needy people of cities. As a food startup firm or restaurant owner, you should be concerned about food waste. It’s clear that food producers produce massive amounts of food all the time.


There are a few more outstanding and innovative food app ideas if you’re planning to start a restaurant or food business. And, if you understand how a startup app idea may assist you in starting a distinct culinary business, you may simply reference the aforementioned options.

Krify is the top food delivery app development company. If you have a unique app concept and want to know what the best food delivery solutions are, or how much an app development will cost, get in touch with us right away.


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features of on-demand pediatrics app development

Features of On-demand Pediatrics App Development

Although it is not an option, maintaining good health is critical. The healthcare industry is growing, and on-demand applications are excellent contributions to the healthcare field. Pediatrics On-Demand is one of the most popular on-demand apps. Because of pandemics and a rise in telehealth, on-demand pediatrics apps have seen a significant increase. In this blog, you can go through the features of on-demand pediatrics app development. 

There’s a mobile application for getting in touch with physicians, prescriptions delivery, medical questions, and more. Mobile apps have made it possible and essential to comprehend the value of software. As a result, there is a high demand for pediatrics applications, and if you want to develop an on-demand pediatric mobile app, you’ve come to the proper spot. We are a leading mobile app development business, so we’ll show you how to create on-demand pediatric apps.

Features of On-demand Pediatrics App Development:

On-demand pediatric app development entails using versatile software for a variety of medical and healthcare applications. The following are the features of on-demand pediatrics app development:

1) Prescription Fulfillment

2) Chatbox

3) Taking Appointments

4) Doctor Availability Status

5) Essential Information

6) Consultant Management

7) Doctors Profile

1) Prescription Fulfillment:

Prescription delivery is one of the essential features of on-demand pediatrics. Users will not have to visit a pharmacy or a pharmacist to receive their prescriptions. Everything you need for your illness will be sent to your home. The users will not have to go through the process of obtaining medication via a prescription since nothing they require for their sickness would be delivered to their doorsteps.

2) Chatbox:

A chat box, for example, is a great feature for your on-demand pediatrics. It’s a useful tool for getting connected right away by contacting a doctor to get prescriptions, receiving the latest information on treatment, sharing health updates with physicians, what to do next, and more. The chatbox will assist you in connecting and resolving issues with your specialists of all sizes.

3) Taking Appointments:

The ability to make appointments is another important feature of on-demand pediatrics apps. It will allow you to schedule doctor visits and call them back when it’s convenient for you. It makes scheduling appointments simple and may notify you when the doctor is free so that you can check their availability. The mobile app will remind you about any upcoming reminders, allowing users to keep track of their schedules and availability. Both doctors and patients will benefit from this since no one has to wait or there is a clash.

4) Doctor Availability Status:

It’s not enough to have the ability to schedule appointments; checking doctor availability is also crucial. Before making an appointment for a physician, the feature will display whether the doctor is available for that day and time. Also, if they wish to cancel or postpone their appointment, they can do so by looking up availability. Any time slots or days are booked via this on-demand pediatrics app’s function of scheduling appointments.

Mobile app service

5) Essential Information:

Important information should be given to the doctor as soon as possible in an on-demand pediatrics app. The mobile app should include critical data such as medications, doctors, and other factors. Users should have a clear understanding of healthcare that does not involve taking risks.

6) Consultant Management:

On-demand pediatrics applications are crucial for both consultants and doctors. It should be beneficial to them, therefore having a mechanism that allows them to manage their own consultant will be beneficial. The functionality will allow physicians to practice processes and handle patients’ demands. Different doctors should have the ability to use different mobile apps, allowing patients to select another if they are not satisfied with one.

7) Doctors Profile:

People choose those who are trustworthy when it comes to healthcare. There’s no point in proceeding if the doctor or the patient is unaware of each other, and neither one knows about the other. As a result, an online profile and record of data are essential for on-demand pediatrics applications. A physician’s name, picture, specialty, patient biography, health history, and scheduled appointments should all be included in this mobile app. 


Every new invention is found to fulfill the user’s demands, and so does the doctor-children consultation website, which is designed to provide a pleasant encounter between doctors and children. 

Krify has a team of enthusiastic, experienced professionals that are passionate about creating excellent mobile and web applications according to the needs expressed by business clients. We at Krify have practical expertise in online Doctor consultation website development, and we’re here to help you build an Online Medical Consultation Website if you’re thinking about it. Contact us today.

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website design trends

Top Website Design Trends of 2021

You have a lot of scopes when it comes to impressing your visitors when you develop a website. The internet is brimming with information, so your website must be distinct in order for people to visit it. Most importantly, it should intrigue them so that they may draw from your content. Regardless of sector, there are some basic web design principles that you must observe. It must be attractive, user-friendly, and contain all necessary features to convey your narrative effectively. Furthermore, the process used to create the site has to encourage people. For this reason, we keep an eye on website design trends on a yearly basis. 2021 has also provided several incredible website design trends. It’s a year for new ideas, originality, responsive design, and aesthetic extremes.

website design trends

1. Use of Videos as Design Elements:

Videos are an essential component of web design. Videos are the greatest approach to involve your audience by enthusiastically delivering critical information if you need to include interviews or promotional films to your website. Now videos are playing a larger role in website design than ever before. 

From being totally instructional, they are transitioning to elements of design. Now videos can be incorporated into website designs in creative and innovative ways, thanks to the rapid development of new technologies.

2. 3D Images:

The lines between reality and virtual reality are blurry. The use of 2D techniques and effects in the 3D environment is an excellent illustration of this in practice. Every 3D element, from animations to pictures to places constructed with images and items, is being studied by designers.

3D effects and intensity can be added to images with shadows and a correct concept in the creative process. Something that has a more realistic appearance might result as a consequence of this.

3. Organic Forms:

In 2021, organic forms have taken the lead as one of the most popular web design trends. In 2021, geometric shapes will be replaced by organic designs. Fluid or organic forms are those that do not contain straight lines. These are natural-looking shapes such as a river’s edges or a lake’s bends, as well as its sinuous and asymmetrical form. 

Organic or fluid forms can break up a website’s segments without the use of harsh angles or lines. Furthermore, they may be effectively utilized in the background, as Android does with circles behind each commodity on their site.

4. The Dark Mode:

The dark mode is one of the most popular web design trends for 2021. It’s fashionable because it allows you to easily search through low-light applications or websites with low contrast. It also aids in the distinction of distinct content types.

The Power Saving option in the Settings menu allows you to use Dark mode as a power saver. nIt gives your phone a sleek and modern look. When using a device in low-light conditions, your eyes aren’t stressed.

5. Scrolling Modifications:

The way people use websites has already been altered by these changes. With the transition of scroll animations, horizontal scrolling, and scroll telling in 2021, this current movement will stand out.

This is why websites have been evolving from being simple media hubs to being more interactive and engaging. These changes not only allow users to get more interesting experiences but also gather essential information from the web.

Web developers

6. Animations with Parallax:

A parallax is a form of optical illusion that we encounter on a daily basis. It happens when nearby things appear to move quicker than remote ones. The parallax effect on website pages creates the impression of being quite unreal and real.

Another advantage of the use of background and foreground is that it creates a sense of depth. It converts the computer screen into something approaching a theatrical stage. Users consider the site’s performance magical since they surf through website pages.

7. Extremes of the Maximalist and Minimalist:

In 2021, maximalist and minimalist web designs are prevalent. Minimalism is becoming more simple, revealing additional design components. Its less-is-more approach, however, may make a strong first impression on the target audience by providing them with a simple user experience.

Even though 2019 marks the third year of the decade, maximalist web design will take hold in 2021. This technique prioritizes artistic expression rather than an organization. Adopting a maximalist web design style allows you more freedom and less constraint when it comes to expressing your ideas.

8. Colors that are Light:

Do you want your visitors to stay on your web pages for as long as possible? Then, go with light hues. This type of low-saturation, pleasant colors may be clouded or muted, much like an overcast day.

Muted hues are frequently used by web designers to create minimalist designs. Furthermore, these hues provide a more elegant and natural appeal.

9. Mouse or Cursor Icons:

If you don’t pay attention to your cursor or mouse actions, you may miss this minor development. Their states change when you hover, click, or scroll with your cursor or mouse. This impressive design not only demonstrates the design’s potential; it also makes people happy.

Users will be more inclined to browse from their desktop because the numerous little effects do not appear to be comparable on a smartphone.

10. Fonts from the Past:

Many remarkable typefaces have previously come and gone, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this one. However, instead of simply recycling the previous typeface, contemporary designers are reinventing those conventional fonts for 2021. Traditional font designs from decades past now future new hues and a fresh new appearance.


Krify is a top website design company with an excellent team of website designers that are experienced enough to read between the lines and build designs that are relevant for a website’s success. Hire our website designers right now to provide your site with style while also meeting your needs with latest website design trends. For more information contact us.

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Feautes in a news app development

Top 10 Must-Have Features in a News App Development

News app development is becoming more popular. Print sales are on the decline, as well as advertising income. It’s time to put your money into short news application creation for higher returns and long-term growth. It is a type of industry that will never go out of vogue. To compete against the others, though, you must take significant measures to create a cutting-edge news app that not only engages consumers but also encourages advertisers and retains investors’ interest. The News app’s development is divided into phases. To get things started, we recommend starting with the basic features. Below are the features in a news app development.

features in a news app

1. Quick Entry via Social Login:

Allow users to quickly access the app by including a social login option. The apps with manual form completion have a higher chance of being abandoned, so avoid using them in your app.

2. Option to Create a User Profile:

Users should be able to create their profiles in your app, where they should be able to choose themes of interest, save preferences, manage account information, and so on.

3. Discover a New Option for Better App Exploration:

Users should be able to discover different aspects of the application that they are interested in. Make sure this option is available within the app.

4. Feed-in Main Page:

When you choose this option, you may configure the topics that will be included in your feed when you launch the program.

5. Easy-to-find Search Button:

The app’s search button should not be forgotten. Make sure you design it in such a way that it attracts the user’s attention. It aids in fast-tracking users to the stories they are looking for.

Mobile app service

6. Option to Read Later with Offline Access:

The app’s search button should not be overlooked. Make sure it gets the user’s attention by using it. It’s a good idea to immediately find the news that people are looking for.

7. Intelligent Filtering:

Don’t forget to include this option within your app, since it is one of the most desired ones but frequently overlooked. Users should be able to access their saved news even if they don’t have internet access.

8. Integration of Social Media:

People enjoy sharing, whether it’s news stories or memes. People can share material on social media via integration.

9. Save this for Future Use:

This feature of news app development aids in the retrieval of information. It allows users to access the correct piece of content with minimal effort.

10. Push Notifications:

It’s important in a mobile app not only to bring people back to the app in the most inconspicuous manner possible but also to keep them up to date.


The above mentioned are the few major features in a news app development. There might be many different purposes to the applications, but it’s critical to know which one is best before developing similar applications. Krify is a top news magazine app development company based in the UK that specializes in developing sturdy applications for both platforms. We at Krify have practical expertise building news apps, so if you’re looking to Develop a News App for your company, contact us right today.

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generate revenue from a dating app

How to Generate Revenue from a Dating App Like Tinder?

Times have certainly changed. Millennials, with their embrace of internet dating, have helped to normalize and accept it across the world. The growing number of users and dating mobile apps demonstrate how the availability of various business models is increasing. There are now over 1,500 online dating app businesses in existence. According to data published by Business of apps, 270 million people used dating apps in 2020. So many of them are interested in developing dating apps that drive their revenue in a better way. Let’s go a little deeper to understand better. The most popular way to generate revenue from a dating app.

  1. Third-Party Ads in App
  2. In-App Purchases
  3. Google AdWords
  4. Advertised Content
  5. Online Gifts
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Plans for Subscriptions 

1. Third-Party Ads in App:

Dating apps can generate extra money by integrating third-party advertising, either directly by partnering with clients or via the service provided by websites, which connects publishers and advertisers. Before reaching an agreement closure, both publisher and advertiser may negotiate on conditions.

Ads may take the form of pictures, videos, or banners, depending on the app’s design. Keep in mind that you should not detract from the user experience. When developing a dating portal project, work with a top mobile app development firm to get the best results.

2. In-App Purchases:

When it comes to managing a dating app for business owners, there are no shortcuts. The app is of little value until there are effective monetization techniques in place. One of the most popular ways to make money throughout the globe is through in-app purchases.

3. Google AdWords:

You can get the most out of Google Adsense by including it in your app. However, make sure your software doesn’t have any adult material and follows all required regulations.

4.  Advertised Content:

Owners of dating business apps may increase their earnings by allowing clients to advertise their services or products through the app. However, the promoted material should be tailored to the app’s area of expertise.

Mobile app service

5. Online Gifts:

You may request your mobile app development firm to include features for sending digital presence in chats when developing a dating app. These can be anything from a flower to a song or chocolates, as well as premium emoticons.

6. Marketing:

You may join forces with firms in your field as an affiliate partner and begin selling their goods or services within the app, earning extra cash in the form of commissions each time a customer makes a purchase after clicking on one of your advertisements.

7. Plans for Subscriptions:

Users may now subscribe to your app and get access to all of its features, which is an improvement over free members since they don’t have to pay anything. Premium users can enjoy benefits such as unlimited likes, read receipts, and an ad-free app, more filtering choices, and review profiles.


With so many options, it’s difficult to know where to begin. If you’re new to online dating or are simply wanting to learn more about how these sites make money, this article is for you. It’s also an excellent time to develop your online dating mobile app that outperforms the competition. Consider investing in online dating app development in 2021 if you wish to reap benefits you’ve never dreamed of. Krify is a top dating app development company and is currently working on several of these current applications in both IOS and Android platforms. Krify has created a cutting-edge dating framework that can be readily used in any iPhone or Android app. For more information, contact us.

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Reasons to use node js for ecommerce

Top Reasons to use Node.js for eCommerce Web Application

You’ve decided to create an eCommerce app, but you’re still undecided about what software development technology to use. Developing a multi-featured and user-friendly eCommerce web app for your company has become an urgent requirement as internet applications grow in popularity. If you own a business and want to expand it online, creating an eCommerce app may be a smart alternative. Now comes the issue of which platform to utilize. We’ll look at the main reasons to use Node.js for eCommerce would be advantageous when creating an eCommerce web application for your company.

Reasons to Use Node.js for eCommerce

1. It is a Platform-Independent Solution
2. Rapid Development Procedure
3. Scalability is Excellent
4. Excellent Performance
5. A Large Developer Pool
6. The community that is Active
7. Control Flow characteristics
8. Data Processing Powerhouse

1. It is a Platform-Independent Solution:

One of the most appealing aspects of Node.js is that it is cross-platform compatible. It works on every platform and delivers excellent results. Furthermore, since the same language is used both on the front end and back end, developers don’t have to waste time learning different programming languages.

2. Rapid Development Procedure:

Node.js is platform-independent, so it may be used on many different platforms. As a result, developers save time and can create an app more quickly because Node.js is platform-independent. Furthermore, one of the most significant advantages of using Node.js for eCommerce web app development is that it includes a large number of open-source libraries. As a result, there’s no need to build some elements since they are already accessible through open-source libraries.

3. Scalability is Excellent:

This tool enables the app to scale thanks to its event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O. This software thus brings scalability into the application. As a result, an online eCommerce store developed with Node.js will always be scalable.

4. Excellent Performance:

Node.js’ importance in eCommerce is unquestioned, as this technology ensures optimal performance for your software when compared to other technologies. The problem is that Node.js code is translated by the V8 JavaScript engine from Google, which converts JS code into more powerful machine language swiftly and effectively.

5. A Large Developer Pool:

Node.js is free and open-source software, which makes it an excellent platform for developing eCommerce apps. That’s why there are so many developers eager to work with this technology stack. And, without a doubt, it speeds up project development.

6. The community that is Active:

The Node.js community, like most open-source projects, is very active on GitHub, StackOverflow, and Reddit. Developers even create group chats on Slack and Gitter where everyone can participate. Members of the community evaluate each other’s code, share reusable chunks, propose framework alternatives, and answer all Node-related inquiries. It’s a great place to learn new skills and develop your career.

7. Control Flow Characteristics:

One of the challenges faced by Node.js web app development is that it’s asynchronous, yet many developers see this as a benefit and a disadvantage. When the function is run in Node, it sends a callback automatically. As the number of functions increases, so does the amount of callbacks; you eventually fall into callback hell.

8. Data Processing Powerhouse:

A backend development language or, in Node’s case, runtime environment should be able to handle thousands of simultaneous connections. Node.js is an excellent data-handling solution because it scales easily and efficiently processes large amounts of data quickly.


Node.js is an excellent technology for creating scalable web applications with outstanding performance. It’s true that Node.js has its good and bad sides, but you should consider it for your next software development project whether or not it’s similar to other technologies.

I hope you received enough information about reasons to use Node js eCommerce web application development.  Finally, I’d like to add that Krify software Technologies is a top eCommerce website development company in India, will do everything possible to deliver a high-quality product that helps your company grow faster. For further information, please contact us.

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Clothing & Fashion Website Design

Clothing & Fashion Website Design & Development Company

Krify is a well-known clothing & fashion website design company. We build, develop, and manage prominent websites for designers, brands, and other fashion enterprises. We offer expert, objective website designs that not only look good but also work effectively to develop an appealing business platform that increases brand recognition and encourages conversion by integrating technology, hard effort, and creativity. Krify is a top clothing website development company and a top fashion website development company.

Do you want to build a cutting-edge and unique clothing & fashion website? Perhaps you just want to update your old website and give it a fresh new look? Krify can help you with both of these goals. The designers at Krify are experts in creating responsive designs that clearly display your products in an online store. We create websites that promote clothing or accessories, allow for internet sales, and assist in the creation of the brand online. Below we mentioned processes, features, and benefits.

Development Process at Leading Clothing & Fashion Website Design Company

1. Clients Requirements:

The first step in producing a successful website is to figure out the client’s requirements. Taking the time to comprehend their needs will assist you in creating a site that meets their demands and ensures they are satisfied with the final result.

2. Design:

Wireframes are used to help you picture how users will move about your site, what they will see when they get there, and how you want them to interact with certain elements.

3. Development: 

The most crucial phase of a website’s lifespan is the development stage since it’s here that you’ll write your material, design your site, and program it.

4. Testing:

Testing your website is an important phase in web development. It’s difficult and time-consuming to assess a website’s usability and design without actually using it, but it’s critical to ensure you’re on the right track.

5. Deployment:

A deployment phase is required for every website. A deployment phase is a process of bringing your new site online after it was just an idea.

6. Maintenance & Support:

The fourth and last stage in a project’s life cycle is maintenance. The goal of maintenance would be to focus on monitoring traffic in order to ensure that everything stays on track at all times, in order to maintain and improve the client’s project based on their needs.

Features of Clothing & Fashion Website Design

1. Simple UI:

Ease of use is the most important feature in a website according to a study, with 76 percent of customers selecting it. Shoppers would be more eager to explore if it was easier to use. The goal of any eCommerce site is for consumers to click the purchase button, and with a simple UX combined with relevant images and effective navigation, this becomes a little easier.

2. Mobile shopping:

According to eMarketer, mobile commerce will account for 53.3% of all retail eCommerce purchases in the United States by 2021. Given this data, it’s clear that mobile is the most popular channel of internet shopping. It’s an easy method to increase site traffic and conversions by ensuring your eCommerce website is mobile responsive and developing a mobile-friendly online store.

3. Quality Images:

Images are critical to the success of your company, and they have a big role in customers’ first impressions of a product on the internet. Backburner images might be blurry, small, or low-resolution. High-quality pictures with several angles of the item encourage buyers to examine it further. It encourages consumers to buy.

4. Return Option:

Although there is no such thing as a perfect return policy, many companies are failing to understand that customers will ultimately use them. According to eMarketer, at least 30% of all online purchases are returned, and 92 percent of consumers have said they would reconsider purchasing on the same website if there was an easier method to return items. Of that total, 75% are classified as apparel and accessories. 

5. Easy Pay Option:

The payment procedure must be quick and painless. There should be several and sophisticated payment choices available. If not, your abandoned cart list will grow by one. Offer as many different payment alternatives as possible, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, PayPal, Apple Pay, cash on delivery, and so on.

Web developers

Benefits of Clothing & Fashion website Design 

1. Internet Usage:

Today’s world has virtually everything done online. We use the internet to buy or sell anything we may require in our day-to-day life. So, with fashion items for which we desire to acquire, is the situation. We don’t like going out to purchase our fashionable products.

2. Displaying all your Products:

Customers will be able to browse and purchase all of your fashion items and accessories from the comfort of their own homes. It’s tough to exhibit everything in a physical store, but if you have an online presence, you’ll be able to display everything you deal with. Customers can pick and choose whatever they want and place an order over the internet. 

3. Accessibility:

Customers will come from the neighborhood if you have a physical store. You can’t expect customers to arrive from far-off locations. If you have an online presence, you may reach consumers all around the world with your fashion products. That is to say, if your style goods are excellent and inexpensive, it won’t be unusual to receive orders from other countries.

4. Quality of a Product:

When you have an online presence, you allow your consumer to compare your products to those of other merchants. This can help you find out whether the items you sell are good or bad. As a result of better quality, more consumers will visit your online store and make money. 

5. Saves your Time:

You should not be afraid to pay the fee since you will benefit from it significantly in terms of time and money. This is something that applies to both you and your client. You save a lot of time for your client by being online. Customers won’t have to go anywhere in order to come into your store, as they can do so simply by clicking on their computer mouse. They can pick, compare, and place an order with you right now, which you will deliver straight to their home.


Krify is a top clothing & fashion website design company that creates fashionable answers based on your specific demands. We stick to classic website designs that are appropriate for the target audience. Our responsive layouts provide an app-like experience and are entirely mobile compatible with a home screen icon. The popularity of black, white, and single-page designs has risen dramatically in recent years, but our entire job is tailored to the client’s requirements. For more information contact us.


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interior designers website

Interior Designers Website Development Company India

It’s critical for interior designers and architects to have a website that reflects their talents and skill. A weak website gives the impression of a similar service which is not what a designer’s business needs. Menu design, as we know it, has been replaced with scrolling navigation. The blog includes in-depth case studies for everything reg interior designers website design. You should be able to discover who you are by looking at your website. We like working with the world’s best experts and artists, helping them improve their online reputation and surpass their rivals. Krify sites were made with the wow-effect in mind, which ensures that they elicit strong brand memories while also generating emotional responses.

Development Process of Interior Website Design 

Krify is an interior website design company that specializes in interior design website development. Our designers and programmers have over 15 years of expertise, which allows them to build an engaging and informative site for your organization.

1. Gathering Information:

Taking the time to understand your clients’ needs is the first step toward a successful website design. Identifying your customers’ requirements will help you build a site that meets their specific demands while also ensuring that they are satisfied with the final product. 

2. UI/UX:

Wireframes are used to learn how users will move through your site, what they’ll see when they get there, and how you want them to interact with particular features.

3. Development:

The most crucial stage of a website’s life cycle is the development phase since it involves defining your content, layout, and coding.

4. Testing:

Website testing is a crucial part of website creation. It’s difficult and time-consuming to check the usability and design of a site without actually going on it, but it’s critical to be certain you’re on the right road.

5. Deployment:

Every website requires a deployment phase. The term “deployment phase” refers to the process of getting your new site up and running on the internet after you’ve had an idea for it.

6. Upkeep & Maintenance:

The goal of maintenance in the final stage is to keep an eye on traffic to ensure that everything stays on track and improves the client’s project based on their needs.

Features of Interior Designers Website:

1. Portfolio: 

A professional interior designer’s portfolio should include a variety of designer work samples. It includes basic interior design as well as rustic interior designs. Furthermore, it enables clients to look at and evaluate the actual job an interior design business is capable of doing.

2. Services:

The interior design websites’ service area should be focused on in order to provide attractive and beautiful surroundings by creating areas that represent their lives. This aspect of your interior designing website should also make it clear to your consumer what you offer. This might include, for example, various items such as Architecture of the interior, Decoration of the interior, Design of custom furniture, Design of a product, Procurement, and Consultation.

3. Technical considerations:

In a nutshell, the interior design website should have two technical features: mobile responsive design and a quick loading page. According to a survey, more than 60% of traffic comes from mobile phones to any website. As a result, the content, images, and information on an interior designing website should ensure optimal viewing quality on mobile devices.

4.  Aesthetics:

A website’s appearance may evoke a variety of emotions and feelings in users. Users’ sentiments and emotions influence their attitude toward your website. Similarly, the design and presentation of your interior design will rapidly establish the aesthetic judgment of your site. The likelihood of conversion rises as the likability and trustworthiness of your site improve. Since the appearance of a website has an impact on the overall brand image and trust, it should always be given high attention while designing an interior design website.

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Benefits of Interior Designers Website

1. Present Your Portfolio:

The number-one thing that any potential customer would want to see from an interior designer is their portfolio. It’s restrictive and ineffective to only provide brochures, emails, or meetings when sharing your entire body of work. However, you may show your work to clients on a website in such a way that they can view it from anywhere and at any time, and the best part is that you may present as much as you want.

2. Establish your Brand:

Do you have any well-known customers? Then let people know about it on the website. Did your work appear in a magazine? On the website, post a photo of the article or provide a link to it. Do you have a degree in graphic design or another relevant certification program that is highly regarded? Mention it in your bio on the website. It’s an excellent location to showcase your career highlights, standout moments, best work, and more; because of this, it’s also where you may build your brand.

3. Distribute Client Testimonials:

Ask you’re satisfied customers to share some words about your business on the website. Testimonials are one of the most effective methods for achieving credibility. You may also convey the work you’ve done for a client using a website. It aids significantly in establishing a good first impression of your organization in people’s minds.

4. Opportunity to be Personal:

You want your customers to know who they will be dealing with. You may include information about yourself and your team members on a website. You may discuss your own and your team’s education, employment history, hobbies, talents, and so on. It aids in the building of a stronger connection between you and your brand as well as improving your reputation.

5. Assists in Content Marketing:

With a website, you may get your message out to people and interact with them. You can also add social media content to your website to drive people to like and share it. It aids in the creation of a strong community of interested followers by raising brand awareness.


Every business has a plan, but the ultimate aim is to satisfy customers. As a result, when any firm plans to create an application, its primary goal should be to satisfy consumer requirements and exceed expectations. As a result of this, an improved app draws in more consumers and conversions.

We at Krify are well-known for our experienced mobile and web developers, who use cutting-edge technologies and approaches to provide flawless results based on the needs of clients. Krify is a top website development company, we would be delighted to help you in any way we can if you’re interested in developing an interior designer’s website. For additional information, contact us.

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PHP Frameworks

Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Web Application Development

PHP has been one of the most widely used programming languages for building websites and apps for many years. Despite its reputation as a quite stable and secure language, PHP has experienced considerable change since its debut. However, as time goes by, the complexity of websites grows considerably. To construct these sites, developers must write hundreds or thousands of lines of code, which is a time-consuming process. The top PHP frameworks provide well-structured, reusable code that may help you develop more rapidly in the long term. 

A framework is an architectural design that allows you to modify parts of a program according to your needs. These frameworks make rapid development possible. PHP frameworks will always be of assistance to you, whether you are a novice or an experienced developer, in completing your task effectively and swiftly. There are many PHP Frameworks available these days, so in this post, we’ll go through the top 5 best PHP frameworks for you. 

1. Laravel:

The new, yet very popular (if not the most popular) framework is Laravel. Laravel was introduced in 2011 and has swept the framework market since then. The tremendous appeal may be traced to its ability to manage complicated web applications with extra security and speed as compared to other frameworks. It also minimizes development complexity by removing common operations such as sessions, routing, queuing, and authentication from the equation.

Developers like Laravel because it has a large ecosystem that includes fast hosting and deployment technologies, as well as screencast lessons hosted on the official Laravel website. The framework also includes Homestead, a Vagrant box (prepackaged development environment) that helps with easy development. Other features include a secure encryption package(s), dynamic method overloading, and plenty of out-of-the-box functionality.

2. Symfony:

Symfony is a PHP framework that was first released in 2005, and it has outlasted most PHP frameworks in the industry by far. Because of this, it has earned the trust of developers for over a decade, growing with age. Symfony is a comprehensive PHP framework. Drupal, OroCRM, and PHP Bulletin Board (PHPBB) are some of the prominent content management systems that utilize Symfony components.

Many developers prefer Symphony due to the existence of reusable libraries and components that may be used to complete a variety of operations, such as authentication, templating, object configuration, and more. When it comes to big-scale business projects, Symfony emerges as the best option among PHP frameworks. Furthermore, the Symfony ecosystem is extensive and is maintained by a vibrant software community that offers plenty of excellent online Symfony training for you to get started.

3. CodeIgniter:

CodeIgniter is a small footprint, hassle-free installation with little configuration needs a framework that’s well regarded for its simplicity. CodeIgniter is a tiny 2MB in size, which includes the documentation. It’s ideal for the creation of dynamic websites because it includes several prebuilt components designed to help you build strong and reusable components.

It is one of the most popular PHP web application development frameworks. Its popularity stems from the fact that it runs efficiently on both shared and dedicated hosting platforms. When compared to other technologies, it’s also considerably more rapid. Due to its high performance and speed, it’s the ideal choice for developing lightweight applications that run on basic servers. CodeIgniter has several additional features, including simple security, encryption procedures, easy error handling, and minimal PHP adoption problems. The framework is well documented and is an excellent starting point for newcomers.

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4. Zend Framework:

The Zend Framework is next on our list. Due to features such as interfaces and inheritance, Zend is constructed on an agile approach with the goal of producing high-quality applications at a business scale. The framework was designed to be totally object-oriented and was built with speed, security, performance, and extensibility in mind. Zend provides a lot of flexibility and adheres to PHP’s best standards, which is great for developers who wish to add project-specific functionality into their code.

It includes a plethora of components for tasks such as authentication, services, forms, and more. It is not ideal for fast application development due to the fact that it comes with a lot of tools that make the life of a developer easier. Zend framework provides features such as an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, coding utilities, online debugging tools, and a scalable interface that may be used for big websites. 

5. FuelPHP:

At the framework architecture level, FuelPHP is a versatile and expandable PHP framework that isn’t limited to the basic Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern but also includes its successor, the Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller (HMVC). It also introduces a voluntary class known as the Presenter between the Controller and View layers to handle the logic for generating views.

FuelPHP’s security is focused, with several features including input and URI filtering, as well as output encoding. HMVC implementation, URL routing system, caching system, and vulnerability protection are just a few of the additional tools that come with the framework. FuelPHP is suited for creating end-to-end web solutions of all sizes and complexities.


PHP development frameworks are intended to make the process less complicated and reduce the effort needed to develop excellent applications. Every framework on this list will have its own set of features, as well as a list of flaws, and they will all differ in terms of documentation and community support as well as official developer support. As a result, the best framework for your project will be determined by your needs and prerequisites, such as security, scalability, simplicity of use, and more. Krify is the best PHP web development company, you can brief your requirements. For more information contact us.

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