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Role of Linphone 4.1 – Codecs, Transport Standard, Encryption Options, DTMF

Linphone 4.1

Linphone got listed as one of the top VOIP clients to offer open source audio/video calls and text messaging service.   Linphone has an advanced and improved background running process to save battery even if the app is closed and also has a secure WiFi or 3G/4G internet connection enabled.

As Linphone follows open standards for the telecommunication industry – it can be interoperable with most SIP servers and PBX servers as it works over SIP-based / RTP based protocol. Furthermore, this Linphone application is capable enough to accommodate even on their own Flexisip server and can be used through any SIP VoIP operator.

“Linphone offers a complete solution for the IP-to-IP calls and instant messaging using the VoIP SDK and Flexisip server. The other important point to consider about Linphone applications, Liblinphone cross-platform.”

What’s new on Linphone 4.1 Features?

Now Linphone is strong enough to plan your next VoIP application to run a show of calls and group messaging at no – minimal cost maintenance on the Android devices, iOS devices, and Mac / Windows Desktop Devices. 

Let’s see what’s the newest features of Linphone

Features of Linphone 4.1

  • High Definition(HD) audio and video calls
  • Now, we can set up an Audio conference call with various participants
  • Picture as well as file sharing on the call
  • Linphone comeback with Push notifications, now Linphone accounts could be reachable at any time, though the app is closed
  • More encrypted options to secure your communication
  • Linphone is a “classic” phone line to reach comfortably for a large number of SIP-compatible VoIP service providers with a minimized price for maintenance.

Linphone is accessible on the desktop operating systems, mobile operating systems and offers various precise features for the advanced user over the codecs, encryption options, transport standard, DTMF options. 

Puzzled about who can develop a mobile app?

Krify one of the leading Linphone App development company in India and the UK have a team of expert Linphone app developers to hire, we can provide Linphone App Customization service. Till date Krify team has published more than 50+ Customized Linphone apps to the PlayStore and the Appstore. 

Top 3 Common FAQ’s on Linphone Dailer App Customization:

A. Does Linphone based application will sleep after keeping aside for 36 hours?

Ans: No, according to the Linphone 4.1 update, this issue has been fixed with a Push notification updates.

B. Dose Linphone apps drain a battery faster?

Ans: Our Linphone App Development Team has researched the battery drain styles where they used the Linphone and tested out on my new iPhone X with Linphone iOS 3.16.5 build release and Samsung S9 with Linphone Android 3.3 build release. Fortunately, we have seen 22+ hours with a single charge of the phone followed by SIP call initiations and repeated usage every 15 minutes, and it was very reliable for incoming calls.
Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sip-based-apps-battery-killers-lucy-kristena/

C. Does Linphone crashes while video calling?

Ans: This is no longer be an issue on the Linphone SDK front; this issue may occur in case of the poor data connectivity. However, today’s high-speed data enabled the best environment making these crashes almost zero.