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Top Ten Features of a Successful Matrimonial Website Development

Top Ten Features of a Successful Matrimonial Website Development

Krify has a strong competency in matrimonial website development and it is evident from our portfolio. We are able to analyze the customer requirements, highlight the features of a successful matrimonial website that match those needs and select an appropriate technology stack for building out all of these web design pieces as per those parameters. We will help you choose the best technology stack based on your requirements and design the layout as per what makes sense to both of us, so take a look at our portfolio.

The matrimonial website has evolved into a lucrative internet business, as individuals are increasingly active in looking for their partners on the web! People from all corners of the world are connecting via the internet at an unprecedented rate, which has resulted in people from all over the world communicating with each other. When users browse and select a suitable person through matrimonial websites and apps, they will be exposed to search and find their love over the internet.

Top Features of Matrimonial Website

Our matrimonial website has a number of features, but the following are some of the most significant. The following are the top features of a successful matrimonial website.

  • Profile in Depth
  • Different religions have different profiles
  • Multiple Contact Options
  • Matching Partners
  • Payment  and Packages
  • Advanced search options
  • Administrators can manage easily
  • Several Ways to Earn Money
  • Uploading Profiles in Bulk
  • Add-on: Franchisee 

1. Profile in Depth:

Our matrimonial website has the user’s personal information that is investigated in great depth. It becomes even more interesting with the addition of the option to upload one or more photographs. Thumbnail generation and watermark embedding are done automatically for each image that is uploaded.

2. Different Religions have Different Profiles:

Krify’s matrimonial website generates distinct user profiles depending on their religion. For example, a Muslim applicant would receive different profile fields than a Christian applicant who is using the same matrimonial service.

3. Multiple Contact Options:

We have a variety of options for communicating with the user, some are more informal in nature, while others are more formal. Paid members only receive additional live contact information if they choose to do so. This ensures that the security of the user’s data is maintained.

4. Matching Partners:

We have a straightforward and fast process for matching partners. On the backend, a more complicated algorithm procedure generates a large number of emails on shared hosting. It’s the most cost-effective platform on several fronts due to its complexity.

5. Payment and Packages:

Our website can handle numerous packages and payment gateways. Each business has its own set of standards.

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6. Advanced Search Options:

We’ve incorporated a variety of style search alternatives, and this feature helps users to find the best match.

7. Administrators can Manage Easily:

We offer several levels of security, from basic to advanced features, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs precisely as they have a huge list of customization options that make it suitable for different applications and websites. Our tools are complete and thorough; we’ve built them with our customers in mind.

8. Several Ways to Earn Money:

We’ve got a variety of revenue options including marital packages, banner advertising, wedding directory publishing, wedding event listings, and Wedding PR Activity space.

9. Uploading Profiles in Bulk:

We’ve also built-in features in our website to make this ideal for matrimonial bureaus doing offline gatherings of wedding backgrounds.

10. Add-on: Franchisee:

In addition, it’s easy to see why our website is ideal for marriage bureaus, as it also includes add-on options that may be utilized by franchises. 


Krify is a renowned company known to develop websites for various business domains and has hands-on experience in developing matrimonial website and therefore known to be a Matrimony website development company, offering complete portal solutions with a distinct identity. We are a step ahead in integrating cutting-edge technological and creative ideas into the creation of Matrimonial websites and applications. As operations may be handled flawlessly, we guarantee that our clients will obtain the finest performance in terms of scalability, simplicity, and cost.

Many features of a successful matrimonial website included in above are few, like Video consultation, Booking an appointment, Schedule an appointment, Calendar setup, Pay online, Rating and review for consultation, Multilingual app. We have a staff of specialists, who are well-organized with the complexities of Matrimonial Website design and provide unique answers. We guarantee that your websites receive the greatest web traffic possible through the use of the aforementioned functionalities as well as other marketing techniques. Our team of skilled experts can assist you in creating your own matrimonial website based on your specific needs so contact us today.