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Crisis control app development is one of the best solutions for solving the issue that rises in organisations. The emergency management software solution provides businesses, individuals and other emergency response professionals help to stop, to handle a variety of emergencies at the workplace.

Disasters, unexpected situations, and unpleasant surprises are part and parcel of the organisations/life. But, the critical fact connected with them, is that severe such occurrence continues to occur most unexpectedly. And the truth is that you cannot get away from disasters. The emergency response app will help the individual in such situations when he/she might be in far from the family. Supposedly you cannot drive a car with the fear of getting into an accident or not board a plane that it might crash or cease to live your life. A crisis can happen to you at any time, and this is not our way to scare you, but to show you the reality which lies.

When the crisis comes to some company for example, if you have an IT company with employees working for you, what do you pursue to manage a crisis in any situation? Well, you need to have sheets of paper with emergency numbers, contacts and details made mandatory to be carried by the employees. In this scenario using the latest technology and innovations, there are better and productive Crisis management app development for emergencies to take care of the disasters.

If you intend to avail App for all your Crisis & Emergency Management needs with the aid of the improvised technology, we at Krify have the right crisis control app development architecture for you. With the assistance of the emergency response app development, you will be able to:

  • Deal with emergencies
  • Maximise continuity of business
  • Minimise danger growing from such a situation

How Crisis & Emergency Management Software solutions to save lives?

When there is a server drop for an IT company, there is petite anyone can do to work it. Server drop is genuinely a big devastating and terrifying phenomenons to experience. There should be some solution that may work to alert all the employees in the organisation to order to make work continue.

That’s where crisis control app development that allows groups and organisations to monitor and address the associated users with the disaster management information system during any deployment, incident, or situation. Users have access to an emcee of sophisticated functions that guarantee improved communication, collaboration, and crisis acknowledgement. The aim objective of the project is to develop an interactive application that enables companies and organisations to alert their staff immediately for any crises and monitor the location and position of the team deployed to any ongoing incidents and emergencies.

Emergency response app development enables everyone to locate tracking and incident management functions. From significant workers deploying to continuing emergencies, global organisations managing worldwide travel, educational institutions supervising student trips, or family and friendship groups, Crisis & Emergency Management Software are tracking and crisis response for all.

Must-Have Features for Crisis Control App Development

  • Emergency response app development improves team communication and enhances users safety
  • Report Log: Improve advance communication and collaboration between users during any disaster deployment or event.
  • Deployment Map: Accurate mapping, real-time positioning, safety catch updates, company messaging and more.
  • Emergency Alert: Wide-awake buttons on every screen allot for one-touch notification to assigned responders.

Emergency Alert button for Emergency response app development

  • Mass Notification: Critical, incident-specific information delivered directly to all who require to know it.
  • History: Sustain a record of every earlier incident associated with each Disaster management app member.
  • Geofencing: Recognize specific areas of concern and assure all within can take pleasure of crisis control app’s functionality.  
  • User Check-ins: Emergency response app development enables users to join with their contacts assuring all-informed communication proactively.
  • User-activated tracking: Users define when and for how long they’re tracked.
  • In-app email and texts: Here the emails and text messages can be sent to the admin.
  • Manage Incident Response: Here the incident response time can be managed by admin.
  • Send audio and video updates: The user can send audio and video updates to the crisis control app users
  • News Feed: Here the app users will get news feeds about the app
  • Safety Updates: Here you can go through the safety-catch precautions regarding the disaster

Crisis Control App Backend Screen     Crisis Control App Home Screen

Why crisis and emergency management software by Krify

Choose Krify has a stand-alone emergency management app and situational perception solution, or use it to grow your existing business chain plan.

Curious how Krify Software technologies would work within your organizational structure? Request a quote or contact us!

  • Comprehensive emergency and incident management capabilities
  • Real-time updates, historical records and after-action reports for optimal situational awareness
  • Gets status updates instantly on location or entity.
  • Real-time maps and report dashboards provide analyses, assess and manage updates
  • Accessible from the web, Android and iOS mobile apps with role-based accountability
  • Turn any employee into a responder
  • An advanced communication design that boosts accuracy and performance.

Know the Importance of choosing krify for your Emergency response app development

  • Getting Started: Active business continuity needs more than just software. Krify ensures you have the processes and culture required to leverage emergency management software successfully.
  • Implementation: shift your pre-existing data to get begun. Our Professional Services team operates jointly with you to assist your implementation, customisation, on-boarding and user practice, for a steady and successful deployment.
  • 24/7 Support: Once you go active, you’ll have access to Krify’s Customer Portal and 24/7 product assistance. Give us a call, send an email or open a support ticket whenever you have issues or technical complications.
  • As You Grow: This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve served over 1000 of the world’s largest organisations achieve efficiencies and deliver strategic insights, and we know you have unique requirements. You’ll be allowed a Customer Success Manager who partners with you to assure you get the most out of the disaster control app software and unite you with a network of users and business continuity, emergency management.
Lets Recap

Disaster Management apps can be great substitutes for the traditional crisis management system, which proved to be quite unreliable and ineffective. Not only can an app do it much easier for employees to reach the relevant people during emergencies, but it can also serve a broad array of additional perks that make emergencies much simpler to handle and minimise their impact.

Ultimately, apps are only the most beneficial ways to deal with emergencies because they can be used anywhere via a mobile device, which can be crucial in cases when it is improbable to access a computer. Another critical point is for managers to assure that they are holding the emergency contact directory updated, whether it is manually at the commencement.

If you want to go with the Crisis Control App Development for your organization or for your family then come to us, Krify is a leading crisis management app development company in India, Uk. Reach us for more information.