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Linphone App Development

Linphone App Development Company

Belledone Communications from France developed Linphone for linux platform basically. Later on, it started supporting various other platforms like MS Windows and Mac OS X and mobile environments like Android, iOS, iPhone, etc.
Linphone is an open source Voice over Internet Protocol and Session Initiation Protocol. As it is an open source code, it is used to build mobile apps and these apps can be used to make free international calls to the phones. The respective phones must have these apps downloaded to utilize the facility of making free international calls. You can also send Instant free text messages and videos through this app.
If you would like to utilize the free calling feature, you must Sip-server available as it takes care of the call setup and without this you cannot make the phone calls. Also, G729 codec should be enabled. It is an audio data compression algorithm. It is preferred more and used in VOIP as its bandwidth requirements are low.
All the functionalities of Linphone are built around Liblinphone. To add video and audio calls, Liblinphone is used often.  It is a core engine. Krify has expertise in customizing Linphone based on the needs and demands of its Clients. Krify’s team of experts can develop multiple mobile apps with Linphone such as Ring To India, Gost App, Sim 2 Dial etc.


Better ROI
Learning with Entertainment
24/7 Availability
Cost Savings
Systematic & Advanced Learning
Get Instant Updates
Enhanced Communication

Easier School Management

Student-friendly UI
Track Student Progress

Key Features of Linphone Applications

Cloud Services

Messaging app development implements cloud services where data is stored and retrieved from cloud.

User status visibility

The users can able to know if their contact list people are available online or not.

Web app synchronization

Whatsapp like messaging apps synchronizes with web app which helps user to communicate on large screen.

Interactive emojis

A picture speaks louder than words and so the use of emojis helps user to convey their emotions.


Users can customize the font, background image, etc to add a spice of customization.


The messenger app development is compatible on multiple platforms say Android, iOS and windows.

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1. Can we have a fixed price quote for the app project?

Yes, you can. Before beginning the project, we work with you to make a detailed report on the requirements and further provide you the estimated cost for app delivery.

2. Do you assure app approval on the App Store?

No, because Appstore and Google Playstore may change their privacy policy at any time with respect to that there is chance of rejection and need to enhance the functionalities based on that.

3. What platform should we target?

It depends on your app idea, targetted clietele, budget etc., whether its Android or iOS we are expertise at any platform you choose. Even though both platforms have an equal market presence, it’s seen that majority prefer to use Android platform because of its user-friendliness. But if your app is a premium service then it’s better to opt for iOS.

4. Do you follow agile methodology?

Yes, we follow agile and water scrum methodology depending on the complexity of the project.

5. What are the advantages of education apps?

Easy communication, personalized learning, accessibility, efficiency, adaptability and better user engagement.