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Top 10 most popular on demand apps #Weekly Roundup

Top 10 most popular on demand apps Weekly Roundup

The weekend is back and we are here with a new and exciting topic: top 10 most popular on-demand apps. Let’s look into the topic, we are in the fast-moving world where there are rapid changes and also experiencing the power of mobile apps a decade ago. But now the internet and mobile applications are changing the way we think, communicate with each other and spend our relax time. The demand for on-demand apps has revolutionized every industry, providing people with ease and fast access to products and services without moving from their place. These days you can order even without getting up from the sit so as to order food, get a massage or book taxi for your ride or anything that you want instant. 

Today we gonna list top 10 popular on-demand apps which let you live like a king or a queen. 

Let’s get into the topic:

Top 10 popular On-demand App for 2020

  • Uber – On-demand taxi Booking app development: Uber has become one of the most famous terms, people nowadays use it as a verb: “Lets Uber”. This is all because of the Uber app revolution worldwide which is famous among the traveller and commuters. Everyone knows about the on-demand uber app even for those who haven’t used these services. Uber’s envious success mainly because of affordability, originality, speed, convenience and comfort. 
  • Postmates – on-demand food ordering app development: At the beginning, Postmates was built to deliver various household goods and furniture which then converted as on-demand food delivery solution. Using Postmates one can order food from the app and get it delivered at their doorsteps. Postmates food ordering app made the food delivery apps development rose to a very huge. 
  • BloomThat – On-demand bouquet ordering app development: BloomThat is the wonderful on-demand bouquet ordering app using which you can place an order for the bouquet of your chosen fresh flowers. Even you opt for the date and time of delivery along with a small gift to your friend or anyone 
  • TaskRabbit – On-demand service provider app development: TaskRabbit is one of the best on-demand service provider app using which one can order for certain to-do list with just a few taps on your smartphone. Service providers can be for cleaning your home, plumber, repairing a dripping tap, a carpenter or any service you need. TaskRabbit will help you to get work done with high-quality. 
  • Rinse – On-demand Laundry App Development: These days doing laundry is a very painful thing and also the time-consuming. So the on-demand laundry app development made things easy by providing laundry app development which provides you to get the cleaning of the top-notch quality by setting a number of personalized cleaning preferences. 

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  • Wag – On-demand Pet Caring app development: It’s easy to find a baby sitter, but it’s hard to discover a pet caring centre. Don’t worry, Wag, an on-demand pet caring app which is the best place to find a person to take care of your pet. In this app you can find pet lovers in your area for walking, boarding or sitting with your pet at any time in a week, provided with live GPS tracking of your pet, activity reports about duration, distance and other indicators of the walk. 
  • Medicast – On-demand healthcare app development: Medicast app is the best on-demand healthcare app development using which you request for a qualified specialist who will contact you to know more about your matter within a few minutes. If needed they will come to your place to provide immediate medical assistance. 
  • Soothe – On-demand massage app development: Soothe app is the best on-demand massage app where you can order a massage of the highest quality right at their home with certified massage therapists. They provide massage tables, lotions, oils, fresh linens, even provide music to make your massage session more relaxing. There are 6 kinds of massages available right in the app to choose. 
  • Priv – On-demand beauty & Salon app development: Priv is one of the best on-demand beauty and salon app development that delivers the beauty and salon services to the users at their door. In this app, the user can find a variety of specialist who provides you with unique hairstyle, manicure and many other services.
  • Drizly – On-demand beer delivery app development: Planning for the sudden party but don’t know how to arrange food, don’t get panic! Drizly is the one best on-demand booze delivery app for ordering booze, especially for the party. Drizly will deliver chilled beer with pizza. This on-demand beer delivery app provides a pre-composed set of booze for different dishes and occasions which can order instantly. 


The above mentioned on-demand apps make your life easier and also offers a unique way of living. The on-demand apps are riding a new wave in the market by bringing something distinguished from 5 days routine lifestyle. For users, these on-demand apps make a huge variance in their life. The on-demand apps have merits with an amenable work schedule. The fluid economy contributed by these brilliant apps could be the one reason why on-demand apps are becoming a huge demand in today’s rapidly transforming social economy. 

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Happy Weekend!!