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Bluetooth Connectivity Challenges in iOS 13 Addressed by Developers

BLE Issues iOS 13

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is commonly used functionality coming from a first-generation mobile device to create a sharable environment. Bluetooth is also called a wireless personal area network technology. Bluetooth core framework provides world-class infrastructure to the iOS and Mac applications to communicate with the devices.

Technically when it’s coming to iOS devices, It’s always difficult dealing with the BLE setup and management in the iPhone and iPad apps. Today working with Bluetooth connectivity on the latest iOS 13 operating system of Apple, the data sharing is signed red challenge flag recently on the works committed by our team. Also, happened to find the solution for all the encountered issues on our client apps which has been planned to update the app support to the updated version compatibility.

The iOS 13 BLE connectivity issues can be addressed by the classifying the technical steps of app architecture and of course, it is must update the app according to the OS updates as and when required by checking various components of it as follows.

  1. Core Bluetooth – Testing Launch Activities followed by the crash detection, In simple words identifying the case where the crash is happening
  2. Scanning for Peripherals – Testing the Bluetooth Scanning Activity of iOS device
  3. Scanning for Peripherals with Specific Services – Checking how often the app is performing this on not found.
  4. Connecting to a Peripheral – Testing the connection strength and loss reduction mechanisms, acknowledgment functionalities implemented.
  5. Discovering a Peripheral’s Services – Reviewing of other peripherals connection rooting data
  6. Discovering a Service’s Characteristics – Print status characteristics
  7. Checking a Characteristic’s Properties – Checking the notified value updates and to subscriptions of pairing

BLE Connection Process

The Core Bluetooth low energy wireless technology framework providing the classes needed for the app to communicate with mobile devices that are equipped. Here is the Bluetooth connection process.

Bluetooth technology connection process.

Bluetooth connectivity challenges in iOS 13

The most common Bluetooth connectivity challenges in iOS 13 is as follows when we update our apps which have BLE functionality enabled.

  1. BLE Pairing Failure in iOS 13
  2. BLE Connectivity Failure in iOS 13
  3. BLE Data Transfer Failure in iOS 13
  4. BLE Data Transfer is successful with NIL data in iOS 13
  5. Partner BLE Device discovery failures in iOS 13
  6. Failure of Device proximity exposure to one another
  7. BLE device driver failures in iOS 13
  8. BLE access permissions in iOS 13

The above problems are described in an app owner prospective who need to connect with Experts of Bluetooth integration and setup to iOS and Android Apps.

Also, it is essential to point out different functional components of the Bluetooth protocol acknowledged as “profiles” which are outlined by abbreviations as follows to identify the exact failure in terms of a developer.

7 essential Bluetooth Protocol profiles every developer need to know:

  • File Transfer Profile – #FTP : Used for sending and receiving the files.
  • Hands-Free Profile – HFP : Used for sending and receiving the calls.
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile – A2DP : Used for recording sound, streaming music with the wireless microphone.
  • Phone Book Access Profile – PBAP : Used to access the user contacts and phone call history.
  • Personal Area Networking Profile – PAN : Used for the network connectivity between various devices.
  • Human Interface Device – HID : Used for the mice, consoles, and other I/O peripherals.
  • Message Access Profile – MAP : Used to notify the users about the reading text messages/emails.


When it comes to troubleshooting Bluetooth technological mishaps in the iOS 13 beta, it is always suggested to pay attention and take a step back to review at the basics of app and functionalities that used inside for the BTE before tinkering with app codes and making mass changes without good expertise.

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