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Maintenance and Support

In a day, a vast number of mobile apps are successfully deployed. Some of them prosper and surge ahead in the international market competitiveness. The work does not stop there. To be a market leader, one must implement improvements and pursue product upgrades. Similarly, app or product maintenance is a key element in achieving the desired goals. We, at Krify, provide maintenance for mobile and web applications developed in our development center. We offer services based on the requirements of our clients.

At Krify, we create apps and deliver them to clients. Subsequently, if the client wishes to contact us for maintenance, we sign annual maintenance contracts and extend the services. We advise and carry out product or app modifications based on necessity and demand. These duties are carried out while adhering to the terms of the agreement agreed between the client and Krify. In these cases, we normally concentrate on Quality Control & Assurance, Enhancement of Features & Performance, SEO, and Promotion.

Furthermore, we specialize in assisting clients that have extremely particular needs, such as contacting us just for maintenance of already established apps or goods, backend support for products made by another company, promotion of previously built products, content generation, and so on.


Web Maintenance Services Include

At Krify, once the web application is deployment is successful, we provide maintenance and support services to our clients based on their requirements.
Below are the maintenance and support services we provide to our clients:

Build management

Configuration management

Database and operating system

Security testing

Performance modeling

System Administration

Database Administration

Maintenance as a preventive measure

Root cause analysis

Pro-active monitoring

Ongoing improvement

Continuous service

Response to incidents and incident resolution

Analysis of errors, solutions,and deployment assistance

Mobile App Maintenance Services

Once the app is deployed to the app store or play store successfully, our team can
offer maintenance and support based on the client’s requirements.

Third-party integration update reviews

Performance monitoring

App store management & monitoring

Hosting & third party payment monitoring

Source code repository & versioning

Server monitoring

App crash monitoring

Analytics monitoring

App feedback monitoring

Security reviews

We assist in the smooth migration of applications and provide frequent assessments, continual enhancements, efficient optimization, and
application automation. The result is more stability, increased work efficiency, and better resource utilization with no waste of time,
energy, or money. We assist in lowering the cost of application support and maintenance, allowing you to get more value out of
your IT solutions. There is less downtime, which optimizes operations and improves customer service.

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