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Softphone – Advances in SIP Dialer App

SIP Dailer Apps India

VOIP SIP Softphone dialer with voice, video, and instant messaging is one such application that every business is looking today. The ability for free communication lets the SIP Dialer to stand first on the list for the development with expert companies.

All the way, the VoIP service providers are coming with new products that help every business to communicate via voice, video, and instant messaging at less cost. The ultimate SIP Dialer app product could be also made for individuals who have inertia to provide voice over IP services to the global market needs from basic to premium plans for calling purpose.

SIP Network

The competence in the VOIP service and SIP-based app development is involved with the next-generation features of communications, networking, and internet technologies. The VoIP services stand as an exclusive and inexpensive to business and individual people to use for voice and video calls.

Advances in the SIP Dialer 2019:

  1. Contact sync of all interfaces
  2. Secured and encrypted VoIP calls with TLS, SRTP and ZRTP
  3. Byod possibilities (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Browser)
  4. Unified and Improved VoIP communications with CRM integrations
  5. Powered to work even in SIP blocked regions with tunneling concept
  6. SMS authentications
  7. Open for In-app registrations
  8. Top-ups and recurring payment system
  9. Wallets and Credit notes
  10. Hybrid Dialer possibilities with WebRTC and Emerging Tech emission
  11. Enhanced SIP compatible PBX systems with regular support and updates
  12. Expending in Industry to make human life secured and simple with Web Integrations, Home-Automation, Secure communication, Tele-solutions automation in the health sector, Group Communications…etc.

The revolution of VoIP Phone has started with top 10 VOIP technology provider companies like Zoiper, Linphone, CloudTalk, Voice Broadcasting Software, CallHippo, Branded Bridge Line, 3CX, ConnectLeader Team Dialer, CloudNBFC 2.0, CloudShope Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Ameyo, Jive Voice, Asterisk, Zipdail, Dailpad…etc.

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