// How To Develop A Ride-Sharing App Similar To Ola Or Uber?
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How To Develop A Ride-Sharing App Similar To Ola Or Uber?


How to develop a ride-sharing app similar to Ola or Uber? Most of the time, developing a ride-sharing application means creating an app similar to Uber or Ola although there are many other ridesharing apps available. This happens as those two apps are ruling the ride-sharing market with 122 million monthly active users for Uber and 32 million monthly active users for Ola.

To book a taxi in the past, one had to either physically travel to the taxi stand to hunt for one or make a phone call to the taxi hiring or rental organization. The duration of time it took for a cab to arrive and the overpricing by drivers were both problematic. Uber and ola transformed the procedure into an online one and made ride-sharing and hiring taxis much simpler, more transparent, and more affordable. These apps follow a simple and easy approach. They identified a common problem, created a remedy for it, and as a result, massively transformed how people considered ridesharing as a service. Their simple and user-friendly features have helped them become quite popular all around the world.

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Features Of Ridesharing Apps Like Ola Or Uber

Once you decide to develop a ridesharing app then you need to have an admin panel, rider app, and driver app. So, let us see the features of the above-mentioned three.

Rider App Features


Users will be able to register using email, Facebook, or phone number. Once the user is registered they will be redirected to the app home page and will be able to use all the features.

Vehicle Booking

Where users will book their preferred vehicle for a ride by selecting the vehicle type, and setting the pickup and dropping locations. Also, users will be able to cancel the ride if they wish to do so.


This feature allows the users to check the price of the ride before they go for it.

Driver Tracking

Which will help the user to track the location of the driver. So, they will be able to know when the vehicle will reach them to pick them up.

In-App Messages and Calls

By using this feature users will be able to connect with the drivers regarding their arrival and other things.

Payment Gateway

Different payment varieties should be added to the app. So that users will be able to pay for the ride easily.

Push Notifications

It keeps passengers updated on the status of their trip requests, the time the driver will arrive, the details of the driver and the vehicle, etc.

Driver Ratings and Reviews

Shows the ratings and reviews of the driver from the previous riders. So, that users will be able to take a decision on booking a ride with that driver.

Travel History

Where users will be able to see details of their previous rides, payments, and other things.

Driver App Features 

Driver Sign-In

The driver will be allowed to take the ride only once their driving license, vehicle insurance, and other things which they have uploaded during the sign-in process are verified by the admin.

Schedule Driving Timings

This will allow the drivers to select or schedule the time when they will be available to take a ride.

Ride Alert

The ability to receive trip orders, including details about the passenger’s location, route, and travel history. Also, the ability to accept or deny them.

In-App Calling or Messaging

Drivers will be able to talk or chat with the riders by using this feature.

Route Optimization

It offers the best route for the drivers to reach riders in less time.

Driver Delivery Report

Gives statistical data on daily and monthly earnings and trip details of the driver.

Push Notifications

Used to alert drivers regarding the vehicle app booking details (such as location, route, payment, and completion), and trip updates.

Accepting Or Canceling The Ride

Where the driver will be able to accept or cancel the ride request from the rider.

Waiting Time

The passenger will be charged additional surcharges on top of the base fare when they cancel the trip or the driver’s waiting time is more than five minutes.

Admin Panel Features

Real-Time Notifications

Admin will be able to send notifications to the driver and riders on promotions, discounts, and other things.

Document Processing

Only the admin will have the ability to verify the documents shared by the drivers. So, he will accept or reject the documents from here.

Driver Management

Admin will be able to manage the number of drivers, their activities, their reviews, and other things.


Admin will get analytics on the number of downloads, logins, bookings, payments, and many other things.

Driver And User Support

Admin will provide support to the driver and users in case they face any issues while using the app.


Ride-Sharing applications like Uber and Ola will have all the features that make the life of users easy. If you are having an idea of developing a ridesharing app with all the best features then it’s always a good idea to contact the top ridesharing app development company like Krify. As they can suggest a lot of other features which need to be included in the app along with the above-mentioned features. So that your app leads the ridesharing market.¬†

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