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Different Types of Automated Tests

After the development stage of any application, it’s very crucial to test the application before releasing it into the market. Testing is the process of checking any software application for bugs.  It assists development teams in publishing robust and bug-free software products for use in the real world. Additionally, it helps the development teams to reduce the development process by allowing them to find bugs in the early stage. In the world of software, there are two types of testing: manual and automated. When software is tested manually, test cases are carried out by testers without using any automated tools is called manual testing.

Automation testing is the method of executing tests automatically, maintaining test data, and using outcomes to raise the quality of software. Although it is essentially a quality control measure, the complete software development team is required to participate in its activities. To maximize test automation, everyone must be involved, from business analysts to developers. Now let’s see the different types of automated testing.

Different Types of Automated Tests

There are various types of test automation. Here are the complete details of each of the most popular categories of automated testing systems.

Functional Testing

Software is evaluated during a functional test against specified functional goals and specifications. It focuses on the functionality of the application and primarily uses black-box testing. Black box testing, commonly referred to as behavioral testing, involves evaluating an element’s functioning without learning more about how it operates internally. This means that the tester has no knowledge of the construction or layout of the item being tested. Functional testing is largely concerned with testing a system’s core features, along with its accessibility to users and other factors. Functional testing includes such as unit testing, smoke testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.

Unit Testing

Running tests on individual parts or functions in isolation to ensure they are functioning as needed is known as unit testing. It is the first type of automated testing performed on an application because it is frequently carried out during the application’s development phase. The developer typically does unit testing, which is always done before integration testing.

Integration Testing

Testing the various units of the application is known as integration testing. It focuses on determining if the system as a whole satisfies the functional specifications that have been set up for it. Integration testing works by seeing how various modules interact with one another when they are combined. Integration testing helps ensure seamless interaction between the various functions to facilitate software that runs well overall by following the unit testing. The Big Bang Approach, the Top-Down Approach, the Bottom-Up Approach, and the Sandwich Approach are a few of the several techniques for integration testing.

Non- Functional Testing

This testing includes evaluating an application’s performance, reliability, usability, and other non-functional components. In contrast to functional testing, it places more emphasis on how well the product performs its function. Functional testing is typically followed by non-functional testing since it makes sense to start by making sure the product accomplishes what it is designed to do before focusing on how well it does it. Performance testing, reliability testing, security testing, load testing, scalability testing, compatibility testing, and other non-functional testing methods are some of the more famous ones.

Performance Testing

A software’s speed, stability, and responsiveness are examined during performance testing. Performance testing’s primary goal is to locate any potential performance barriers and have them addressed in order to maximize the software’s capacity to provide the best outcomes to the end user. It helps uncover potential problems customers may encounter. Slow software functioning under a heavy workload, performance testing is a crucial component in assuring a software’s success in the market. Performance testing should also be done on crucial software and medical applications to make sure they can function properly even under the most demanding conditions.


Above mentioned are the main types of automation testing. There are many other types of automation testing. If you have developed or developing an application and that need to be tested, we have a team of skilled testers, who are best at testing the application and delivering high-quality results.

Krify is best at delivering top-notch web and mobile app services with a team of professionals, who are well-versed in trending technologies, enhancing our client’s business to the next level. If you are looking for an automated testing service for your business, contact us today.

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How To Develop A Social Networking App Similar To Kutumb?

Kutumb is a community app and social networking tool that enables you to establish your community and engage with its members. Like other social media platforms, community app has no algorithms or distractions; instead, messaging is the only way to connect with others. Users of communities can either be Community Leaders, who create their own communities, or Community Members, who join the communities of the leaders. Through a messaging platform, the program facilitates one-on-one interactions and direct interactions between Leaders and their Members.

However, it is not an easy task to develop a community app similar to Kutumb. So, it is the best choice to approach a development company that has experience in developing a social networking app similar to Kutumb and should include the following features in it.

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Features of the Kutumb app

1. Sing Up or Sign In

By entering the necessary data, including their phone number, location, OTP, and other similar information, on the sign-in or sign-up screen, users will be able to sign up or sign in with the application.

2. Feed section

Users should be able to view stories, pictures, and videos that other users have posted, as well as they, should be able to listen to the audio that other users have placed in the feed. Users should be able to like and comment on those posts. 

3. Add a post

Users can add text, an image, a video, or an audio file along with a title and description in an “Add a post”. The user is only permitted to add one image, video, or audio at a time; the user will be able to add multiple photos at a time. Additionally, users can add a YouTube link here.

4. Friends and Followers

Users will be able to send friend requests or can follow other users. Other users will have the access to accept or reject the friend or follow request if they are not willing to communicate with them. 

5. Messages

Users will b able to chat with other users individually or create groups and chat there. In one-to-one chat, users can share text, images, and videos. 

6. Communities

Communities are groups where users will be able to create a group chat and can add participants who are on their friend list and also they can share the group link to other users and ask them to join the group using that link.

7. Notifications

Users will be notified in the notification section when they receive any message, friend request, follow request, and more. This will help users understand who is messaging them and all. 

8. Payment Gateway

Payment gateways make the payment process easy while registering in the community app. This will save time and make the payment process simple. 


All the above mentioned are the main features but there are many other features that need to be considered and implemented while developing a community application like Kutumb. So, as mentioned above it’s always a good choice to approach the best app development company who are experienced in developing a social networking app like Kutumb.

Being a leading web and app development company, Krify offers skilled developers with proven expertise in building applications like Kutumb using cutting-edge technologies. Contact us right away to discuss your idea for creating a networking app similar to Kutumb.

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Develop Messaging App with Features similar to Whatsapp Clone

Develop Messaging App with Features similar to Whatsapp Clone

Communication is essential for any business domain, so it comes as no surprise that chat apps are used at work to improve productivity. Having a good communication platform is a key part of keeping in touch with your employees and prioritizing the flow of information. According to our survey, Over one million individuals want communication alternatives like phone calls and video conferencing to be increased.

Messengers have become a crucial part of everyone’s life, replacing traditional modes of communication. We couldn’t live without phone calls some years back, but now messaging applications outnumber everything else.

We can’t talk about chat and messaging applications without mentioning the apps that are ruling the social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. These applications have become industry standards in the talking sector. According to a survey, “WhatsApp has already hit 450 million daily users.” As a result, it is relatively natural to imitate messaging app concepts such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

Top Features of a Messaging App like WhatsApp:

Below are some of the top features that need to be implemented while developing a messaging app:

  •  User Login:

    The most essential feature is the easiest user login, in which the app user enters his or her mobile number and confirms it after getting a Notification from the app. This is amongst the most crucial and essential chat app features in terms of user authentication. You can also select email verification or standard sign-up using the username.

  • Simple and Clean UI/UX:

    An extremely good UI/UX framework keeps users and helps firms win loyal clients. A decent UI makes the app load quicker and gives customers a great user experience in terms of navigation, design, and feel, which helps to expand the client base. In the end, it’s all about building a loyal customer base.

  • Audio and Video Calls:

    Take a peek at the finest chat apps if you’re wondering how to develop a highly dynamic chat app. They all have one thing in common: audio and video call capability. Users find this function to be more beneficial and use it frequently daily.

  • Push Notifications:

    Push notifications that allow users to check for new messages are essential for instant messaging apps. As a result, push notifications are a must-have feature that allows for direct contact between the app user and the messenger provider. It also notifies users of fresh communications.

  • Encryption and Security:

    Since an app holds a lot of information, security is quite important while using it. As a result, the WhatsApp clone app offers an end-to-end encryption security feature that may assist users in hiding messages from hackers. These communications are encrypted and decoded on the sender’s and receiver’s devices.

Unique Features within Messaging App:

  • Passcode Authentication:

    Most users want a few of their messages to be hidden from others while sharing their devices, so passcode authentication allows users to set a passcode to that particular individual chat.

  • Chat without Saving Contact:

    Sometimes the user wants to chat with a contact without saving the user’s details in their phone log. This way they want to maintain privacy from the other user by hiding their profile pic.

  • GIPHY Integration:

    By integrating with GIPHY, the ever-growing content library of GIFs and Stickers, featuring the latest in entertainment, sports, fun, travel and much more from GIPHY’s official content partners can be used by the users, to share it with their friends or other users.


Krify is a top mobile and web application development company with a team of professionals who are specialists in developing mobile and web applications with cutting-edge technologies. If you are looking for a ready messaging app solution similar to Whatsapp, Contact us.

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How To Develop A Classified Website Like Dubizzle?

The internet is an integral part of modern life. It has changed how we do everything from work to buying anything, and now it’s changing how you promote your business online. The impact that websites had on our daily lives is immense. However, not every small business owner will be able to set up a website to advertise their company, and job seekers cannot browse through every company website for openings. This is where classified websites come into the picture and people started to develop a classified website.

A platform where you can find what you’re looking for is referred to as a classified website.  All owners and sellers of small businesses who sell goods and services to their customers will find it more useful. Classified websites like Dubizzle are a combination of classifieds, jobs, communities, property selling, and many more.

Features Of Classified Website Like Dubizzle

Dubizzle is one of the top three popular websites in the UAE. The features included in it made this site more attractive and popular. So, let’s see some of the best features of Dubizzle.

Different Types Of Listings

Any website will be called a classified site if it includes different services and products for sale. Providers should be able to post ads regarding different products or services like jobs, vehicles, properties, electronics, domestic, and many more. Also, the people who are searching for these services should be able to contact the providers.

Users Can Set Up Personal Accounts

Users should be able to set up their personal accounts. This should allow the users to set their details such as names, mobile numbers, etc. Also, they should be able to save the items to their favorite listings.

Sellers Should Be Able To Post Advertisements

Sellers should have an access to post about the product, services, and job requirements along with the cost and all. This is an option that will attract most small businesses to join your website.

Search Filters

Different users look for different things and they may not like to open each and every page of your website to it. So, on this condition search option will make their search easier. Adding this option will give customers a good experience with your website and make them use your website again and again.

Product Details

Sellers should be able to add the complete details of the product and services. This should include the cost, photos, number of items, and more. Including the complete details of the product will make the buyer believe the sellers.

Enquire Options

There are a number of ways that buyers and sellers can communicate with each other. They may use inquiry forms and call the business directly to place an enquire about products/services offered on sale.

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Benefits Of Classified Website Like Dubizzle

User-Friendly Interface

User-friendly interfaces on classified websites will make it easier for two parties to buy from and sell to one another. The user who wants to buy something may simply browse through the categories that are listed on the website or even utilise the search to get what they’re looking for.

Simple To Handle

Sellers are not limited to a specific format when posting ads on the free classifieds website. Typically, sellers write their ads to meet their specifications. While some ads are short and to the point, others are elaborate and descriptive. Furthermore, once the ad is published, the vendors are free to repost it on other websites. The “renew” option on some sites allows them to frequently update their ad.

Unlimited Sales

Internet technology has a global audience, so if you post an ad on a classified website. You can receive a tonne of orders for your product if you post the ad regarding something that is popular or in demand all over the world. Your company might surprisingly grow more quickly, and your revenues might triple in just weeks.

Reach Clients Anytime

The classified websites are hosted on servers that are always up and running 24 hours. This allows anybody to visit the site at any time of day. The customers won’t have to worry because, regardless of the time frame, people throughout the world can view their ads.


Krify is a top mobile and web application development company with a team of professionals who are specialists in developing a classified website like Dubizzle with cutting-edge technologies. Our team can help you develop a classified website solution that looks great and functions flawlessly. Contact us right now to get started on developing the perfect solution for your business. 

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Top Features To Consider While Developing Travel Website

It’s essential to provide the highest quality service or product possible when operating a business. But this is only half the battle as the business world is becoming more digital with every passing minute. So, your product or service will be unreachable and eventually forgotten without an online presence. As long as a business is in existence, it is necessary for it to have a website in order to attract potential clients these days.

Also when we talk about the travel business, people are always looking for the next big adventure and that’s why there has been a significant increase in people interested and seeking out travel opportunities across various parts of this world. This created high competition among businesses that provide these services. So, it is very important for your travel agency to stand out from the competition and the only way for this is to start an online presence through a website in order to attract potential customers. But just developing a website will not make any difference in case we don’t include the features mentioned below.

Top Features To Consider While Developing Travel Website

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Responsive Designs

Having a mobile responsive website, place a crucial role in improving sales. People use different devices like mobile phones, desktops, etc and search for travel websites, so your travel website should fit all devices. This leads the visitors of your website to feel comfortable for searching something that they want or navigating from one page to another without any discomfort. So that they will show more interest in booking your travel services.

Search Filters

It’s not just about showing what you’re looking for quickly but also being able to easily navigate through your options. A great travel website should have advanced search features with filters and predictive results so users can be confident in their decision no matter how long they need to wait on hold or go through the pages of listings before deciding where and what best suits them.


We live in a visual world, so the most effective approach to excite people and promote ideas is through visuals or images. They are more impactful and make a powerful impression on your website. Place mesmerizing pictures of the locations where you provide services to attract customers to make a booking.

Favorite Lists

Users should be able to select the set of their favorite places from the list that is been displayed on the website. This makes users feel comfortable checking the list of their favorite places although they leave the website and come back again after some time to book your services.


The idea that customer reviews play a major role in driving sales is not something new. After all, consumers who want service from you initially go through the feedback left by your most recent customers first before deciding to take your service. Having the reviews on the website will also give the users that belief and confidence in your service.


This is the main thing that makes the users book your service immediately. The prizes including taxes should be transparently and clearly mentioned on the website.

Booking System & Payment Gateway

Once the user decided to visit a place, the next thing that they look for is an online booking system. This online booking system will make the life of the user easy as it will have all the information regarding the place, cost, etc. Also, once they book the travel service your website should allow them to pay for the service through different payment gateways. So that your’s, as well as the user’s time, will be saved.


Creating a travel website is the best way to reach people. If you are running a travel agency and don’t have a website, then it is the right time to develop a website by contacting a top travel website development company like Krify.

Krify is a top mobile and web application development company with a team of professionals who are specialists in developing travel websites with cutting-edge technologies. Our team can help you develop the perfect website solution that looks great and functions flawlessly. Contact us right now to get started on developing the perfect solution for your business.

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How to Develop An On-Demand Ambulance Booking App?

When someone is injured or becomes ill, their health and wellbeing are the top priority. In order to make sure that those in need receive the medical attention they require as soon as possible, ambulance service providers operate around-the-clock booking services. Unfortunately, this process can often be stressful and overwhelming for patients and their families.

To help address this issue, a new emergency ambulance booking app can be developed. The app allows users to book an ambulance quickly and easily, without having to call or visit the physical location. This not only makes the process simpler for patients and their loved ones but also frees up time for ambulance staff members, who can focus on attending to those who require urgent care.

Emergency ambulance service is one of the most important services that a city can provide. However, getting an ambulance to your location during an emergency can be difficult and time-consuming. An emergency ambulance booking app allows users to book an ambulance for a specific time and date. This app could revolutionize how people access emergency ambulances.

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Features Of An Ambulance Booking App

The key features of the emergency ambulance booking app that you should consider including in your app are as follows:


With the flexibility of other competing companies, a simple sign-up process is crucial. A simple Sign-in is provided where Users would be able to register for the ambulance booking app using their social media accounts or phone numbers using this feature. After logging onto the ambulance booking application, the user can book an ambulance at any moment with a few clicks.

Emergency Button(SOS)

The app must provide an emergency button that is always accessible from the lock screen. When a patient has a medical emergency or another major situation, they can simply press this button, and an ambulance will be sent to assist them.

Book Ambulance

If patients need ambulance services, they can book them by selecting the scheduling option and filling out the appropriate information. If they require an ambulance immediately for their or their patients’ addresses, they can make the appropriate decision.

Select Ambulance Type

The app must allow users to book the kind of ambulance based on their emergency needs and the condition of a patient.

Choose The Hospital

Most of the users prefer only specific hospitals to get the treatment done. So, offering to choose the hospitals mentioned in the list will ease the user’s searching

Track Ambulance

After making a booking, the patient can begin tracking the ambulance’s movements until it arrives. Similarly, the driver can use the tracking device to locate the patient.

Advantages Of Ambulance Booking App 

On-demand ambulance booking app will beneficial and helpful to patients, drivers, and hospitals. Below are some main benefits of the ambulance booking app

Patients Can Book A Nearby Ambulance

Patients can now book a nearby ambulance within less time for an emergency as well as for non-emergency services.

First Aid Will Be Provided

All types of first aid will be provided within the ambulance to stabilise the patient till he arrives at the hospital.

Timely Arrival Of The Ambulance

Once the patient book the ambulance, the drivers will make sure to reach the patient on time as they will be nearby the patient.

Treatment Can Be Planned In Advance

As the hospital, you are going to admit will be intimidated in prayer. So, that the hospital staff can plan the treatment in advance of your arrival at the hospital.


The above-mentioned features and advantages will enlighten you on how important it is to have an on-demand Ambulance Booking App. Also if you have an idea to develop an Ambulance booking app, you have landed in the right place.

Krify is a top On-demand Ambulance booking application development company with professional developers who use cutting-edge technologies to develop mobile and web applications. Contact us now and make your idea of developing an Ambulance Booking app.

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Dating App Features

Top 12 Dating App Features

Gone are the days when people had to rely on traditional methods like letters. With the growth of technology, we can now communicate and form relationships from anywhere in just seconds flat. According to some statistics, 323 million people are using dating apps by the end of 2021. The number of users of dating apps is raising every year as this generation is all about convenience, speed, and attitude. They want everything to be found easily with just the press of a button on their phone screen – not having to wait weeks or months before meeting up in person. The emergence of dating apps has created this opportunity for people looking towards finding “the one” now more easily than ever before. Many people even have lengthy and serious relationships with individuals they met through online dating apps, as these applications are not only for one-time dates as you might believe. Based on the dating of features, the number of users keeps on improving.

The features which will be considered and included while creating dating applications are the main reason for the success of these applications. So, now let’s see the top 15 features of the dating app.

Top 12 Dating App Features

1. Sign Up and Sign In

In order to provide the best possible user experience, it is essential that all applications have a Sign-up and Sign-in feature. Without it, people can not know with whom they are communicating. This will also make the people feel they have complete control over their accounts. 

2. Detailed Profile

When you want to connect with someone, it is important that your profile has all of the necessary details. The detailed profile includes the profile photo, age, gender, location, religion, interests, and many more. Providing these details will help the other person who is going to connect with you feel that your profile is true. Also, it will help the app to show your profile to all the related profiles.

3. Profile Verification

A dating app is a place where different people chat and meet each other. So, it’s very important to include the different verification processes like a number, mail, and selfy to verify the identity of the person who is trying to create a profile. This verification process also gives users of the app a belief that all the other users are real. 

4. Security Question

Adding a security question to your account will protect your account from others who try to login and misuse the information on your account. You can anything related to you as a security question. You can change your password whenever you forgot it or you want to change it using this question. 

5. Mutual interest 

A dating app will allow you to add some details like age, location, cast, interest, etc., of other people home you want to connect with. These details help the app to find the perfect match for you and show them in your home. 

6. Matched Profiles

Every dating app should display the matched profiles and even it should search for the matched profiles. This feature should be included in every dating app as it will bring excitement to the users while using the app. 

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7. Matched Requests

In this feature, the app will display all the requests you have received from your matched profiles.  Also, it will display the requests forms the profiles, who are interested to connect with you by seeing your profile although it’s not matched. 

8. Access To Accept or Decline The Request

A single user may get a request from the profile in which they are interested or not interested and in such conditions, users will expect an option to decline the accept the request. So, including this feature is very important to dating apps. 

9. In-App Chat Option

The in-app chat option is a great way to communicate with the profile users are interested in. App users can easily discuss with each other by sharing their views and thoughts. In this way, they can understand each other and plan for dates.

10. Lock And Unlock The Profile

Giving the user control over who can view their profile is important to maintain their sense of privacy. The locking and unlocking feature allows them to make decisions about who sees the information on their online dating account

11. In-App Audio And Video Chat

Users can go beyond text chat into something more intimate and personal using Audio and video calling options. They can decide if they wish to meet each other in person after chatting through the audio or video chat. This aids users in determining whether they want their relationship to take forward or not.

12. Notifications

User engagement is greatly influenced by notifications. These are some of the most important dating app features for attracting users back to your app and keeping them there. Also, these will be used to alert the users when they receive a message from others or someone views their profile or other.


By incorporating the above-mentioned dating app features into your unique dating app, you can help your users connect and find the right relationship. And now that you are aware of the ongoing growth of the dating industry and the online dating applications on the market, this is the perfect time to create your own dating application by contacting the best dating app development company. 

With a group of experts who are specialists, knowledgeable, and trained in cutting-edge technologies, Krify is a leading provider of mobile and web application development services. Contact us right away if you’re interested in creating a dating app that is the potential to expand and succeed in the market.

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Different types of Animations in Flutter

Flutter is an open-source and cross-platform framework developed by Google for developing native apps. This single codebase enables developers to create beautiful and functional applications that can run on any device efficiently, without having multiple codes. Here comes the question, just because Flutter is a cross-platform made it famous? The answer is “no”. Flutter is a single code base framework that uses different types of animations in order to make the app visually attractive and user-friendly, this makes the Flutter apps differ from other apps.

In Flutter, the animation is a very effective and important element. We can’t imagine a mobile application that doesn’t have animations. All animations occur when you press a button or navigate from one page to another or did some action in the app. Animations improve user interactions and make apps more impactful. Let’s drive deep and understand the different types of Flutter animations.

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Different Types Of Animations in Flutter

Loading Animations

Spinkit package is a unique and creative way to show loading indicators using Flutter. It has large, animated loading indicators that appear when we are loading something or fetching data from the API in the Flutter application. Spinkit package includes different types of loading animations like Showcase, Rotating Plain, Double Bounce, Wave, Wandering Cubes, Fading Four, Pulse, Fading Cube, Chasing Dots, Three Bounce, Circle, Clube Grid, and many more.

The navigation bar in Flutter is a powerful tool for navigating between different screens. It can contain text labels, icons, or both and it’s becoming more popular because most Flutter apps now use these widgets. This type of animation will attract the users of the applications. Different types of Navigation Bars are Curved navigation bars, Bottom navigation bars, Dot navigation bars, Side navigation, Menu bars, Custom navigation bars, Animated Bottom navigation bars, and many others.

Text Animations

Flutter provides some awesome and cool text animations which make the UI of the flutter application more attractive. When it comes to text animations, there are no limits to your imagination as you will be able to create many different styles of text. There are different types of animated text in animated_text_kit like Rotated, Scale, Fade, Typer, Wavy, Flicker, Custom, etc.


Notification Animations

Notifications play a crucial role in any application development as they provide all the information regarding the updates, messages, etc, to the user of the application. Flutter helps us add amazing animations to these notifications. In-app notifications, Desktop notifications, Awesome notifications, Push notifications, Flutter local notifications, Elegant notifications, Mac notifications, Update notifications, and a lot more are the different types of notifications animations in Flutter.

Spring Animations

A Spring animation is a simple and powerful animation kit available in open source so you can use this plugin without any cost. It provides pre-built customizable animations to boost your productivity. Different types of spring animations are Slide, Scale, Animated card, Flip, Fade in & out, Opacity, Bubble Button, Blink, Pop, Shake, Rotate, and Translate.

Material Motion Animations

The Flutter Material motion is a set of transition patterns found in the animations package that can assist users in understanding and navigating through the application. The Flutter Material Design is made up of four patterns for moving between components or full-screen views and the four transition patterns are Container transform, Shared axis, Fade through, and Fade.



The animations in Flutter are not only limited to the ones listed above. There is an endless list of creative and unique animations that make your app more attractive and user-friendly. If you’re thinking to develop a new mobile application then Flutter will be the best choice for you. Also, developing an application can be a daunting task. You need a team of experts who are skilled in the latest Flutter development framework.

At Krify, we specialize in Flutter applications. Our programmers are experts at making user-friendly applications. Contact us immediately if you’re looking for a Flutter developer to assist you with your development needs. We’d be delighted to talk about your project and offer you a proposal outlining our services.

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Top Backend Development Tools

Top Backend Development Tools

Backend development is one of the most important aspects of web application development. There are two opinions on backend development: those who believe in a minimalist backend and those who believe in a more fully-featured backend. Backend development’s major purpose is to create efficient and functional systems designed to handle huge amounts of data. By understanding the relevance of backend development, you can ensure that your organization works as efficiently as possible, with some of the top backend development tools.

However the website’s presentation is vital, what happens behind the scenes is just as important. While front-end development draws new visitors, backend development keeps them on your website for longer, lowering the bounce rate. With the growth of technology, we now have a broad range of solutions to assist you in improving your backend development.

Top Backend Development Tools

Below are some of the top backend tools discussed in brief:

1. Laravel:

Laravel is a PHP framework that helps developers create websites and applications. It is one of the most popular frameworks available, and it has a large community of users who can help you with development questions. Laravel is also open source, which means it is free to use. Laravel aims to make the development process simpler and easier, while also providing a robust foundation for large-scale applications.

2. Laragon:

Laragon makes it simple to launch an isolated Windows development platform. Many such major software, like Node.js, PHP, Apache, Composer, and MySQL, is pre-installed on the platform. It works with PHP, NodeJS, Python, Java, Ruby, and many other languages. Laragon is a fantastic tool for designing and managing modern apps because it is lightweight and efficient.

3. MySQL:

Mysql is a relational database management system (RDBMS), as well as a popular choice for web applications used by small and large-scale businesses. It provides a powerful set of capabilities for managing data and offers a wide range of features, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Mysql also enjoys widespread popularity due to the fact that it’s free and open source.

4. Apache:

Apache is a free and open-source web server that powers 46percent of the total of the world’s websites. You can use Apache to connect to the server and transmit files from the client to the server. Apache is very well for its adaptability and user-friendliness. However, it has not proven consistent enough with high-traffic websites. As a result, if you anticipate large traffic on your websites, you should consider Apache solutions.

5. MongoDB:

MongoDB is a new cloud storage solution that offers businesses of all sizes an easy way to store and access their data. With MongoDB, you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing security or performance. Plus, MongoDB offers a variety of features that are perfect for small and large businesses alike.

6. Montis:

Businesses, no matter the size, need to be aware of the health of their online presence. Monitis provides a suite of tools to help businesses monitor their website and track any changes in activity. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large corporation, Monitis is there to help you keep your website healthy and running smoothly.


NGINX is a free and open-source web server. It also serves as a reverse proxy, a load balancer, an HTTP cache, a video player, and a Livestream. It is incredibly quick and efficient, and it has long competed with Apache. You can upgrade to NGINX Plus for more enterprise features and support.

8. Grunt:

Grunt is a task runner that can save you time and energy when building websites. It automates the process of running scripts for tasks like compiling Fewer files, concatenating JavaScript files, and automatically refreshing the page when you make changes to your code. This makes it easier to work on projects with a team and ensures that your website is always up-to-date. You can also use Grunt to optimize images and automate testing processes.


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Elderly Health Care App Development

According to the United Nations, the global elderly population will more than double to 1.5 billion people over the age of 65 by 2050. Also, the UN’s Population Fund said in a statement that those aged 60 and up make up 12.3% of the global population, and that number will climb to nearly 22% by 2050. The growing number of elderly people has generated more serious worries about how properly aged individuals will be cared in the future. As a result, the development of technical solutions for the health sector has become extremely important.

With the increase in smartphone usage for everyday activities, numerous mobile applications designed and created for elderly people’s care. An elderly mobile app is simply a means for people to connect with Elderly people in order to take care of them for some benefits. In recent years this application became more popular. So, let’s see the features and benefits of this elderly health care application.

Features of Elderly health care application:

You can’t just develop an app and hope for the best. It’s important to work hard on your app features set, which should be well-defined from day one so that users know what they’re getting into when using yours in comparison with other apps available today. When we talk about the features, basic mobile app features remain constant. So, let us talk about those features which give our Elderly care app a distinctive look.

Simple Onboarding Process:

The onboarding process plays an important part in attracting new users to your app. If it takes too long to complete the form and input all of the necessary information, the user may leave the app halfway through. An easy onboarding mobile app procedure allows you to remind your audience that they are valued and you can provide them with services quickly.

Care plan and services:

The most significant factor to think about is the care plan and services. Make sure that all of the care plans and services are listed on one page of your application. This would make it really simple for care seekers to select what they desire all at once. Also, care providers will also be able to select the services they provide.

Calendar Schedule:

With the application’s built-in calendar, users can quickly arrange their days and schedules. The caregiver or the elderly person can easily arrange their solution and progress to better options. This would make it easier for both parties to schedule the rest of their day.

In-app messages:

Sometimes communication might become difficult in order to share your details. So, these in-app messages will help both parties to communicate with each other easily.  You can hire a care provider for your grandparents by sharing your contact details once you are confident with them.

Push notifications:

Push notifications play a crucial role in any application. The service provider and the seeker would be kept up to date on their planned schedules, earnings, expenditures, and what’s new with the software via a notification on their phone. This would improve the chances of the application being used.

Ratings and Reviews:

Service seekers should be able to provide ratings and reviews for a particular caregiver who provided service to them. These reviews and ratings of a particular caregiver will help the other service seekers to select the best care providers depending on the quality of work they do. Negative ratings might also help the caregiver to improve their skill set.

Integration of GPS:

By integrating the GPS tracker into the application, the life of the care provider will become easy. Caregivers will easily track the location of the service seekers with this GPS tracker. Simultaneously, service seekers will also be able to track, at what distance the care provider is at by using this real-time tracking.

In-app payments:

With the in-app payment method, both parties may make transactions and keep track of earnings and expenditures with ease. They may also take advantage of special reductions, rewards, and bonuses in their wallet.

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Advantages of Elderly health care application: 

If you are having an app idea you can’t just go and develop the app. It’s important to know whether your app has all the advantages that users will look for. So, let’s go deep and understand the advantages of Elderly health care application.

Quickly find a caregiver:

With elderly health care applications, finding a capable and loving caregiver has become easier and quicker. You no longer need to go through all the hassle of meeting different people or spend hours searching for one that suits your needs perfectly.


Developing mobile apps for elderly pepole will allow you to chat with caregivers, interact with them, and go over their background checks and interviews in order to improve the level of trust and reliance. In this way, these apps improve the safety level.

Tracking of everything:

All transaction history, medical information, and progress can be saved in elderly care service apps. Caretakers don’t need to keep track or recall the details of care planning. This allows them to focus purely on patient problems and care that needs to be taken.

Select the best caregiver:

The Elderly care app is like having your very own personal caregiver on speed dial. Patients can review different caregivers and their experiences, certificates that prove they’re qualified for the job of taking care at home or not; plus history with past patients provides all sorts of helpful information about how well these professionals did while providing service. So, you can select one of the best caretakers for your Elders.


Before developing an Elderly health care app, it is very important to include the above-mentioned features along with common app features like the best UI/UX, menu, and many more. So that people will show more interest in your application as it will be safe, help them select the best caregiver quickly, etc. If you are also the one who wants to develop an application like this, then it is very important for you to hire the best app development company like Krify. 

Krify is a top mobile and web application development company, with a team of professionals who are experts in developing robust mobile and web applications. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority, as we work to reach their goals and expectations through building high-converting applications. Contact us today for more information on how we can help bring your idea to life. We would be happy to discuss your project with you to provide the best solution.

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