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Educational App Development

Educational App Development

Krify delivers robust and highly scalable web and mobile app development solutions leveraging benefits to its customers. We have good experience in developing educational apps on various platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. We take an oath in delivering quality outputs to our valuable clients.

Educational apps have become popular among users of different age groups and cultures across the world, in the recent times. Apps for Education has considered a more apt mode for learning but for some, it is a debatable issue for a belief that education may not be taken seriously by Kids. Learning is more important than how you do it and one can make the best use of the technology available.

If you want to develop educational mobile apps and having a clear idea, all you need to get is a right mobile app development company. Krify is a pioneer in developing mobile applications based on the requirements of clients. We make your app idea into reality by providing unique design and app development services across different platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. Some of the popular Educational Apps are Educations Tiny Hands, Slate, Thesaurus, Crazy Gears and many more.

Key Features of Educational Applications

Digital education has assumed great importance and one of the prime proponents of this transformation is the new age education app. Krify has put together a list of features that are a must-have for a quality education app.

Interactive Session with Tutors

Which creates a virtual classroom environment for the students for the app users.

Regular Mock Tests

Which will help to test the knowledge of the students and can track their performance regularly.

Strong UI and Easy Navigation

This will improve the usability of the app and make the users interact more effectively.

Push Notifications

Which enables the users to get regular updates regarding tutorials, tests, lessons, software updates and many more.

Reliable Database

Which will help to produce accurate and quick results for all the queries effectively.

Provides Personal Element

Provides a one stop shop app where the user can find everything in a single mobile application.

Our Educational App Solutions


Interactive Session with Tutors
A Reliable Database
Regular Mock Tests
Information Flow
Education and Entertainment
Better Communication
Remote Learning
Enhanced Parent-Teacher Communication
New Learning Methods
Miscellaneous Functions

Other Solutions, You May Look at

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1. What platform should we target? Either Android/iOS or Both?

There are multiple factors such as demography, targeted audience, budget, time to enter the market, etc that help you decide whether to develop the app in iOS/ Android or both.

You should also think the following questions to yourself to decide which is right:
Which demographics your app wants to targets?
Which platform users does your target audience use?
What was the budget you invest in the project?

When you are clear with the above questions, you could decide the right platform you want to target. Despite this, with the growing popularity of both iPhone and Android smartphones, we recommend launching the product in both the platforms. However, Krify Software Technologies does have consultants to provide clients with the best assistance.

2. What will happen to my app if new OS releases in both iOS and Android?

OS providers like Apple and Android will take care of the differences between old and new OSs(unless the app is developed in the old version). with new OS releases, no app stops working whenever new OS releases you should first test the app in the new OS and list out the issues deducted. Once listed it is advised to contact the app development company who developed it and they will come up with a quick solution. Apple and Android do spread solutions for the methods/function they are deprecating.

3. Why should I choose Krify Software Technologies over other mobile app development companies?

In house Team
Proven Process
Delivery on Time
Cost-effective Solutions
Team Support

4. What is the standard mobile app development process you follow?

Here is our insight’s of the standard mobile app development process:

Project Discovery & Understanding
Analyzing Requirements
Scoping & Estimations
Customer-centric UI design
Wire-framing & Prototyping
Design & Development
Publishing to the app store
Maintenance & Support

Standard app development process

5. What are the security measures you take to make my app idea secure?

At Krify, we are ready to sign NDA even before you share the app idea with us; however, we make ensure to keep high-level of confidentiality of your app idea, with an NDA and even without it.