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How to Develop On-demand Uber like App for Security Guards?

How to develop security guard app

Most of the businesses and various companies require highly qualified, mentally and physically security guards for their firms. They need personal assistants like security guards to look after their variables and utensils thus saves most of the productive time for the organizations. Security has become more necessary to safeguard the houses, even apartments, offices, shops, parks, etc. finding such responsible and trustworthy security guards are not that much easy task.   

Many security agencies are operating to deploy security persons for every need of the individual or organisational need. Even the security agencies are looking towards technology solutions for your security agency. Searching for a responsible security guard is yet considered to be a difficult task. This has become easy with an on-demand security guard app which will help the companies and firms — using this on-demand uber for security guard app which will be able to make a lot of money and truly live up to the potential of your business. This security guard on-demand app provides security guards that are filtered based on trustworthiness, alertness, physical ability as well. Based on all these factors, the app enables us to get into access with the accurate security guard easily to protect our assets. 

Let’s get into the topic of on-demand security guard app development, before that we will discuss what an on-demand security guard app is?

What is an uber-like on-demand security guard app?

There are many on-demand apps for booking or ordering anything, just like these on-demand apps, there is an on-demand app to book security guards from a smartphone. The on-demand security guard booking app will be handy for residents, offices and organizations to get temporary and qualified security agents.

How does Uber-like on-demand security app works?

There are two apps in the on-demand security app: one for the user and the other for security person/agency. There will be specific steps to follow to use the security on-demand guard app:

Step 1: In the user app, the user needs to register with all the details like name, address, and location on the map
Step 2: The user now has to select the type of security guard he needed along with the time slot to guard the premises either the office or house or apartment or organization.
Step 3: List of available security guards will appear based on the specified need.
Step 4: The user now can go through the details of the available security guards that appear on the screen. If the requirement and details fulfil your need, then you can send the request to the person/agency you opt.
Step 5: The security agency or person can accept or reject the request. If the agency/ security accepts the request, the security agency will send the opted security guard as per the time slot selected.
Step 6: Once the security agency or person accepts, the app will remind the user for payment which will be done via payment gateway providers.

Typical features of a uber for security guard app

In the security guard on-demand app, there are three stakeholders involved. Let’s see the features of each one:

User app: The user app is used to show the details involving factors such as time of arrival, payment, etc.

  • Register/sign in: The user can register to the app either by using social media logins or with email id, mobile number, etc.
  • User profile: The user will fill all the details like name, location and other details.
  • Search bar: The user can search for his requirement for the security guard in the security guard on-demand app.
  • Availability: The user will be listed with all the available security guards on the app screen.
  • View the details: The user can see all the details of the security guards in the app.
  • Select: After viewing all the details of the security guard, the user can select the person who fulfils his requirement along with the time slot. Once selected, the user can send the request to the security guard agency.
  • Payment: Once the security agent accepts the request, the user will get alert about the acceptance and the will direct to the payment mode where the user can pay through payment gateway providers.
  • Notification: The user will get notification about the app updates and also the security guard arrival.
  • Real-time tracking: The user can easily track the requested security guard on the map.
  • Promo code or referral: The user can refer the app using their friends or family using the referral code or promo code.
  • Chat: The user and security guard can chat with each other.

Consultation for mobile app

Security Guard panel app:
The security guard using this app can showcase all the information about him to make visible to the user. Here are some of the features:

  • Registration: The security guard need to login to the app using the personal email id or with social media account.
  • Create a profile: Security guard needs to fill all the details like name, contact information, etc.
  • Add experience: Here, the security guard needs to provide the information about all the experience he had and also the type of service he did in previously.
  • Accept/reject the request: The request sent by the user will be accepted or rejected by the security guard based on the availability. If he agrees with the request, the notification will be sent to the user regarding the acceptance.
  • Payment: The amount paid by the user will be added to the security guard account by deducting the commission to the admin. 
  • History: The security guard can view all the previous requests that he got from the users.
  • Payment history: The security guard can view all the payment that he had from the users. 
  • View earnings: The security guard can view the earnings that he had from the app. 

Admin Panel: Admin is the one who has the power to control the app activities to both user and security guard. Let’s see all the features of the Admin panel:

  • Login: The admin has to login to the panel using the credentials.
  • Manage users: The admin has the ability to manage all the users that are using the app
  • Manage security guard: The admin can manage all the security guards in the app.
  • Total payments: The admin see all the payments that are made to the security guard
  • Manage commissions: The admin can fix the commission to the security guard on the total payments.
  • Analytics: The admin can view the analytics of app usage.
  • Multi-payment options: The admin can add multiple payment gateway providers.
  • Notifications: The admin can send the push notifications to the security guard and also the user.
  • Manage promo codes: The admin can set the promo codes to the users. 

Technology stack used for the development of a security guard on-demand app

Here is the list of the technology stack used for the development of security guard app:

  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Angular 
  • Ubuntu
  • MySQL
  • Firebase

Factors that affect the cost of the development of security guard on-demand app

The factors that affect the cost for development of uber-like security app are: 

  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Android and iOS app development
  • UI/UX design
  • QA
  • Android and iOS developers
  • Web developers
  • Technology stack
  • Project manager
  • Delivery manager
  • Mobile app development company 

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