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Cost of logistics mobile app development

Cost of Logistics & Transportation Mobile App Development

Technology is becoming part and parcel in every business sector ever since its boom! Every single industry has harnessed the power of technology to provide quality services, and the case with logistics and transportation are no exception to this. Who would take the risk of monitoring all the logistics and transportation operations for 24 hours? It’s obvious right! The way logistics and transportation used to be in the past is no way comparable to the latest methods.

To revolutionize the transportation business is coming up with logistics and transportation mobile app development that can help logistics companies to maximize delivery volumes in minimum time. Through this mobile logistics app, an automated promise management system will make it simpler to track fleet, routes shipments, drives, and everything was done in a standardized and organized manner.

Be it an Android or iOS, and the logistics apps have transformed the transportation industry. Now, you must be wondering what will be the costs involved in developing logistics apps? What are the technology stacks needed for transportation and logistics app development? Well, keep reading to know about the details…

According to Statista, the gross revenue generated by the US. The third-party logistics industry from 2000 to 2018 has been increasing at a constant rate. In 2017, one of the logistics providers has generated gross revenue of 184.3 billion.

Statistics for logistics and transportation

The future of logistics and transportation mobile app development is promising. So, why not take the benefits of these facts? Let us see more…

Types of Logistics Mobile Application

The first and foremost factors that decide the cost of logistics mobile app development. The ideas to develop logistics apps range from fleet management to warehouse handling.

  • Fleet Management Apps

With this app, we can get real-time updates about many things. It helps to organise, manage and coordinate vehicles from the central information system to keep the overall fleet operation running smoothly. Fleet management apps help in improving performance, reduce costs and provide compliance with government regulations.

  • Forwarding and tracking apps

Helps to get real-time updates about the routes taken by them and goods deliveries.

  • Logistics On-demand apps

This app is all about good delivery when the user needs that helps the customers to avail the services and helps in maintaining the connections.

  • Warehouse mobile apps

This app is the best solution for vast amounts of data to store in a simplified way. The app helps to maintain and get the data in their convenient manner and also helps to stay connected.

Basic and Core Features of On-demand Logistics Mobile App

In general, the Logistic and transportation mobile app development has three modules:

  1. Customer Panel
  2. Admin Panel
  3. Admin Panel

Each of these apps has its features. Let us check for each one.

  • Customer Panel

    • User Authentication
    • Profile Creation and management
    • Select Vehicle
    • Schedule booking
    • Track Shipment
    • Driver Contact
    • Cancel reservation
    • Get fare estimation
    • Bill payment
    • Push Notification
    • Rate Driver
  • Driver Panel

    • Driver Authentication
    • Check shippers details
    • Check freight details
    • Manage requests
    • GPS tracking
    • Payments
  • Admin Panel

    • Login
    • Dashboard
    • Shipper management
    • Driver management
    • Manage fleet and vehicles
    • Dispatchers management
    • Payment and invoice
    • Trip Evaluate reports
    • Referral Rewards

Advanced Features for Logistics mobile App development to stand-out

  • In-app Chat
  • Live stats of delivery form your merchant
  • Multilingual for driver support
  • GPS
  • Real-time analytics
  • Driver safety
  • Referral Rewards
  • Cloud Operations

Benefits of Logistics Mobile App Development

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Facilitating online booking
  • No paperwork
  • Real-time information updates
  • No chance of errors
  • Empowering services

It is more evidence that the mobile app development for logistics and transportation can make your business more customer-friendly and result-oriented.

Technology Stack behind on-demand logistics and Transportation App

The next challenging thing for the development of Logistics mobile app is choosing the best technology stacks for integrating various features. Some of them are:

  • Twilio – for authentication of credentials
  • Braintree & PayPal, Stripe – for payment gateways
  • APNS for iOS, Firebase for Android and one single SDK for both- notification triggering
  • MongoDB, Postgresql – database requirement
  • Firebase – real-time analytics
  • AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean – cloud platforms.

Cost for development of on-demand Logistics and Transportation Mobile App

It’s time to go through the cost of logistics app development. Although different logistics and transportation Mobile app development companies may vary in charging for developing the customised logistics mobile app, here we will check out the cost estimation for logistics app development. You need to consider the following services when going for the app development for the logistics industry.

  • Design
  • Android and iOS native app development
  • Backend Development
  • Web Development
  • Project management
  • Quality Assurance

Apart from app development cost, it is better to keep the provision for miscellaneous expenses like app marketing, Maintenance, and other charges. At the initial stage, your app needs to go digital marketing techniques. Therefore, you need to spend some money on app promotion. It can give your app boost for first downloads that are necessary to grab people’s attention.
Also, it is essential for you to come up with the updated version of your app with some new features and improved functionality regularly. Therefore, a mobile app development service provider can play a significant role by providing app maintenance and support services.
The costs depend on the technology stack used for the apps too. But the usage of the various technologies and time for the development also determine the price of the app. Other factors include the amount of testing needed and technical considerations. Thus, many aspects contribute to the total costs for developing the mobile app for logistics companies.


To sum up, if you want to develop a logistics app with a seamless knowledge for your customers, integrate various technologies. But, one must remember that a logistics app is a lot different from any other apps. It would be the best idea to have an early plan for the technologies. In future, if you try to include advanced features that will lead to a lot of efforts in testing. Apart from this, the cost of building app depends a lot on the development place. But you should never compromise with the quality of a good development team. Skilled developers, designers, and testers will develop your app within less time.

As a leading mobile app development company, Krify build on-demand apps for various industry sectors. You can also hire Logistics App developers from our team of expert professionals to accomplish your project cost-effectively. Contact us today.

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Weekly roundup of 2019 business predictions

Roll Out of 2019 – Weekly Roundup on Business Predictions of 2019

This week we’ve got a bevy of interesting businesses predictions that impact the market world. One most important question every businessman asks themselves is “What are the new and the most important trending businesses and how can we capitalize on them”? And while many organizations are trying to jump on the bandwagon of the latest, newest, and the ostentatious innovation.

The best Business Predictions that impact the market world

  1. VoIP Applications
  2. On-demand Applications
  3. Medical Applications
  4. Booking Applications
  5. Social Networking Applications
  6. Navigation and Routing Applications

VoIP Applications

VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) Phone service is one of the top VoIP services works based on SIP(Session Initiation Protocol). And here we describing one of the VoIP client named Linphone. Linphone is an open-source SIP Phone for voice/video calls and on-the-spot messaging, accessible on mobile and desktop ecosystems(iOS, Android, GNU/Linux, MAC OSX, Windows Desktop, Windows 10 UWP).

Linphone has inside a separation between the user interfaces and the core engine, allowing to create various kind of user interface on the top of the same functionalities.

Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/voip-powered-softphone-dialer-app-development-best-suits-of-linphone/

Advantages of having VoIP applications
  • Cost savings
  • Rich features
  • Collaboration
  • Improved productivity
Disadvantages of having VoIP applications
  • Audio quality
  • Bandwidth dependency
  • Security
  • Extra costs

On-demand Applications

An on-demand application is a type of application delivery model that is deployed and managed on a vendor’s cloud computing infrastructure and accessed by users over the Internet as and when required. The on-demand application is also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), online software and cloud-based software.

Check Out our recent blog: https://krify.co/beerbiryani-the-story-of-krifys-on-demand-apps/

Advantages of having On-demand applications
  • Lower up-front cost
  • Quick set up and deployment
  • Easy upgrades
  • Accessibility
  • Scalability
Disadvantages of having On-demand applications
  • Lack of control
  • Security and data concerns
  • Limited range of applications
  • Connectivity requirement
  • Performance

Medical Applications

The inadequate supply chain in our society is the health information supply chain making the healthcare system highly disengaged. Understanding this, the medical apps development and other healthcare mobility solutions, that can make the method mainstream and organized, have been pumped in. About 80% of the physicians are now using an app in their everyday routine.

Check Out our recent blog: https://krify.co/mobile-apps-development-future-of-medical-tech-revolution-2016/

Advantages of having Medical applications
  • Better Patient Safety
  • Lesser Medical Frauds
  • Improved Patient Interaction
  • Aids Health Development Efforts in Underdeveloped Countries
  • Accurate Trend Prediction
Disadvantages of having Medical applications
  • Intruders don’t need to access patient files to restrict them.
  • Must be updated on a regular basis
  • Electronic health record systems are not cheap
  • HIPAA violations are more common than many realize
  • What if a doctor doesn’t have computer access?

Booking Applications

The world is growing on a daily basis in each and every aspect of life via the route of technology. We can’t accept more than it has changed our lives, for the better, to a great extent. Everything is super comfortable like from placing food orders online to booking a cab ride. Hence, there is certainly nothing that you can’t do in today’s age. It enables us to carry out so many important tasks in day-to-day lives and now has also spread its wings in the field of online ticket booking.

Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/bus-ticket-booking-mobile-app-development-solutions-in-india/

Advantages of having Booking applications
  • Your business is always available for reservations
  • An online booking system will reduce no-shows.
  • Online booking means faster payments.
  • Less phone time
  • You get valuable insight into your business.
Disadvantages of having Booking applications
  • You need internet access.
  • You need to be ready for an inrush of new customers.
  • Not all online booking systems are created equal.

Social Networking Applications

Social media platforms invoke the abilities to connect brands and enterprises with their customers. Every social media app that goes our office is custom made to their best to reach their target audience and reach their intended business goals.

Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/estimated-cost-of-social-news-app-development/

Advantages of having social Networking applications
  • Worldwide Connectivity
  • Commonality of Interest
  • Real-Time Information Sharing
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Increased News Cycle Speed
Disadvantages of having Social Networking Applications
  • Backlash
  • Cyberbullying and Crimes Against Children
  • Risks of Fraud or Identity Theft
  • Time Waster
  • Corporate Invasion of Privacy

Navigation and Routing Applications are one among the Mapping application to safe drive user to the destination with exact time measure in which Geofencing is a technology that allows mobile apps to take advantage of location-based marketing. This technology can help marketers gather information and engage app users as they enter, leave or stay in certain geographical areas, also known as geofences. A geofence is an implicit fence around a real-world location, like a restaurant or an airport. Geofences can alter in scale and shape – they can be as small as a store or as big as a city; they can be round for more straightforward use cases or polygon-shaped for more complex situations.

Check out our recent blog: https://krify.co/how-to-create-a-gps-navigation-app/

Advantages of having Geo-Fencing applications
  • Better Targeting
  • Engagement
  • ROI
  • Efficiency
  • Better Data
Disadvantages of having Geo-Fencing applications
  • Need approval or participation from the user
  • Not a very independent technology
  • Take too much battery life
  • Network capacity, bandwidth, device capacity are main constraints for this technology.

Krify being the best mobile app development company having the adept and well-expertized team. Get the mobile app with your business needs at the most affordable price with high-quality assurance and also with best customer satisfaction is our pre-eminence. Contact Us. Looking forward to serving you. Happy weekend!

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Mobile App trends for in 2019 weekly round up

5 Cutting Edge Mobile Trending Technologies look out for in 2019 #Weekly roundup

Mobile apps development have a trending style now and then. The mobile app development has witnessed a remarkable journey ever and ever. Whether it is about simply checking e-mails, listening to music, playing videos, going through social media or even in learning, people tend to rely on different mobile apps development and expect a innovation in each day that is passing.

Mobile apps development are also an integral part of the user experience on devices. Since many years, Android and iOS have been acting as a major platform for smartphones. The technology that once started to evolve the smartphones now has become a million dollars business. It is not only a smart move for enterprise but also it is has been a competition in the mobile market.

5 trends of mobile app development

We have identified five trends of mobile app development for in 2019. Here we go…

  • M-Commerce
  • Wearable devices
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Cloud computation
  • Chatbots

The beauty of technology empowers the combinational group of technology with smart mobiles to control a small toy to a complex operation with the help of bots carefully on a fingertip.


 As we consider in the coming year, m-commerce can be a powerful force. It is predicted that its sales are 40% of the total 45% of  US m-commerce sales in 2018. More customers are shopping through smartphones because of its comfortable handling. In the analysis, most of the sales were completed on smartphones up to 30 % in just one year. So it is impossible to ignore the increase in the sales in m-commerce. So in future, there is no doubt, it will overtake the desktop.

Wearable devices:

According to the IDC study, 101.9 million devices were exported in the year 2016 -15 and it will reach 213.6 million units by 2020. Smart wearables resemble apple watch and Microsoft’s Hollins shows an approaching change in computing and development from basic level to advanced level in smartphones. This opens up the new opportunities for developers, merchants and accessory makers. This impact the next generation of mobile development strategy.

Internet of things(IoT):

This allows the sensors in non-IT devices to enable automation, remote-sensing and motoring. It is a network of objects connected with sensors, electronics, network connectivity and software. It enables physical things to exchange the data and collect things without any involvement of human. So we can add each of these technologies provides a competitive differentiator or advantage and relies in a different way on IoT and also we can predict that its growth is in an explosive state in future.

Krify is featured as one of the Top Android and iOS App Development companies from the UK, Get in touch with us for a customized app development at the best quality and affordable rate.

Cloud computation:

It has a lot of benefits in rising of this computation. with the use of this, it is easier to process the huge data and store the data in mobile. So this functionality increases the speed, security and reliability of mobile app development and also allows for maximum storage, analysis and collection of user data. It all about reducing the internal memory on mobile devices some examples are Dropbox, cloud. There is a lot of scope in development and security reasons.


It is an artificial intelligence that can arouse a conversation with a user in a normal way through messaging websites, applications, mobile apps or even through mobile. It conveys promising conversation to humans. It is the new openings to improve customers engagement and operational efficiency by diminishing the cost of customer services. According to an infographic by Mofluid, combining with AI technology the workflow in small business has more efficient. It is the next level mobile app development technology expected to manage 85 % of customer support with AI by 2020.

Technology always moves fast with much more excitement and innovation by solving big problems with a change. Integrating these concepts into our mobile app makes our life a bit easy and also make our work done quick.

Krify employs designers, programmers, and developers who are highly experienced with the most complex languages and cutting-edge programming trends. We are able to build all aspects of the latest mobile app development techniques.

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mobile apps development company in India - krify

Messaging, Medical, Job Portal and Business – Ready Mobile App Scripts to Buy

Mobile Technology is a power bank for the economy. Everyone is in rush to boost the business with specialized management skills having different solutions in mind so they are looking for Ready-made Web & Mobile App Solutions or a Mobile App Clone Script for Android and IOS.

Are you looking for Top Mobile App Development Agency India? Here in this article, we going to discuss about Krify apps related to Messaging, business, medical, job search and Dating. Each one has their own factors and features to take into consideration.

Messaging Apps

messaging apps by krify

Say goodbye to emails and hello to messaging. Mobile messaging apps are more popular than ever as they add social networking features, improve security and compete to meet the demand for free mobile calling and text services. Our smartphones enable constant and instant communication with your family, friends, and even colleagues, but the built-in options out of the box aren’t the best thing to do.  Almost all mobile messaging apps have provided rich service offering all kind of interactions with others, from free text messaging, to free voice or video calling, to photo and file sharing with the added benefits of encryption, over both Wi-Fi and the users’ data plan. Krify being a leading ISO certified company has provided and developed many Custom Mobile Chatting & Messaging App Development Services.

Business Apps

business app by krify

A business app is a piece of software specifically designed to solve a business problem. Apps tend to be incredibly user-friendly, so people with any level of knowledge or experience can use them well. The majority of apps are built within the mind and so you can use them on your mobile device, tablet or desktop computer, whenever you want and from anywhere in the world. If you are a small or big business, it’s likely you’re on the go a lot. So its crucial to have mobile apps that can help you to stay on the top of the things. Krify, a Custom business app development company from India had delivered their services to many in regular rotation as a business owner.

Medical Apps

medical apps by krify

In today’s digital age, there’s an app for almost anything that we need in our daily life. In fact, many professional industries are beginning to highly rely on apps, whether it’s social media or other helpful apps. The same is true for the medical sector, whether you’re a nurse, doctor, physician’s assistants or surgeon, there is an app – in fact, there are several – that can help you become a better medical professional. Krify had come up with Healthcare Mobile Application Development by considering the factors like efficiency, accuracy, convenience across both the iOS and Android platforms

Job Search Apps

job-portal-app-development by krify

You’re busy, your life is restless, you don’t have a lot of time for job search and you don’t want to be stuck to your laptop or use your work computer to job hunt. Just like everything else in your life, job searching has gone mobile and you can do it on the go. There is not much you can’t do with one of the apps that connects job seekers with available positions. Most of the application process can be done with your phone or tablet, though it can be cumbersome at times. You can seek and apply for jobs without using a computer. Taking it a step further, some of the apps will enable you to create a resume, match you with open jobs and apply directly from the app, saving the search time.

Which apps will be the best fitted for job seekers use to give their job search a boost? There are a lot of apps to choose from for both iOS and Android devices. Krify, a mobile app development company based in UK and India, the development of Job Portal App design to streamline your job search, shares information for job seekers.

Dating Apps


online dating app by krify

An endless roster of actively seeking singles are easily now accessible on your commute, and the profiles are swamped with ratings, food preferences and requests that we follow these complete strangers on Instagram. By considering all this, how are you expected to find time to pick the best dating apps to bless with your presence? How do you know what apps have the best single people slinking on them? From detailed profiles to associating you with someone for a quick meet-up, whether you’re looking for a slow-burning, blossoming romance with your future life partner or just setting your toe back in the dating water – we applaud you, its tough out there- we the krify Mobile App design and development Services & Solutions in India & UK will help you in Mobile Dating Apps Development as per your requirements to explore the new opportunities for both iOS and Android.

Looking for best mobile app development company based on UK and India for development of your app? We are here to help you. Catch us at here.

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WhatsApp Launches New Feature To tackle Fake News

New WhatsApp feature to let users identify forwarded messages.

Update your WhatsApp for the new feature of labeling forward message to go live. Last week Indian Government sent a notice to take measures to prevent misuse of the platform. Therefore WhatsApp replied that they are working and testing on a new label which highlights when a message has been forwarded.

Last night, Whatsapp announced the launch of new feature globally, that will highlight the forwarded message. Users can differentiate whether the messages have been forwarded or composed by the sender. This feature would help in making one-on-one and group chats easier. This would make recipients to think twice or thrice before sending a message as it lets user to know if content they received has be texted by the person they are aware and known on their own or if it is just forwarded as a potential rumour by someone else.

User security is Whatsapps priority

Whatsapp cares deeply about the privacy and security of its users. That is why this feature is launched as it encourages the users to rethink before sharing the forwarded messages. It also states that user can report spam or block the contact in one tap if they identify and unnecessary junk and spam messages. The company is always in reach of the users for any help. Last month Whatsapp announced “unrestricted monetary awards” for research on the spread of misinformation to address the problem on its platform.

Unlike Whatsapp there are many messaging apps being developed to connect people all over the world. People cannot imagine life without such apps. Krify being a mobile app development company is actively involved in addressing the information from the trade shows, launch meets, etc. We do develop apps based on your requirement. Contact our team and get your idea be executed.


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Top 5 Virtual Fantasy Games to Play #HARD

Top 5 Virtual Fantasy Games & Entrepreneur Insights to plan the Marketing Strategy

Virtual reality gaming is someplace where a individual can play through being in a three-dimensional location and network with that environment during the game time. This is an important part of the game.

Of course, the gamer’s developers are looking to provide the best comfort and a challenging concepts. By playing through which, the player mind can be able think twice faster than a normal brain think.

Yes, The study & the research on various brains of human being about the human brain thinking abilities, human decision making power and real time feelings based games are now ready to play on a virtual gaming environment to the gaming next level with support of latest technology to make a gamer smarter than he was. Let’s have a look about the virtual gaming.

Virtual Gaming is totally different compared to the real time sports and real time sports ideas, If you are a athlete or fan of any sport go through this article ‘Are you a Die Hard Fan of Sport? Flip the fate, Over Night – Fantasy Apps’


What is Fantasy Virtual Gaming?

This is a place where a small kid to elder brother loves to play with. Of course, this is as same as a video gaming with a slight difference in the concept of playing.

Fantasy gaming apps will let your imagination outing as wild as you challenge as you gamble into a rich fantasy game. This lets you explore new kingdoms / lands and more like of mystery and magic in a very immersive fantasy experience that curves the rules of what’s possible.

In this Fantasy gaming, a player mostly focused to glide, jump, and climb over a dark Nordic forestry in Fear and create a habit you discover the world that you’ll never wanted to leave.


Do you know, what are a few fantasy game your childhood passed though?

Perhaps unknowingly most of us ware played the fantasy games and we are also one among the fantasy game lovers. Let me list you Best 5 fantasy games that every online games knows and had a ride on.


1. Rise of Nations: Alike Age of Empires, Rise of Nations is strategy game that initiates with you & starting your game from the first inscribed sources of the early Stone Age, history, rolling from humble hoarders and hunters to reaching the recent age of the technology.

Rise of Nation

2. Age Of Empires: This game is settled in Middle Ages, as you are playing with the numerous kingdoms and empires that are in the middle ages of era, the movements encompass a historic figure the likes of Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Richard Lion-heart etc.

Age Of Empires

3. Assassins Creed: This is one among the top fantasy games, which you can control various ancestors recalls of Desmond Miles, as they are of the Instruction of Slayers throughout countless periods in antiquity battling out the Command of Templars struggling for power by supervisory ancient artifacts with spiritual backgrounds.

Assassins Creed

4. Total War: In this Total War gaming, You leads your militaries as chess records around the time retro and abode they took in, with competence of directly governing and seeing the clash and bloodshed from a bird’s eye view, forceful them to a crushing success or upsetting defeat.

Total War

5. Commandos: series monitor an elite command of commandos from several backgrounds carrying out the top secret of mission. Train tracks or Blowing up dams, performing stealth kills, and triggering all sorts of harm to the League on innumerable continents and through the whole war. It was a factual pleasure to complete each task, let alone an operation.



Strategies to sell out Virtual Games:

Every entrepreneur think in the first step, the virtual game concept designing and virtual game development of a virtual game is a major, interesting task and which a lot of handwork to do. Where in reality then they need to think more about the promotion area to advertise the virtual games very easily for bring your investment back.

Krify believes in the “Pareto Principle” – 80/20 Rule of time and life management. Which can be implemented and needed to be apply here to get the success.

A study tells that every young entrepreneurship – mind think in a way to invest 76% time for the game development and 24% of time to market the game, which the reason entrepreneur is failing through the development and marketing of the game. Do you agree?

Through our experience, being an entrepreneur we must spend 40% of our efforts in the development of the game and 60% of time in planning the marketing with more focused. Let me tell you how?

As per the Pareto Principle, Out of 100 tasks you do and work in a day. 20 tasks will contribute yours 80% of results in a day and 80 tasks will contribute 20% of results. This describes how to prioritize each task and choose to complete each as per the plan.

Virtual Game Marketing Consult an expert to save your time and efforts. This is where the success mantra lies.

In the plan of action, being an entrepreneur you work on the only 20% but this could be the important aspect which helps to you to succeed.

An entrepreneur must work smart and hart on the 20% of tasks which improves your ROI – involves in the strategy building and marketing plans (May, a half can be invested through a consultancy about the planning and strategy building)

And 80% of tasks focussed to on the side of design and development which needs a long time to work and finalize (where being an entrepreneur, we play and think of the quality out come in terms of feedback) and Of course the concept of the game and the quality – user experience will defiantly define the success rate and a major role. We must keep our hands on the testing and bug fixing.

Reach us for Professional Mobile app development, Digital Marketing and IT consultancy services to build your future.

Read about our blog about – Are you a Die Hard Fan of Sport? Flip the fate, Over Night – Fantasy Apps

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Offshore MObile APp Development

Offshore Mobile App Development – USA & UK Vs INDIA

If you are looking to hire a mobile app developer or looking to develop a mobile application on an offshore basis, you must read this…

Let me take you to the article with an introduction of why the mobile apps are important?

Mobile apps are well suited for the businesses, which are beholding for help to reach into the customer’s pockets. As we know day to day technology is evolving smartphones in an advanced way turning it into just like a remote to control anything to everything through a medium of applications around the cutting edges.

When you are stuck at one of the crucial phases of mobile apps development, where each of the move and strategies decides yours and your business future, it becomes important to take care of what to learn and what not to know. You must have to be on your toes, not with prospects but clarifications and answers to the grimaces and question marks on the faces.

Few of the important scenarios to understand before mobile app development outsourcing:

  • Pricing

Pricing should not be a barrier in outsourcing the mobile app development! Because compared to the app development rate in the USA in terms of US dollar, Indian app developers will definitely give the lesser estimations of cost for their effort. Don’t be under the impression that lesser the cost implies to low quality. There are ethical Indian app developers who does not compromise on quality and deliver the best even at lesser costs.

  • Communication Barrier

No, there will not be any communication barrier between the client and the app development team! As we all know that the technology has brought a big advantage of making the communication easier and smarter as on to move.

  • Talent

There is no scarcity of talent among Indian app development company. It should not be the reason, India is the best fit to hire the top most talented people who can a make marvelous innovations to happen and can turn from anything to everything with knowledge by digging the deep seas if needed.

  • Skills

Indian Developers’ skills are always up to the mark, do you know there are a lot many people who can work for you with the best problem-solving skills dedicatedly on the work as per the need.

  • Professionalism

Of course, professionalism is one major feature that can be seen in Indian app developers. Employers have confirmed that the 72% of employees will work professionally in India, whereas 28% will work as the work is everything for them.

  • Expertise

As day by day, the number of companies is growing towards the Indian app development business markets, clients who want to outsource the mobile app development are facing the difficulties to recognize the best suitable company for their app development. There are lots of companies in India, with the expertise in mobile app development.

If someone of your – US client said, “Indian Developers were Not Good.” What would be your answer?

Just assume how could you answer for this?

We all were born with nothing, but when we start growing we start creating something new. Similarly, when we will work in a company, it’s not about the personality or our attire that makes people count of, it is our values, ethics, professionalism and awareness that our clients carry with them.

If it comes to Krify, we can answer like this because the mobile app development is our bread and butter and our team lives mobile app development.

We should say “Indian developers are not only good in India, but when they reach the USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO’s.”

Indian Developers who becomes the Google & the Microsoft CEO's.

Indian Developers who become the Google & the Microsoft CEO’s.

You maintain the ethics and moral values of your business and nothing can go wrong. When you are in the game, it’s either win or lose but never about giving up. There is a loser in the game not because he gave up, it’s because there could have been something better. You’ll certainly not learn these things unless you physically go through this journey. Which are the best and rich source and the only source with the help of which you can push off your business on the track of development and the profits.

“Down at the line, your attitude turns as a key to keep winning your customers.”

If you are a mobile app development company with the presence of world-class assets then you must share this article…

At Krify, We work for our clients by putting our 100% zeal and mind and holds the passion to create value for the clients and their businesses. Our skilled team with experience in crafting the interesting products offers a customised mobile app solution for you and your business operations.

We are constantly following the updates in mobile app development trends and create robust applications to compete and deliver the best to survive and excel in the competition of the market.

Contact us today with your requirements and have a one-to-one chat with our experts.

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Mobile Application Development Outsourcing to Indian Companies

India is now becoming the technology HUB and also mobile phone has become an integral part of our lifestyle…..a basic amenity. As a result of the exponential growth in the smartphone usage, businesses across the world are bound to explore this technology for customer engagement and enhancement of business performance.

There is a huge demand for mobile app developers in India currently as most of the businesses are facing difficulty in building quality apps at an affordable cost in America and UK. So, they are looking towards Indian companies to outsource mobile app development projects, but they are not randomly choosing Indian mobile app development firms, rather they prefer companies that can develop quality apps like American companies at affordable cost. This, in turn, has led to huge technological advancements in India on the Mobile app development.

According to a recent study by a global research firm, the  Indian companies are hot cake for availing Quality Business services at reasonable cost, while software and mobile App development are leading the list.

Your personal guide on outsourcing a project to an India Company

  • Research on Potential App Development Team:
    • look at their previous work online
    • Check their app store reviews
    • Ask their client list and speak to them
  • One on One discussion: Face to face discussions are always the best. It helps in better understanding of the requirement.
  • Affordability is important but quality does matter: Although the cost is the major reason for outsourcing project to India, your focus shouldn’t only be on that, rather you should prefer company that can deliver top quality
  • Connected Communication: Ask for regular reports

To conclude while evaluating your preferred mobile app development company in India, you should allow them to understand you and your requirements well in every step to get the desired output in the mist efficient manner.

Krify is a leading multinational company with expertise in developing the mobile app, web app and cloud-based solutions. Contact us today for free consultation from our Business Analysts, over automating and streamlining your business processes through enterprise app development.

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IBM Watson – Empowering Mobile App Developers | Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, the type of Artificial Intelligence, is being used in various domains and in interesting ways. It is being used for text, image and video recognition and serves as the power behind recommendation engines. To explain in simple words, how it does this, it allows you to look at volumes of data and do large volumes of calculations that a human can’t do actually.

IBM introduced Watson to the world, as a Watson cloud service that brings development tool kit, access to Watson API, an application marketplace and educational material about IBM’s supercomputer. IBM’s new expanded cognitive APIs for developers has resulted in enhanced visual and emotional senses of Watson. IBM Watson Technologies is a ‘powerful platform for cognitive business.’ It represents cognitive computing, where computers or systems can understand and respond to world as humans through senses, learning and experience.

What is Watson?

Today more than 80% of the total data is unstructured. Watson analyse this unstructured data that includes research reports, news articles, enterprise system data and social media posts. Watson uses natural language processing to understand the context and evaluates all possible meanings to determine what exactly is asked to it. Based on the evidences and quality of information it could gather, it presents the best possible solution to your question.

But how Watson first learns everything?

– All the related information is loaded in forms of word docs, pdfs, and webpages into the system.
– Watson is then trained on various subjects with pairs of questions and answers.
– Watson is updated automatically whenever the new information is published.

How Watson analyses and answers the question?

Watson analyses the data and answers the questions by following a program that allow it to take a more informed decision. It can give answers and recommendations in various diverse domains like medical, law, cooking, etc. It also learns from its failure and success.
It can generate varied patterns of questions and answers that we hadn’t known it existed, faster than any group of number of experts. It not only look for keyword matches and synonyms but also reads and interprets like human by breaking down the sentence grammatically, relationally and structurally.

Watson is different from simple speech recognition technology (computer translating human speech into set of words), because it also understands the context. Watson using the algorithm, tries to understand the meaning and provide insightful responses through a broader way of linguistic models and algorithms.

Watson learns, adapts and keep getting smarter. It learns more from its interactions with humans. Watson doesn’t answer if it is having the confidence of less than 50% on the supporting evidences. Watson knows what it knows and it knows what it does not know. IBM is pushing knowledge of deep analytics and natural language processing forward through this.

Building apps using IBM Watson Developer Cloud

IBM is bringing the cognitive technology to your app through IBM Watson Developer Cloud. It is a library of Watson APIs to create apps powered by Watson Apps.
Watson APIs – From gaining insights from texts to analysing images and video, power of Watson APIs can help build cognitive apps. Watson APIs consists of three APIs:
– Tone Analyzer
– Emotion Analysis
– Visual Recognition
These APIs have enhanced SDKs (Node, Java, Python, newly introduced iOS Swift and Unity), which help developers to customize and build apps with Watson.

Tone Analyser empower apps with deeper analysis capabilities. It provides people with unmatched level of perspective about kind of responses coming from audience. For example, in customer service, it can help analyse different kinds of emotional, social and writing tones.

Emotion Analysis uses natural processing language to analyse content and helps users understand emotion of others in a better way. Now apart from identifying positive and negative sentiments, developers can now distinguish between large scale of emotions.

Visual Recognition is beyond visual capabilities and can be trained to identify and classify images. It allows developers to train Watson about custom classifiers for images. Thus developers can build apps that can visually identify unique ideas and concepts.

Lets checkout different apps built using power of Watson APIs and cognitive technology.

Business Intelligence: It analyses social media and news to understand how people are talking about your company. It can also understand important topics and how other people are feeling about those topics.
Audio Analysis: It transcribes audio and depending upon its concept, the app presents recommendations. How it works?
1. It first analyses Video plays and audio.
2. Then the audio is transcribed
3. It gathers concepts from its database.
4. Based on its confidence level, it concepts are ranked.
5. It presents recommendations based on top ranked concepts.

Conversational Agent: It gives an engaging experience. It allows you to chat with Watson to find out new movies depending on genre and rating.

IBM Bluemix is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables developers to build and run apps in the cloud.

How Watson is being used by different companies?
Watson is powering many applications by now for industries present across various domains. Watson is making a great impact through applications. Few of the industries, where Watson powered applications are already reflecting a great impact, are: Healthcare, Retail, Law and Finance Industries.

watson 2

Healthcare Industry
Watson powered applications have been used in some of reputed Cancer hospitals where it is helping with cancer patient care as well as research. It helps physicians with diagnoses using its vision recognition power and can read X-Ray and MRI scans for doctors in a more focused way.

Retail Industry
Watson is helping through applications in retail industry by making retail experiences more personalised. For example, it can present the products to customers at a very suitable point of buying cycle. Apps can also intake and analyse the data to offer additional services based on customer’s preferences during online travel purchases.

Finance Industry
In this domain, Watson’s typical question and answers capability can be used. Watson powered financial applications can not only answer the question but it also analyses the question. It can give the financial advice as well as can also help in managing risks associated with financing. It ensures great customer experience for users seeking wealth management.

Thus, developing cognitive computing applications can allow it to interact with humans through natural language and bringing big data insights to explore.

Krify is a multinational IT Solution provider that helps businesses to automate the processes and hence increasing the efficiency of their system and the workflow. Contact us today for customised web and mobile app development solution. We offer various services like Web, Mobile, Wearable app development and Digital Marketing.

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For Easy And Secure Linphone Windows Mobile App Solutions – Get started with ‘Krify’

Linphone has reached a very useful level of functionality. It is a convenient and useful softphone. It is one of the most popular methods for accessing Voice over Internet Protocol and is a great and cost-effective way of communications.

Linphone was the first open source software that used the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) with VoIP. This open source software has voice, video and messaging features that can be used with any SIP VoIP operator and can be distributed free. VoIP phones essentially transforms the telephone data that can be transmitted over the internet. Our previous blog post about Linphone explains about the advanced features of Linphone for various development platforms.

Linphone for Windows

Industry experts are killing the rumours that Microsoft is about to kill Windows phone. Contrary to the popular opinion, Windows phone is out in the battle. In various parts of the world, sales of Windows phone are rocketing past the iPhone.

Using Linphone on Android can be seen in common. But switching to Windows phone has got one more reason too, that Windows phone supports for a VoIP SIP client. Linphone for Windows 8.0 and 8.1 Phones appears a step in right direction. Downloading and installing Linphone for Windows phone is easy. It is easy to get Linphone and to register with voip.ms directly. But you will be able to receive incoming calls only when you use an account at Linphone.org.

Krify, being a professional mobile app development company, has developed Linphone apps for different platforms of mobile OS. Building a Linphone for Windows Phones is also one of the competency that our expert team of Linphone app developers has.

Our Linphone expert team have developed a Linphone sample application for Windows, titled as ‘LinTest’ that is successfully compiled and deployed on Windows App Store.

The previously released stable version available for Linphone development for Windows was This version lacked features like video calls, video settings, image transfer through chat and support for background services. Following are the features associated with this version:

  • Audio Codecs: Calls could be made and received using codecs OPUS, Speex 16, PCMU, Speex 8, SILK 16.
  • G729 codec option was disabled.
  • Echo Canceller calibration option was available.

The latest version available on Git and the officially released version is, released in February 2016. It is an unstable version and is available for developers for improvement of functionalities. The main features of this version, as of date, are as follows:

  • Audio Calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Image Sharing
  • Address Book
  • Call History
  • Display of advanced call statistics
  • Various Audio Codecs like OPUS, Speex 16, Speex 8, PCMU, PCMA, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, G722, G729, ILBC, GSM, ISAC are supported to make and receive calls.
  • This version has added features like image transfer through chat, video settings and support for background services.
  • Calls work irrespective of state of an app either killed, minimized or device is locked.
  • Chats can be received irrespective of the state of app and images can also be sent across.
  • Audio codecs available for making and receiving call are OPUS, Speex 16, Speex 8, PCMU, and PCMA. Echo Canceller Calibration option is now available. Video codecs H268, VP8 are available for video call option.
  • Transport Modes – TLS, UDP, TCP – can provide mode of connectivity that can be used to establish the connection, either connection oriented or connectionless.
  • Media Encryption – SRTP – can be used for secure and confidential communication between two devices through pin sharing.

wp_ss_20150114_0001 wp_ss_20150114_0002

The settings and functionalities can be customised as per the app requirement.

This test application has been tested and is stable with sip.linphone.org domain and under testing phase for other sip domains. Therefore further scope for integrating and enhancing the features like that of contacts, where there is no option to add/create a new contact. It only lists the contacts from the address book whichever are visible. Also, it is difficult to integrate call functionality with audio codes like AMR-NB, AMR-WB, G722, ILBC, ISAC, SILK 16. Audio conference feature is also not supported by this version.

The expert team of developers at Krify are dedicated towards developing creative and absolute solutions for your mobile app development needs. Our portfolio showcases the versatility of our work in development of attractive and useful mobile and web apps. Linphone app development is one such competency of Krify. Reach us today with your requirements to get a free quotation.

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