// What To Consider For Web Development: Hire MEAN Stack or Full Stack Developer?
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What To Consider For Web Development: Hire MEAN Stack or Full Stack Developer?

MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack Development

[Updated on 19/06/2019]

Nowadays, when it comes to web development. Most of the firms are too confused in deciding either to Hire a MEAN stack developer or to Hire a full stack developer due to the uncertainty of the technologies that developer are strangeness about hiring a single web resource. 

MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack Developments

In this article, we would like to elaborate in detail as a Full Stack and Mean Stack Web Developer.

Let me begin with the major components of web development, web development structure and the most used Web Development Technologies in 2019. In the daily life, we are unknowingly interacting with 30 front-end components in a day, which are designed by using an HTML and CSS web developer, or a JavaScript Developer, or by using their libraries and frameworks. For instance, a button in a website which is optimized for various other web browsers and devices. Front-end developers are those who have hands-on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScripts, and frameworks like the Foundation, WordPress, Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular, etc. On another hand, web admin is mostly using the back-end web components. Back-end developer’s work on the development of websites more in functional aspects. Back-end, the web development team, are those who have hands on the server-side programming language like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc.

Full Development Technologies

The primary responsibility of Front-end developers is to make a website to load faster. Also, they need to have hands-on the server-side programming language. For instance, those who know PHP will even know the CodeIgniter, Laravel, and other PHP-based frameworks. Likewise, JavaScript Developers also know the structures like Node.js Express.js, etc. When it comes to the database, as you all know that Database helps us to perform Insert, Manipulate or Storing of information securely and straightforwardly at the host. The Regular Web Development Stack offers the database creation and management in various technologies like Microsoft SQL, MySql, Oracle Database 12c, DB2, Sap Hana and few other. Now let’s look into the topic, know what to consider for your web development using Mean Technology Stack, Full Stack Development and different variations inside.

8 Hidden Things about a Full Stack Development:

What Quora says about the Full Stack Development? With reference to Quora “A full stack developer is an engineer who can handle all the work of systems engineering, servers, databases, and clients. Liable on the project, what customer’s requirement may be a mobile stack or a Web stack, or a native application stack.


#1 Technologies to be aware for Full Stack Developer:

Full Stack Development Team

The “full stack” denotes to the assembly of a series of technologies desired to complete a project. And the “Stack” means to construction of sub-modules. These components or software sub-modules combined to accomplish the well-known function while without the must need for other modules.

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#2 Required Skills to become a Full Stack Developer:

Every full stack developer must have multiple skills that are required for the Full stack web developer ranging across different fields. Here are some of them below:

2.1 Front End Development: Full Stack Developer is fully unleashed for the Front end development as it deals with the full stack development of application part that the users can see and interact with. The primary technologies that the full Stack developers must have for the front end development are HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and the third-party libraries like jQuery, Angular, and ReactJs.

2.2 Back End Development: Back End Development is often the mystical part that remains unseen as it manages the database operations, user authentication, and application logic. The multiple languages that are used in Back End Development are

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • NodeJs
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Objective C
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • Swift
  • C / C  

2.3 Databases: Database is significant for any application as it is required to store and access the data. The full stack developer needs to know where to use a Relational database, NoSQL database, MySQL, MongoDB, etc. It will be plus if the full stack developer knows Redis, Memcached, and Varnish.

2.4 Version Control System: App development involves multiple version development. If a specific version needs to be revived? That’s where the Version Control System comes into picture where the system records the modifications that are made to the app files over time so that particular versions can be summoned if required.

#4 Do you know, There is a demand to Hire Full Stack Designer? I was wowed about how a designer has a full technology stack for choosing a bright color for him or a lighten dark color for him. But, when it comes to reality today, Most of all brands follow a similar color coding style for each of them.

Full Stack Designer - Developer

Full Stack Designer is a skilled designer who has hands-on Ultimate UX Design Tools for Wireframing and Prototyping with proper research. When it Creative UI Designing, We must have a high visual impact with the colors we choose to design a hi-fidelity prototype conversion to create a next level visual impact in developing of a web page that consists of HTML/CSS and JavaScript. All the combo gives a seamless user interaction with the web application.


Role of full stack developer:

A full stack developer is the one who works on both the front-end and back-end development of an application knowing various areas like Databases, Version Control System, Designing, etc. So let’s focus on that now!


What makes Full Stack a viable choice?

In major countries like the UK and India,  most of the businesses prefer to go with the budget-friendly development process. So the there are certain things you need to consider before choosing full stack development services for your project that will give you the boost in both the selection and procedure for hiring the full stack development company in India and UK for your requirements. In every full stack, a web development company in India and UK the specific manner they follow are front end, database, mobile app, and testing. Choosing the full stack development services from a full stack development company in India and UK enables certain benefits and consequences in your project. Hiring full stack developer from India and UK will be more beneficial as they the cost of hiring the full stack developer is budget friendly for any businesses that go for the full stack development services in Uk and India.

Experts full-stack developers in India and UK includes:

  • UI/UX Design
  • PSD’s to Design Conversion
  • Database Configuration and Coding
  • APIs and Third-Party Integration
  • Server and Client Side Scripting
  • Excellent Programming and Logical Skills
  • Mark-up Proficiency
  • Maintenance & Support
Advantages of choosing full stack despite a specific technology stack
  • By hiring full stack developers, those must be mastered in easy switching between the front end and back end development needs based on the project.
  • By hiring full sack developer in India and UK, the specific developers are capable of looking after the entire design at any level and working on them as needed during the development cycle.
  • By hiring a full stack developer in India and UK provides you with the flexibility and enables cost cutting for your project development despite hiring a developer from a particular niche.
  • By hiring the Full stack developer in India and UK makes it easy for the full stack developer to take the ownership of the design and implementation.
  • By hiring full stack developer gives them the flexibility to move from task to task according to the project need.
  • By hiring the full stack developer in India and the UK will have a complete solution to the problems.



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What kind of web development projects requires a full stack developer? Firms are looking to hire a full stack developer based on what problems the candidates can resolve in the web or an app project of the company. By definition, Companies who want an incredible support in overall project lifecycle of software development either a mobile app or web application, Those companies need to hire a full stack developer for exclusive hands in the frontend, backend, and the protocols that link the two; This culture enables a company to create an end to end software product independently.

What Wiki says about the Mean Stack Development? With reference to Wiki “A Mean stack developer is a specialized JavaScript stack software engineer. Who have hands on the MEAN technology stack which covers the MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS (Also called Angular), and Node.js.

Mean Stack Development
The real advantage of using the Mean is the MEAN stack supports all component with programs written in JavaScript, which means MEAN enables a way to write the code in the same language for both the server-side environment and client-side environment execution. Popular Mean Stack Developers is the word we hear everywhere because Mean Stack Development environment is entirely free and open-source licensed for building the dynamic website and the dynamic web applications. The Mean Stack Technology Developers are those who have hands on the following JavsScript Technology Stack.

        • js: Node.js is one among the powerful back-end development technologies to develop medium size websites to a large scale web application that can handle massive traffic easily.
        • js: Express.js is primarily sourced for a creating server-side web application smarter and faster to respond on querying, which is more flexible and scalable in terms of back-end development.
        • Angular / Angular.js: AngularJS is selected mostly for creating interactive components of a website. Angular is based explicitly on TypeScript where AngularJS is based on JavaScript. To avoid confusions “AngularJS or Angular two is officially announced as Angular by Google.
        • MongoDB: MongoDB is classified as a No-SQL database package, uses JSON – like documents with preferred schemas. The immensity in Mean stack lets the MongoDB with the power to handle the (1) large volumes of semi-structured, structured, and unstructured data. (2) OOP’s (Object-oriented programming) that is flexible and easy to use. (3) Quick iteration, agile sprints, and frequent code push. (4) Monolithic architecture or a Scale-out architecture in its place of expensive to use.

Reasons Why you should Choose MEAN Stack

Let’s discuss some of the reasons for using MEAN stack development services that will help MEAN Stack developers could be the best solution for your MEAN Stack Web Development Services.

  • Open Source
  • Uses JavaScript
  • High Flexibility and Efficiency
  • Intense Scalability
  • Easy Implementation
  • Ensures User-friendliness
  • Easy to shift code
  • Beneficial for App developers
  • Ideal for Real-time Apps
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Flexibility Solution

Companies that stayed previous using PHP and other technologies are now migrating to the MEAN stack. As the motive of MEAN stack is the scalability, it compromises to the end product. And majorly the web products developed with MEAN stack are capable of supervising the substantial traffic without merely impeding the performance of the product. The developers who used to work on MEAN stack technologies namely called MEAN stack developers or a JavaScript full stack developer. In MEAN stack development, all JavaScript-based frameworks compromise the scalability enhanced than others.

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Different Software Stacks Available

A stack is a set of various programs used together to get the required result. It involves an operating system and its application. Here are some software stacks that the full stack developers can know:

Lamp Stack: The Lamp Stack is a very famous stack that is the foundation of Linux hosted websites having four significant components as follow:

  • Linux: It is an Open Source Operating System which is the foundation for the stack
  • Apache: A web server software which turns from web browsers to the website.
  • MySQL: It is an Open Source Database that is required by the scripting languages while developing the website.
  • PHP: An open source server-side scripting language.

MERN Stack: It is founded on JavaScript-based technologies which are in substantial in-demand because of its fast, robust and maintainable production web applications. It has four major components given below:

  • MongoDB: A NoSQL database stores data in binary JSON format.
  • Express: It is effortless to use, light and portable.
  • React: A JavaScript library is used for building user interfaces.
  • Node.js: It is the server-side JavaScript execution environment.

Being a Business User, Most of our client certainly unclear about various technologies and confused about what technology to choose for their web app development or mobile app development. But from those inquires who are very confident about what technology to choose is having a hidden motivation behind the choice of technology stack selection that came from the connection of successful web projects which are most similar with their business domains.

“Get a free consultation for choosing the right technology stack for your web project.”