// Importance of employee engagement for any organisation.
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Why Employee Engagement Is Important For The Organisation

All engaged employees are happy, but not all employees are engaged.

At Krify, a fast growing and bespoke software services company, always concerned about their employees and employee engagement. It takes a step forward to encourage and bring out the real talent of the employees. Make a note that employee engagement is a mind set. While you plan the events or activities just start with “What” are the engagement activities and “Why” factor, to achieve good results in the engagement strategy.

Why is employee engagement important for your organisation ?
  • Employee engagement is the biggest challenge faced by the organisation. Look at your employees as real people, with accomplishments and aspirations. Before you start spinning of activities, realize that your employees are not just the means of generating business, but they are resources who deliver what is expected by customers.
  • An opportunity to achieve long-term commitment with employees, which leads to higher sales.
  • Accelerates company performance in various areas like customer satisfaction, health and safety, productivity, profitability, etc.
  • Engagement efforts should be aligned with overall business strategy, rather unplanned activities will impact the organisation and its  a waste of time and of course resources.
10 Engagement Activities For a Good Commitment

Ideas of employee engagement activity and works at Krify

  • Involve employees in business planning process
  • Create a knowledge sharing system
  • Provide the learning activities
  • Create excitement about upcoming activities
  • Show them the profits
  • Encourage knowledge sharing in a creative way
  • Fun and cultural activities on floor
  • Self guiding on-boarding activities
  • Engagement of managers with team
  • Co-curricular activities like sports.
Employee engagement activities at Krify 
Appreciation day to motivate the employees

Commitment Team building activity

Indoor team building activity

Music Day to boost employee engagement

Yoga Day helps in employee engagement

Workshop Engagement

Employee engagement is the measure of great place to work. Understanding the importance, plan such activities in your organisation. Krify is always having the highest measures in encouraging and motivating its employees.