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Wedding Planner Mobile App Development in India–We Got You The Real Deal!

mobile app development for wedding planning app

Have you ever be a part of the wedding planning process? If it is so, you must know what all the fuss is about. In most cases, you cannot consecrate all of your time to it, unless event planning is your full-time job. Let’s admit that for most of us arrangements are made during lunch breaks, late in the evening and on weekends. As a precept, it’s not acceptable, and you wish there were more than 24 hours in the day.

Being productive and using the technologies on-the-go can be the best solution when your free time is limited. A mobile app for a wedding makes your works easier and can have the freest time for entertainment. A wedding Mobile app can not only work done that is in the queue but also help you manage preparations easier, faster and sometimes even better.

In general, people think that spending money on a wedding planner is an extra expenditure. But let us tell something that the right wedding planner is not an expenditure, it is an investment, which will go a long way in ensuring that you and your family have your hands free at the wedding to have a good time. Yes, we know you can manage all those things too, but if you really want to have fun at your wedding without any strings, then it is a wise decision to rope in one. And yes, for budget weddings too!

wedding Planner app development company in India

As per the statistics amassed by Sound Vision, there are around 2.3m couples who exchange vows in the U.S annually. Thus, it is manifest that the wedding business is certainly relishing its prime. In fact, in the last decade, there has been transformational growth in the industry owing to technology and digital innovations.

How the wedding process and wedding planning business has transformed by technology?

In early 2000, the engaged couple will start buying a lot of wedding magazines, inviting friends, brainstorming in the search of some inspiration.

However, times have varied immensely today, like all you need is heading to the internet or install an app to find millions of suggestions and ideas from all across the globe.

Brides of the utopias, don’t go online just to look for inspiration they actually complete so many real tasks that way. Thus, the development of wedding planning apps is on the full swing and each day you will find new products coming up on Google Play or Apple Store.

So, if you are one among who is keen on easing up the lives of birdes & grooms around the world by introducing a wedding planning app, then you are on the right spot. Here, in this blog, we have covered various segments useful in wedding planning mobile app development, like the benefits of a wedding planning app, the types of wedding planning apps, and list of exclusive and advanced features. You will observe it all here, making the development process of wedding planning app simple yet the end result brilliant.

Different strokes for different folks

Either in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store when you search for Wedding App, you will see a super long list of various applications. There are many apps for a wedding like Countdown widgets, Games, Planners, Checklists, Lookbooks, Card Makers, Numerous apps with galleries where you can find inspiration for a wedding cake, dress, hairstyle, party design and much more. If you check the download count of different wedding apps, you will see that they are extremely popular and people find them helpful.

Now, we will consider the four most popular types of wedding applications, namely:

  • Planning apps;
  • Countdown apps;
  • Checklist apps;
  • Guest list apps;

Benefits of having the Wedding Planner App

In order to stay ahead of the technology and leveraging its potential can take any business to new heights. The same holds true for wedding planning business as well. From making organization for guests to finalizing the dinner menu, a wedding planner has to look into the details of thousands of tasks in order to make the wedding worth remember for years to come. in such hectic situations, switching to a mobile app can not only help you upscale your wedding business, but it can also help couples make their wedding day memorable with just a few taps. Listed hereunder are some astounding benefits of having a mobile app for a wedding planning business.

wedding app-2

Save time and Energy

With a mobile app development, wedding planners can guide their customers to save time and energy by allowing them to select their desired venue, wedding dress, wedding card design, food and beverages menu and etc in just a few taps.

24/7 Support and Alerts

A mobile app development for wedding planner can help you stay in touch with their customers 24/7 and resolve their queries instantly. It was not restricted to here, even we can send push notifications to your customers on the fly, keeping them informed about the latest deals and discounts you are running for them through your app.

Offline Functionalities

Development of mobile app for wedding planners are capable to work in offline mode will not only help you establish a long-term relationship with the customers, but can also prove to be propitious in maintaining the interest of potential customers, while gaining the attention of new customers as they can make use of your app even in areas where there is no network available.

Improves Brand Visibility

Besides being a handy tool for smoothing out crucial wedding tasks, a mobile app for wedding planner also helps improve their visibility and extend their business reach beyond the local boundaries, serving them earn a good revenue in the long run.

Reasons  for having  a Customized wedding Planner Mobile App developed by Krify

A next-generation DIY app building platform, Krify Software Technologies allows individuals to create their personal wedding app with innovative features and functionalities, helping them make their special day worth remembering for years to come. By letting the app way, individuals can gain multiple benefits –

  • Preserve time and energy involved in wedding tasks like booking a wedding venue, finalizing wedding card design, and much more
  • Maintain the budget by forecasting the cost and getting an estimate beforehand
  • Efficiently organize each and every task, and free up some quality time that can be spent with your family & friends
  • Get the best deal from multiple vendors, suppliers, and caterers to get more benefit for your buck
  • Receive instant assistance for even the smallest problems
  • Send push notifications to guests about various events, deals, and discounts
  • Create their own personal gallery of images & videos to pile special moments forever
  • Give step-by-step ways to guests for the wedding venue via GPS navigation, and much more.

So, take benefit of Krify Software Technologies’s advanced mobile app development platform and effectively create a wedding app for your wedding planning business or personal needs in just 3 simple steps and go active on app stores, such as Google Play and iTunes!

wedding planner app development company in India

Advanced Features for a Wedding Planner Application

  • CMS Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Real-time Analytics & Dashboards
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Integration
  • In-App chat
  • Gallery integration
  • In-app Camera Integration
  • ChatBot
  • Social Media Integration
  • e-Commerce Facilities
  • Refined search
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Calendar Integration
  • Multi-lingual
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting integrations

Now, as you have gained an understanding of the basic and advanced features to be included in the Wedding Planning for a mobile app, next let’s explore how to develop a Wedding Planning Mobile app?

How to develop a Wedding Planning Mobile app?

If you are done with the kind of feature that you require to integrate into your wedding planning app, then the next and foremost step is to select a right wedding planner mobile app development company that meets your requirements well and help you in establishing your objectives.

The idea of Wedding Planning Mobile App Development is much unrestricted thus it is important to have your entire team in place. Get the services of the Top Wedding Planner App Development to develop an app that is rich in feature and able to meet the desired expectations. Your app development team must consist of:

  • Project Manager
  • Wedding Planning iOS Developer, Wedding Planning Android Developer,
  • Back-end App Developer
  • UX/UI Designers, Graphic Designer
  • QA Testers

Next, you need to go for the estimated cost of developing the best Wedding Planner app Development.

How much does it cost to develop the Wedding Planner app?

On assumptions of the number of hours invested, features and technologies involved, you can determine a rough estimate of wedding planner app development cost. The cost generally depends on various factors such as:

  • Basic Features
  • Advanced Features
  • Chosen Platform(iOS, Android or both)
  • 3rd Party API integration

The development cost for wedding planner app will completely depend on the complexity involved or the features that to be integrated into the app. Krify Software Technologies will provide affordable price for the app development.

Our team at Krify is dedicated to developing powerful wedding planner solutions that would facilitate effective operations for your businesses. Our clients are choosing it and referring it as one of the top Wedding Planner apps to all the aspects of the Wedding.

For effective business operations choose an efficient Wedding Planner apps. Choose the right Wedding Planner apps system for your business needs.

Contact us today for the free demo of our wedding Planner app. We will provide you with the complete Wedding Planner app services that would improve the efficiency in tracking and managing your Wedding. Talk to our experts to get the customised Wedding Planner solution for your business.