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Specific Categories of top 10 Apps

Top 5 popular App Categories ranked on Playstore

Let’s know the most popular app categories on google play. The list of most-developed Google Play applications would be a metric for specifying the top considered or most popular application.

In recent days, we see a huge demand to developers like educational app developer, productivity app developer and entertainment app developers in the IT industry as the demand for related apps has highly increased.

The Top 5 app categories in the play store based on the number of apps in that specific domain are as follows.

Top 5 popular app categories on Playstore

  1. Education
  2. Business
  3. Entertainment
  4. Music&Audio
  5. Lifestyle

Would you like to know more about the categories that most apps have been published in the app store? On a brief comparison of various statistics collected by different organizations. We understand the importance of a few other developers for developing the app in various growing categories such as Lifestyle app development and Business app developers in this.era. Check out the top app categories ranked in the top 10 at the google play store in the recent study in addition to above.

Tip: Today, The important factor of hiring a developer is depended on the number of apps he builds in a specific category.

Top 10 popular app categories on Playstore

    1. Educational
    2. Business
    3. Entertainment
    4. Music&Audio
    5. Lifestyle
    6. Tools
    7. Books&Reference
    8. Personalization
    9. Productivity
    10. Health&Fitness

Of course, the one who has an own idea and what to make an app will definitely want to know other app categories with an interest to know in what category that his app is fall in.

List of App Categories and the number of apps in the google play

We would like to specify the count with of each category followed by the number of apps developed in android apps.

    • Art & Design: 24376 apps
    • Auto & Vehicles: 24330 apps
    • Beauty: 17618 apps
    • Books & Reference: 128443 apps
    • Business: 174995 apps
    • Comics: 4744 apps
    • Communication: 57897 apps
    • Dating: 5436 apps
    • Education: 237149 apps
    • Entertainment: 166620 apps
    • Events: 18236 apps
    • Finance: 71561 apps
    • Food & Drink: 83783 apps
    • Health & Fitness:  89554 apps
    • House & Home: 16622 apps
    • Libraries & Demo: 7342 apps
    • Lifestyle: 162736 apps
    • Maps & Navigation: 35047 apps
    • Medical: 40067 apps
    • Music & Audio: 165914 apps
    • News & Magazines: 56111 apps
    • Parenting: 4570 apps
    • Personalization: 112662 apps
    • Photography: 56778 apps
    • Productivity: 90562 apps
    • Shopping: 83947 apps
    • Social: 52200 apps
    • Sports: 47845 apps
    • Tools: 141729 apps
    • Travel & Local: 83321 apps
    • Video Players & Editors: 17435 apps
    • Weather: 9804 apps
    • Action: 27312 apps
    • Adventure: 24020 apps
    • Arcade: 58280 apps
    • Board: 10641 apps
    • Card: 8781 apps
    • Casino: 7304 apps
    • Casual: 50207 apps
    • Educational: 30399 apps
    • Music: 4308 apps
    • Puzzle: 58991 apps
    • Racing: 11899 apps
    • Role Playing: 8247 apps
    • Simulation: 23981 apps
    • Sports Games: 9623 apps
    • Strategy: 8723 apps
    • Trivia: 17028 apps
    • Word: 11398 apps

We believe this list is just a start, moving forward Google may get a more sophisticated categorization enabled an environment that going to add up into list with emerging technology. It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new app or type of app.

We Build Powerful Applications Across Many Industries. We are a Bespoke Hybrid, iOS and Native Android App Development Award-winning company from London. Reach us with your requirements to craft the best apps.

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LinkedIn Business Rankings 2019

Next Level Marketing Plan: LinkedIn Industry Rankings 2019

Today, LinkedIn becomes the number one channel for B2B business market capturing. Recently with the interest to identify the Industrial market value, We have gone through the different premium accounts and LinkedIn solutions powered by the relationships for success to know today’s industries accounts count.

When I am starting, My thought was like Human Resources Industry will be on top and major role for all the business domains in LinkedIn from the count. Later on half completion, I realized that I’m wrong and just shocked by the Linkedin Industry Rankings I have collected. When I compare the previous data available, Linkedin Industry Rankings collected in 2016 by @joshuawaldman I stunning growth and demand of Linkedin by growing number of accounts in the last few years down the line.

Top 15 LinkedIn Industries

Let us showcase the Linkedin Industry rankings of 2019 based on the maximum crowded LinkedIn accounts number until April 2019.

1 Construction 1230205
2 Retail 1016733
3 Management Consulting 968382
4 Information Technology and Services 945490
5 Real Estate 837289
6 Wholesale 721320
7 Marketing and Advertising 657376
8 Computer Software 603668
9 Financial Services 562508
10 Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing 483870
11 Consumer Services 418413
12 Publishing 397706
13 Health, Wellness and Fitness 357956
14 Automotive 344877
15 Machinery 344584

If you are planning for a LinkedIn Marketing for your B2B business considering this list of industry items and the profile count is really matters. Considering your content production for the Top Industries of LinkedIn will be more helpful to get more engagement.

LinkedIn Ranking Stats

All the LinkedIn search algorithms will generate various results on queries based on the filter like when Industry, Designation, Connection Degree in afterthoughts.

Find out the strength of the industry you are working.

Industry List to Consider for LinkedIn Marketing 2019

7 Tactics to follow in LinkedIn for Huge LinkedIn Content Marketing:

Though you are concentrating on the most user-specific industries LinkedIn. If you are concentrated about more business then you must consider the key Distribution and Sharing activities and tactics of LinkedIn is to drive killer results.

  • Long And Domain Specific LinkedIn Articles
  • Long Text Post Only with a Link On Comment
  • Tags And Marking People
  • Comment On Other Posts That Relate
  • Sharing Content To Individually Over Messages
  • Sharing The Content Over Groups
  • LinkedIn Advertising / Inmail

As I have shared the secrets of success in the open market, please do #Share #Like.

LinkedIn Industry Rankings 2019

Though it might be the Highly ranked Industry or a Less ranked industry on Linkedin, your plan of action will be based on the number of people you network with and the location you are targeting. Consider this ranking information and start building your Industry network focusing on your role of the people you are connecting with a more similar and optimized profile one to the same industry, majorly this data helps you to find a number of industries listed on the Linkedin networks and help you search more exact.

All the information is collected using the Sales Navigator tool as on date 04/27/2019.

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Crisis Control Featured Picture

Crisis Control & Emergency Management App Development Company

Crisis control app development is one of the best solutions for solving the issue that rises in organisations. The emergency management software solution provides businesses, individuals and other emergency response professionals help to stop, to handle a variety of emergencies at the workplace.

Disasters, unexpected situations, and unpleasant surprises are part and parcel of the organisations/life. But, the critical fact connected with them, is that severe such occurrence continues to occur most unexpectedly. And the truth is that you cannot get away from disasters. The emergency response app will help the individual in such situations when he/she might be in far from the family. Supposedly you cannot drive a car with the fear of getting into an accident or not board a plane that it might crash or cease to live your life. A crisis can happen to you at any time, and this is not our way to scare you, but to show you the reality which lies.

When the crisis comes to some company for example, if you have an IT company with employees working for you, what do you pursue to manage a crisis in any situation? Well, you need to have sheets of paper with emergency numbers, contacts and details made mandatory to be carried by the employees. In this scenario using the latest technology and innovations, there are better and productive Crisis management app development for emergencies to take care of the disasters.

If you intend to avail App for all your Crisis & Emergency Management needs with the aid of the improvised technology, we at Krify have the right crisis control app development architecture for you. With the assistance of the emergency response app development, you will be able to:

  • Deal with emergencies
  • Maximise continuity of business
  • Minimise danger growing from such a situation

How Crisis & Emergency Management Software solutions to save lives?

When there is a server drop for an IT company, there is petite anyone can do to work it. Server drop is genuinely a big devastating and terrifying phenomenons to experience. There should be some solution that may work to alert all the employees in the organisation to order to make work continue.

That’s where crisis control app development that allows groups and organisations to monitor and address the associated users with the disaster management information system during any deployment, incident, or situation. Users have access to an emcee of sophisticated functions that guarantee improved communication, collaboration, and crisis acknowledgement. The aim objective of the project is to develop an interactive application that enables companies and organisations to alert their staff immediately for any crises and monitor the location and position of the team deployed to any ongoing incidents and emergencies.

Emergency response app development enables everyone to locate tracking and incident management functions. From significant workers deploying to continuing emergencies, global organisations managing worldwide travel, educational institutions supervising student trips, or family and friendship groups, Crisis & Emergency Management Software are tracking and crisis response for all.

Must-Have Features for Crisis Control App Development

  • Emergency response app development improves team communication and enhances users safety
  • Report Log: Improve advance communication and collaboration between users during any disaster deployment or event.
  • Deployment Map: Accurate mapping, real-time positioning, safety catch updates, company messaging and more.
  • Emergency Alert: Wide-awake buttons on every screen allot for one-touch notification to assigned responders.

Emergency Alert button for Emergency response app development

  • Mass Notification: Critical, incident-specific information delivered directly to all who require to know it.
  • History: Sustain a record of every earlier incident associated with each Disaster management app member.
  • Geofencing: Recognize specific areas of concern and assure all within can take pleasure of crisis control app’s functionality.  
  • User Check-ins: Emergency response app development enables users to join with their contacts assuring all-informed communication proactively.
  • User-activated tracking: Users define when and for how long they’re tracked.
  • In-app email and texts: Here the emails and text messages can be sent to the admin.
  • Manage Incident Response: Here the incident response time can be managed by admin.
  • Send audio and video updates: The user can send audio and video updates to the crisis control app users
  • News Feed: Here the app users will get news feeds about the app
  • Safety Updates: Here you can go through the safety-catch precautions regarding the disaster

Crisis Control App Backend Screen     Crisis Control App Home Screen

Why crisis and emergency management software by Krify

Choose Krify has a stand-alone emergency management app and situational perception solution, or use it to grow your existing business chain plan.

Curious how Krify Software technologies would work within your organizational structure? Request a quote or contact us!

  • Comprehensive emergency and incident management capabilities
  • Real-time updates, historical records and after-action reports for optimal situational awareness
  • Gets status updates instantly on location or entity.
  • Real-time maps and report dashboards provide analyses, assess and manage updates
  • Accessible from the web, Android and iOS mobile apps with role-based accountability
  • Turn any employee into a responder
  • An advanced communication design that boosts accuracy and performance.

Know the Importance of choosing krify for your Emergency response app development

  • Getting Started: Active business continuity needs more than just software. Krify ensures you have the processes and culture required to leverage emergency management software successfully.
  • Implementation: shift your pre-existing data to get begun. Our Professional Services team operates jointly with you to assist your implementation, customisation, on-boarding and user practice, for a steady and successful deployment.
  • 24/7 Support: Once you go active, you’ll have access to Krify’s Customer Portal and 24/7 product assistance. Give us a call, send an email or open a support ticket whenever you have issues or technical complications.
  • As You Grow: This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve served over 1000 of the world’s largest organisations achieve efficiencies and deliver strategic insights, and we know you have unique requirements. You’ll be allowed a Customer Success Manager who partners with you to assure you get the most out of the disaster control app software and unite you with a network of users and business continuity, emergency management.
Lets Recap

Disaster Management apps can be great substitutes for the traditional crisis management system, which proved to be quite unreliable and ineffective. Not only can an app do it much easier for employees to reach the relevant people during emergencies, but it can also serve a broad array of additional perks that make emergencies much simpler to handle and minimise their impact.

Ultimately, apps are only the most beneficial ways to deal with emergencies because they can be used anywhere via a mobile device, which can be crucial in cases when it is improbable to access a computer. Another critical point is for managers to assure that they are holding the emergency contact directory updated, whether it is manually at the commencement.

If you want to go with the Crisis Control App Development for your organization or for your family then come to us, Krify is a leading crisis management app development company in India, Uk. Reach us for more information.

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Voip App Development Company

VoIP Business Considerations and Role of Softphone Dialer App #VoipDeveloper

VOIP solutions are the most stable solution becoming the first choice of communication businesses. Many Communication Service Providers repetitively prompt for generating more revenue and more customer base. When an Internet service provider can consider a VoIP business thus, the growth growing in the VOIP business industry is high as VOIP business setup is flexible, useful, and inexpensive. Also, the wholesale VoIP equipment and services buying and selling can be a highly profitable practice.

How to Start VOIP Business in 4 Steps?

Among all the VoIP solutions, today the custom SIP Dialer App Development turned as a need for each business. Let’s know, how we can simply set up a VoIP business in 4 simple steps to serve around the globe.

Step 1: Setting up the best VOIP Infrastructure

Having a well-equipped Setup of infrastructure that delivers the best output on any operations. In the VOIP infrastructure setup, the Soft-switch is setup is the primary component to setup which helps to manage VOIP business customer records, to route the calls, Invoicing to the calls, and the report generation of pre-paid and post-paid models could be much more important.

Step 2: Setting up a Softphone Dialer or a PC Dialer

The second most important thing in the VOIP business is to find a Softphone Dialer Service Provider at an affordable price as this likely a repetitive billing in case of the service provider. Or in case of a Softphone app developer, you need to choose the best SIP client at an affordable price to get it developed.

The mobile dialer enables your customers to originate the VOIP calls from their end on a retail service model. Hire a Softphone App Developer by choosing an open source client like Linphone could be a suggestible approach today for the cheapest international calling service.

Step 3: Functional Website Development and Support

Thus the online media promotions and online support are ultra-important for a VoIP business today. The Development of the functional website by hiring a developer or outsourcing to a company will be benefited though you have hands-on developing a website as all the customer base is connected over the website and this website is going to deal with online payment options to provide efficient service for the global customers.

Step 4: Connecting Carriers and Acquiring Customers

When we have done with a basic business setup, there is away some time to expand here is where you need an action for you to connect with numerous carriers and customers globally in these 3 points.

  1. Expanding VoIP call termination denotes the procedure of routing telephone calls from particular provider to the next service provider.
  2. Planning for special packages for calling cards, offering up competitive rates with a better quality of services.
  3. And, Customer acquisition based on the market and ensuring great customer support at 24/7 for your customers will raise up customer referrals.

VoIP services are more depended on providing quality with advanced services like User Portal, Call Recording, Call Queues, Conference Rooms, Call Logs, IVR and more will be more helpful to standout.

VOIP Working

On another hand, the virtual phone numbers are creating a doorway for businesses communication for expanding VOIP business globally with more convenience. This Virtual phone number works based on the mobile dialer app with a unique phone number registered.

Example: Today, Every business is demanded to have a contact number before it gets started in reality. And when it comes to the international business setup, planning of new phone number and routing it is very tough to run the show and moreover it is a bit expensive. Thus, the VoIP technology powered Virtual Phone number is solving the problem around the globe without much complications and high spending on phone equipment. VoIP is changing the way that businesses communicate, VOIP technology created an environment where the user can call on a virtual number from anywhere in the world (locally and internationally) based on the service provider restrictions. Means the user can simply give a call to any mobile number through an app to app or through the app to PSTN, vice-versa.


3 Major components to build a successful VoIP Environment:

  1. Internet network could be an option of Dial-up modem based on Wifi or a dedicate line of Ethernet network for communication as a medium.
  2. VoIP software: VoIP software application is mostly known as a Softphone dialer which anyone can download and install on their devices (might be a computer, laptop or mobile device). This is enabled to based make and receive phone calls.
    or Hardware: VoIP hardware meant to be a VoIP hard phone equipment thus establishes a connection over the VoIP Gateway, VoIP ATA, IP-Phone and other types. VoIP devises checks for the list of VoIP hardware connections.
  3. VoIP Service Provider, reputedly known as the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) and Internet Phone Company who are majorly into the VoIP phone solutions and services, which is very similar to a local telecom company.

All the technology of VOIP provider holds is to transmit the voice and video packets over the data network. Different types of VoIP service Providers are as follows.

  • Business VoIP solutions
  • IP PBX Service VOIP Systems
  • VoIP solutions for International Calls (such as Calling Cards, Call Shops and Call Back)
  • SIP Trunking Service VOIP Systems
  • Unified Communications (UC) Service VOIP Systems
  • Home Phone VoIP Services
  • And Few other.

Role of Softphone dailer

Role of SIP / Softphone Dialer:

To establish, maintain, and terminate the multimedia communication sessions in the VoIP applications, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used. The protocols of SIP supports the signaling voice and video and controlling the voice and video calls and messaging whole applications.

Whereas, SIP Dialer is a software that helps to establish a connection between servers to make calls and manage his account. A fully customized dialer app has the brand logo, followed by the SIP dialer call options to call, as per the codecs enabled at the back-end.

SIP Dialers are most popular with Android phone, iOS Phones, and Windows, Mac PC’s. These SIP Dialers are intended for VoIP/SIP providers or other businesses at SME’s range. The IM marketer and VoIP businesses are more likely to develop a SIP dialer for their customers, and let the customer feel their brand service at fingerprints.

Things to consider for a SIP Dialer App Development:

  • Friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Simple to use and best in class performance
  • Easy Signup and Short Registration Process
  • Integrated Mobile Phonebook
  • Account Balance Display on Dialer Screen
  • Custom Branding
  • User License at Unlimited
  • Call Management (Transfer, Hold, Recording, Conferencing)
  • Integrated Billing Solution
  • Support of SIP soft switch
  • Call History & Call Display
  • Seamless performance over 3G, 4G, GPRS, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Codecs Support GSM, G729, G711, G722, iLBC, AMR, Speex Codecs
  • Custom feature enabled the development

At Krify, Our team can develop custom mobile app dialers that help VoIP service providers to offer SIP-based features like chat, audio and video calling, Multi-tenant Broadcasting, virtual phone number, customized feature and more.

Hire a VOIP & Softphone App Developer

Top 5 Consideration to Hire a VOIP & Softphone, App Developer:

VoIP solutions not limited to the companies who are dealing directly or indirectly with networking and communications. There is an interest of expression from entrepreneur and individuals who can well manage the server or networking infrastructure. Also, we have seen different the companies those who need different features in their VoIP solution and after VoIP solution development; they may need ongoing support services.

  1. Experience in handling VoIP Technology
  2. Expertise in developing VoIP Technology
  3. Portfolio of VoIP apps
  4. Reliability of the VoIP Developer
  5. Technology competency

VOIP Development needs a good level of expertise in dealing with WebRTC, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, OpenSIPS, Kamailio, etc. However, at Krify have the hand s on developing on mobile front dialer app development.

Our Krify team consists of professional in house web, mobile app designers and developers who have hands on the best practices to follow in frontend app design and web backend development to follow for the VOIP application. Inquire us here or feel free to text on the right side chat box anytime.

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Logo Android Q

Android Q Beta App Development Guide

Official Android Q beta is now on the Google Pixel devices. Android Q is ready for the next smart devices to adopt. For developers who are waiting to build the new SDK for coming app generation. In fact, we are still looking to know the name of Android ‘Q’.

The features of Android Q extend transparency and control with updated privacy features. Now Android Q users have a command on their own data and the capabilities to grant the app. In this article, I am sharing you the Top 5 features of Android Q available today for beta users to try for next Android Q Targeted Level 28 App Development.

  1. Android Q Key behaviour Changes
  2. Android Q Privacy changes 
  3. Android Q features and APIs
  4. Android Q Telephony features 
  5. Android Q Media and graphics features 

1. Android Q Key behaviour Changes Quick Notes

  • Updates to non-SDK interface restrictions to ensure app compatibility and stability.
  • Shared memory increases security and robustness when serving with shared memory, improving the performance and safety of Android overall.
  • Android runtime solely admits system-generated OAT files which mean ART (Android runtime) no longer invokes dex2oat from the application process.
  • Permissions changes for fullscreen notifications with fullscreen intents.
  • Driving AOT correctness in ART where Android Q requires 3 environment contexts resulting following behaviour changes.
    • Custom class loaders, Means class loaders can be written by apps, unlike class loaders from dalvik.system package–are not AOT-compiled.
    • Secondary dex files, the dex files allow to load manually by the apps, not primarily APK–are now AOT-compiled in the background, as first-use compilation could be too expensive, commencing to unwanted latency before the execution.
    • Shared libraries in Android, now executed with the new class loader hierarchy.

2. Android Q Privacy changes Key Notes

  • Leeway on Storage – Extra Permissions, APIs for retrieving download collections and media in the external storage.
  • Enhanced user control on location access permissions to the app running in foreground and background.
  • Updated constraints on launching activities from the background that improve user control on apps.
  • New restrictions on accessing device serial and IMEI possible with Non-resettable hardware identifiers.
  • Access to some Wi-Fi Aware and Bluetooth scanning methods demands fine location Permission for wireless scanning.
  • The permission on CAMERA access is now only on likely device-specific metadata like Pose Rotation, pose Intrinsic Reference Calibration, Pose Translation, Radial Distortion and more.

3. Android Q features and APIs

  • Enlarged biometric authentication dialogs and Security enhancements.
  • Specified user confirmation to claim an implicit biometric modality. in biometric authentication.
  • Advanced fallback support for device credentials to authenticate utilizing their device pattern, PIN, or password in case of trouble.
  • Run embedded DEX code directly from the APK to aid from attacker managed to tamper with local compiled source code on the device. (Follow this link).
  • Public Conscrypt security API is introduced for TLS functionality. Due to constraints on calling non-public APIs affixed in P, this has been greylisted in the Android Q and will be further modified in future Android releases.
  • Connectivity features, This category has several enhancements related to data connectivity and networking of Android Q.
    • Android Q appends support for peer-to-peer connections for non-network-providing purposes like Chromecast and Google Home hardware.
    • Wi-Fi network suggestion API, the first time the Android Q platform finds a network matching through scan results suggested through the app.
    • Android Q enlarges the Wi-Fi lock API to efficiently support high-performance mode and low-latency mode.
    • Particular lookups in DNS resolver, Android Q appends native support for the DNS over TLS for specialized DNS lookups. This extension gives developers both the standard cleartext lookups and DNS over TLS mode.
    • Wi-Fi Easy Connect, to a peer device, as the replacement of WPS.
    • Android Q enables your app to use Bluetooth LE Connection Oriented Channels (CoC) to transfer massive data streams among two BLE devices.

4. Android Q Telephony features

  • Call quality improvements for ongoing IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) calls to and flow in the network.
  • Android Q let your app to identify calls that are not in the user’s address book as likely spam calls and to facilitate a way silently rejected on behalf of the user.
  • Android Q going to change how the call intents are handled. The NEW_OUTGOING_CALL broadcast is deprecated and is replaced with the CallRedirectionService API.

5. Android Q Media and graphics features

  • Native MIDI API, The ultra-modern Android Native MIDI API (AMidi) provides application developers an ability to send MIDI and receive MIDI data with C/C++codes, integrating with more close C/C++ audio and control logic by minimizing the need for JNI.
  • MediaCodecInfo improvements
  • Performance point describes a codec’s worth to render video at a particular height, width and frame rate.
  • API level 28 is the first one to introduce monochrome camera ability for Android 9 with several enhancements for raw DNG Capture and NIR CFA enumerations a side of near-infrared cameras.
  • The Advanced Dynamic Depth Format options for post-processing with blur effects inside of pictures.
  • Android Q adds new support for in JVMTI implementation for the can_pop_frames that capable to provide advanced UI and system controls.
  • Surface control API to run up upon the limitations of BufferQueue.
  • Simplified setting panels to drive for NFC or Mobile data in the context of the same app.

Download The Android Q Beta for your mobile now in 5 Steps !!

1. Enrol your Pixel device or set-up an emulator to Get Android Q here.
2. Check the Android Q Setup Guide for your environment.
3. Get forward with the behaviour changes and privacy features that may affect your app.
4. Run into the look and flows for issues
5. Targeting API Level 28 – Android Q, test with the beta user channels or common groups.

This checklist of information is an overview of the key features launched recently for the Android Q pixel and other devices. The other Android One device users need to wait for 2 more months to get the Android Q for play. However,  Android app developers and owners need to update their app codes to the next level as the day to day user new technology migration is running 2x times faster than what we think.

We have seen the Android O and P recently that targeted to API level 26 27 targeted version. You can read this info at our previous article.

What could be the name of Android Q?

Android Q interjects standard roles, facility, that allows OS to grant the apps elevated way to system functions and the user data based on the well-understood use cases.

Krify is one such topmost Web app and Mobile app development company. For more information, you can reach us here. We can assist you in all aspects.

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Emphasis of Mobile Apps to Large Scale Transportation Industry

The Emphasis of Mobile Apps to Large Scale Transportation Industries

The impact of digital apps is on every industry. Assume, How customers used to book transport vehicles in the earlier days of the 1990’s? I remember people are used to walk a transportation hub to know the status of the transport facilities and of course, most of them are upset due to lack of information yet times. The evolution of Transportation Industries has started since mid 2010 through the IT-enabled, polished information system that brought the website and web applications based information system to provide transportation service on advance bookings and reservations.

And today, the real starvation mode enabled in every small to large scale transportation business where Transportation Businesses are fully utilizing the IT infrastructure and technology for well-managed service and environment provision. On other hand enabling IT services becomes one of the business sources for the transportation industry.

Large Scale Transportation

Based on research in information technology (IT) adoption, The survey resulted that transportation business ecosystems are more influenced to use mobile apps in the economy to better align-up with the audience or reaching business goals and norms. Furthermore, to make it simple, Largescale Transportation segregated in two types which includes public and private transportation. Either transportation for people or for the transportation of inventory.

In this article, We are taking two major segmentations of transportation based on Various Logistic business models exist in large scale industries who are depended on the Software and Mobile App usage for smoother operations.

1. Adoption of Mobile App for In house Transportation

In house transportation is all about managing the inventory of products from one place to one place inside the industry, For instance if you consider a steel production company industry where they do deal with various parts of car, when it comes to assembling each part they must need clear inventory application followed by the small transport vehicles helps which is a major task for all manufacturing and logistical industries such as Amazon, Flipkart and other.

At most of these In house transportation industries, a small product that they haven’t manufactured or they will deal with purchased material supplied from small business units to manufacture or produce a large scale product / utilities to  sell out in the market. In both cases, Businesses need to differentiate transportation services in and outside of the industry with proper monitoring. To make it less clumsy and for better organizing rather depending on the manual users, business people will look for the Web App Software or Mobile Application followed from the transportation stage billings. And of course department to department they must track each other.

The transportation used in the In house service is based on electric vehicles like small vans, weighing vehicles, medium to large cranes which can help to move the inventory here and there. Fortunately, this is where the new technology has been the changing the way we are habited to, There are a lot of good technologies like robotics with a combination of mobile-based control application coming out to ideally change the way we are living today.

In fact, You can check with our Business Analyst what suits your business to do smoother operations.

On another hand, The large scale industries have had a great Freight Transportation using the multi-transport system through a large scale on the field from origin to destination.

Know what are the Influential factors to consider by Transportation Industries to adopt mobility solutions.

  1. Lack of control in the vehicle information tracking. Perhaps if you own 20 Vehicles for your industry, Without the intervention of trusted people Do you know when was the insurance done for the 15th vehicle?
  2. Lack of Information about Loads of services completed. Perhaps do you know, Who is your end customer/ product that your 15th vehicle served recently? And what item has shipped over?
  3. Lacking the Trust on the employees. Transportation Service is the second largest industry where every small to large business owner trusts for delivering their goods to the end customers. Where each of large business owner needs to trust his driver for safe delivery.
  4. Lack of awareness about Transportation Service offerings to the customer, In a competitive world. It’s almost considered as ‘0’ business if you won’t have a word about your business in the digital market.
  5. For Improved business monitoring in the Transportation, Business Owner must monitor each small thing happening inside to identify the real-time challenges and solving them in terms of security purpose and to plan further growth.
  6. Through you have a well-defined software process to track about the different items shipped or driven and vehicle information to cross-check the current status where they are, It is impossible to track the exact location of your vehicle yet times unless you have an assembled technology to do.

2. Adoption of Mobile App for  Wide Transportation

This is majorly transportation that mobility has been blown away our past life into the futuristic level, Where in terms technology words we can now transport anything to everything on our fingertip to the broad word. For instance, If we want to book a ticket for next flight we can book on the app right away in mobile app, If we want to get a taxi we can book it right away to a scheduled time to an on sport taxi traveling on your side using an app., if you want to get some delicious food a logistics is at your door to provide with just a tap on the mobile screen., When it comes to larger industries, Mobility influenced every Business Owner to track his shipment on a fingertip away. This mobile technology can also give the insights of the shipment and exact arrival time.


You can find more details about the on-demand taxi application of public transports.  Or you can also have a look on Bus Ticket Booking App Development Solutions.

Thus, it is important to get in touch with a reliable mobile app development service provider for this purpose. For live chat support, https://tinyurl.com/y74bgyb9 and chat to our agent. Krify is one among the top Mobile App develpment company who are expertized in developing the best mobile apps for your business requirements. Reach us today.

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Responsive website Krify

Responsive-Web Design, Part of Our Business Lives

This responsive design method in the new-age of a technological phenomenon that targets at the coding level of a website to result in a very optimal viewing, reading experience with minimal possible resizing and effective navigational, scrolling transversely on different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

The audience rate shows that they are encompassed the responsive design.

And Today, 80% of internet users possess their own smartphone and on average 69% of them are spending their time on smartphones  – a study by comScore.

Responsive-Web Design Facts!

  • · According to Google, 50% of the search queries are from now come from mobile devices over the worldwide. Thus Google search algorithm made the page load speed on mobile devices as primary to filter the search results.
  • Responsive websites saved from risk of losing 45% of customers who increase the bounce rate.
  • New-age technological phenomenon helping a site to have the least possible resizing which helps all age people to read the site.
  • 50% of customers are likely to show absolute frustration on the websites which are not responsive add mobile- friendly after landing the first time.
  • 93% of emails ware sent and received based on the smartphones and 14.20% of emails are retrieved through the tablets.

“Your competition, on the other hand, is laying out the red carpet for your customers.”

Let’s dig deep about why your business get profited with a responsive website design.

  • The increasing Usage of mobile devices guarantees the new generation migration
  • 85% of decisions ware took by an individual is based on how it look. And a Great user Interface and Experience is a must to attract your customer, all the way.
  • Browser Caches and Offline rate pages, Responsive website will further helps you to stay promised with offline customers
  • Websites which are responsive can grab the attention of visitor on first look and very clear to promote what they want to market on digital media.
  • People who look for information are likely to read the blogs and very inspired to make a decision and today responsive websites are the major consideration for the same.

Don’t you believe? Try yourself and release to go for a redesign and development of your business site.


Responsive web design and development is not a single-time activity. Search engine updates, operating systems, new devices, and the browsers will come out every day and get updated with new rules on own. So it is must to consider and stay up to date periodically with a preloaded list of device and browser support to not to miss the updated customers.

If you’re considering a new website development, there are plenty of a good example responsive design websites. Let’s go with digital transformation to capture the new business market.

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google play developer terms of service

2019 New Google Policy Change, #Beware if your app ask SMS / Call logs

With a moto to “Provide a safe and secure experience for users “Google announced 14 January 2019. As we know now Google team is working closely on Play Developer policies to provide a safe and secure experience to the Android users with more focus on opening up the developer tools which helps them to get succeed with all new designed on play store.

Reminder SMS/Call Log Policy Changes: New Policy 16/01/2019

With respect to the recent updated heard over the Android Developers Blog, Google is processing the identification and removal process of the apps from the Google Play Store which ask for the SMS or a Call Log permission and haven’t submitted a Permissions Declaration Form. Thus the apps which are on the Play Store without a Permissions Declaration Form will be removed from Play Store.

All the Developers seeking to access Call Log or SMS permissions should successfully complete the Permissions Declaration Form. By submitting the following form, you verify that app’s access to these permissions only for the purposes described below and you will submit an updated version of Form to seek additional approval in prior to any revised / the new scope for any permission usage.

Fill out the Declaration Form for each app here.

Take the Experts Help !! #Getintouch with us.

Android also stated that the play store is going to consider the sensitive data and permissions very seriously, mostly with respect to the SMS and Calls permissions via apps. Accordingly, every developer of Play Store must be coordinate to design the user picked favorite dealer or messaging apps with enable and disable options so that users can take over all the data control permissions and the app should not take be required to take advanced level access to the user sensitive data over the app.

This new policy will be just designed to enhance the security of apps and updating to accepting these permissions helps each app to travel a long way with need full accesses and permissions on the go when dealing with sensitive data. – This is a primary use case to accomplish by an app.

”” Owners will soon going to receive notices about these SMS and Calls permission update. The Developers who are used these kind of permissions are allowed to submit a Permission Declaration Form and enable a review. “

Take a code review from Expert Mobile App Developers now!!

What to do if your app is removed from Play Store?

If the app is removed and if you would like to go for a republishing, you can go with one of the following Play Console processes.

  • Submit a new version of the app without these SMS / Call permissions as stated.
  • Or submit all to gather new version of your app that can retain the permissions.

And of course, these processes may require a permissions declaration form inside Play Console (coming soon) and Very soon Android store will going to share an extension around March 9th (Expected) to receive approval or remove the permissions for your use case.

Let’s support being an Android App Developer – Keeping our Android ecosystem safe and healthy, and the protection of user data is a slogan to long term growth of the Android ecosystem and for all developers’ growth.

Krify holds 14+ year experience in creating compelling mobile app solutions. Krify is specilised in providing unique mobile solutions. optimised native features. third party integrations. Intuitive UX & UI. Highlights: In-House Team Of Developers Available, Providing Intuitive Functionality. Read More at Why Krify.


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Web and Mobile App Development Company in Tyneside

Web and Mobile App Development Company in Tyneside

We Turn Your Mobile Experience To Mobile Enjoyment!

Krify Software solution is one of the best web and mobile app development company in Tyneside with specialization in developing web and mobile based solutions for businesses of all range and size. Our portfolio of clients covers from startups to fortune 500. We possess a team of skilled and designers, that endeavor to do the right things from the design stage to the boat of a highly scalable app. We have assisted clients in different niches of business, from lifestyle to entertainment, from healthcare to education, from retail to gaming. We foster cutting-edge technology in the delivery of web and mobile applications. We know how important it is for your app to be accessible in the market as quick as possible, hence we deliver custom app with the shortest development cycle possible. Our overall success in the mobile app company comes from the fact that we stick to completeness in our products. You can visit our portfolio to see of our past works and know why we are one the best web and mobile app development company in Tyneside.

Benefits You get at Krify for Mobile App Development

Working with us will allow you to enjoy the below benefits.

  • Easy to Use and Interactive Apps
  • – Client Satisfaction
  • – Brand Recognition
  • Augmented User Experience
  • Open-Ended Communication Channel
  • Advanced Business Profit Ratio

Web and App Development Services in Tyneside

We at Krify offer a wide variety of services but they can all be grouped under four categories. We offer mobile app development with an efficient turnaround time. We also develop highly charming game apps. In addition, we manipulate web and CMS development and finally, we develop e-commerce applications.

Why to Hire Krify

1. Access to dedicated UI/UX Experts: When you partner with Krify software solution, you have access to dedicated and sophisticated UI/UX experts. For every project we take, we assign UI/UX masters, so as to guarantee that the job is done to the best standard.

2. Guarantee approval on play store and app store: Our mobile apps are of the highest standard of quality and never get denied or turn downed by Google Play store or App store.

3. Secure and scalable Android and iPhone app development: Our apps are bug-free and highly secured, so there is no risk of hacking or spiteful worms earning an entry.

No matter the type of mobile application you wish to develop, it is more than possible at Krify software solution. Get in touch with us and we will give you a quotation for you.

Hire Us for your App Development Project

Initiate to grow your business further.

Krify is focused to help the Tyneside nearby businesses to grow with the new technology competence in digital presence. Why not call us today if you are in search of the best web and mobile app development company in Tyneside.

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Web and App Development Services in Arizona, Phoenix

Web and Mobile App Development Company In Arizona, Phoenix

Web and Mobile App Development Company in Arizona, Phoenix

Share your app requirements & get the solution that grows your business to the next level!

Locating a good Web and mobile app development company to hire in Arizona, Phoenix may not be that as easy as it seems. But there is no need to worry because Krify Software Solutions has got you covered. When it comes to web and mobile app development, the customers often prefer to work with mobile app development agencies that are capable of adopting new efficient methods of achieving desired outcomes. But despite the rising trend of mobile solutions, it is sad to know that many people still don’t find the actual mobile solution they desire to get.

However, it is good to know that there are still some famous firms you can reliably give your trust. Krify Software Technologies is a leading Web and mobile app development company in Arizona, Phoenix that is converged on serving the mobile development needs of their global clientele. When it comes to getting things done the right way and at the right time, they are simply a force to evaluate with.

Whether you are looking to work with a professional agency in mobile app development or you simply want to hire an expert app developer that can deliver as prolised in Arizona, Phoenix then you might want to consider this web and mobile app development company. Basically, innovation is a trend that never goes down and customers will always require someone to help them steer the innovation wheel continuously.

Benefits You get at Krify for Mobile App Development

Working with us will allow you to enjoy the below benefits.

Krify the top web and mobile app development company in Arizona, Phoenix will always focus on empowering their customers with high-quality and web and mobile development solutions optimized for their every mobile need. Providing meaningful solutions with mobile technology, there is a need for functional programming, innovative strategy, and creative development.

Any top mobile app development company in Huntsville, AL will always focus on empowering their customers with high-quality mobile development solutions optimized for their every mobile need. Providing meaningful solutions with mobile technology, there is a need for functional programming, innovative strategy, and creative development.

Web and App Development Services in Arizona, Phoenix

We at Krify offer a wide variety of services but they can all be grouped under four categories. We offer mobile app development with an efficient turnaround time. We also develop highly charming game apps. In addition, we manipulate web and CMS development and finally, we develop e-commerce applications.

Why to Hire Krify

We create user-friendly apps that meet the needs of your target audience. We don’t just use our ideas. We take your thoughts and take them to live in record time.

13 Years Domain Expertise: Wisdom usually comes with a high level of expertise and we can confidently say that we have more experience in mobile app development than most of our competitors. We also have a global presence. So, wherever your business is located, chances are good that one of our branches is close by.

Accountability: We understand that great user experience is critical to the success of any mobile apps so we assure that all our apps offer fantastic user experience. Even at that stage, we still seek regular feedback from users and work on them.

Customer Centric Designs: We understand that great user experience is important to the progress of any mobile apps so we ensure that all our apps offer excellent user experience. Even at that, we still inquire about regular feedback from users and act on them.

Multi Domains and Hands-on various Technologies: The growing technology in Arizona, Phoenix helps businesses to make life simple by enabling IT services. Recent studies have shown the business who providing logistic services followed by on-demand requirements and daily routines who falls in the following business groups like restaurant, travel & tourism, finance, fashion, entertainment, games, banking, health care, education, real estate, retail and more.

Hire Us for your App Development Project

Initiate to grow your business further.

For over a decade, Krify Software Technologies has been in the business of providing high-quality solutions to a wide range of mobile business needs across diverse industries. There is no limit as to what achieve with this company.

Krify is focused to help the Arizona, Phoenix nearby businesses to grow with the new technology competence in digital presence. Why not call us today if you are in search of the best web and mobile app development company in Arizona, Phoenix.

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