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Importance of Promotional Video for your application?

An image makes memory and mind will retain it rest of the time as thoughts. But there is something more than that is picturization. Are you watching an advertisement on television? How you get closer to know about the products and keep in mind for a more extended period?  A video is a perfect way to put your app in its best light, show users experience. Why should you use video marketing? Why are promotional videos relevant? A video is a perfect way to put your app in its best light, show users experience. An ideal video picturization has been using for marketing purpose in the digital market this day. There are heaps of benefits of video marketing for business.

Today people prefer to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video than spending 15-20 minutes reading some text. Moreover, videos also help businesses in communicating their important points to their target audience in very little time.

An image may less engage the target audience than video-based content as the video is becoming increasingly vital to music campaigning in today’s online climate. With 5% of people watching online video on a day-to-day basis and spending an average of 2.6 x times on video pages. It should be known to everyone that 45% of businesses use promo explainer videos on their homepage? Furthermore, 83% of those businesses believe those videos to be useful for their marketing? 

Here are just a few of the highlights after detailed study:

  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day by through rate increases.
  • 82% of users view video content on Twitter.
  • 80% of social video generate more shares than text & images combinedly.
  • The click-through rate increases by 13% if we are Merely mentioning the word  ‘video’ in an email subject line
  • 75 Million People in the U.S. watch online videos every day.
  • Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement.

Now get into the topic in deep:

Why are promotional videos relevant?

Global internet traffic is headed. So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd and ensure that you get noticed? Here’s why promotional videos is a progressive step forwards and How to create the ultimate app promotional video in the right way.

The rise of Video Content

At present youtube is the most essential video content streaming services or promotional video creation services available to the consumers that boast a significantly larger digital audience than all of its competition. Social media services such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are also continually developing and focusing their platforms towards visual content. Anyone who wants to expand and nurture their online presence in this environment then we should engage with video production.

Why use promotional video?

There is a restriction for an image when it appears. An image may complete something remarkable signs but something incomplete inside it that needs more improvisation to convey the message from the owner. A video promotion will do all that you want. To notify your audience about your new project that is launched then 15-60 second videos are the best and excellent ways to inform your audience. A 5 minutes video may be too excessive for those who are unfamiliar with you, and that could drive potential fans and supporter away. Promotional video service offers digestible, light content that informs efficiently. You can utilise this format to share demos, new hooks and announcements. It’s easier to keep the audience engaged and build anticipation just by feeding your listeners with small amounts of information at different times and on different platforms.

Different types of Promotional Videos

  • Interactive Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Product and Services Videos

Steps to follow to Create Promotional video for your app or business

Before going for the actions, you need to think what matters for promo videos and plan accordingly. The steps or Process associated with creating promotional Video are as follows

  1. Step1: Identify your goal
  2. Step 2: Choose a direction
  3. Step 3: Set the tone
  4. Step 4: Decide on Duration
  5. Step 5: Choose a video Style
  6. Step 6: Outline the idea
  7. Step 7: Write the script
  8. Step 8: Storyboard

What makes for great promotional videos?

There is no secret behind creating promotional videos; there are specific video trends that can pinpoint the most successful and popular promo video services that have in common:

  • The video so developed should be less than or within 60 seconds that should be demonstrated or promoted the exact thing you want to convey.
  • The Promotional video so developed should be entertaining or informative.
  • The promotional video created should be on the top of the home page or must have a particular landing page or a specific product or service page.
  • The goal of the promotional video is to be transparent and honest about the subject they are promoting, either they are done in quirky whiteboard animated style or using real people.
  • The videos should be high-quality with a professional look, crisp, and there are no errors, misspellings or rough cuts noticeable even if the promotional video developed is DIY

Free Consultation for mobile app development

Best Benefits of Promo videos

You can use your promo video to serve several purposes. Here are some of the benefits of Promo Videos

  • Humanise your brand
  • Outshine the competition
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Cover your bases
  • Speak their language
  • Start the conversation
  • Give mobile users more shareable content
  • Improve your SEO
  • Improve your visibility in search

How to create the ultimate app promotional video?

Brainstorming on the Video story: This step involves understanding the concept of the application, Target Audience and Focus on the core message.

Pre-Production stage: Scripting and storyboarding. Defining the character flow and visualisation of the entire video.

Production Stage: This process will capture all the scenes and information captured in the pre-production process. The step will begin with character and Background designs.

Post Production: This phase involves Staging, Posing, video editing, adding a soundtrack, timeline corrections.

Marketing Plan: Recording a video and publishing it to YouTube isn’t enough; we have to strategically promote it on respective Mediums to ensure it gets maximum coverage.

Reasons Promo Videos can be so persuasive

Technology has become a more integral part of customers lives, and promo videos become a more effective tool for businesses that want to grow. Promo videos have proven to increase clickthroughs, consumer engagement and conversion rates. Here are the five sold reasons:

  • Promo videos get personal
  • Promo Videos are great for Demos
  • Watching video is easy
  • Videos entertain and educate
  • Video serves as another touchpoint with consumers
  • Shows users how to use the app
  • Can easily be shared
  • Contributed to brand identity
  • Provides precedence over other apps
  • Gives a brief description of your app

Elements to consider for creating a Great Promotional Video

Let’s take a closer look at all the things it does right, and along the way, we’ll discuss how these can be transferred across to your promo video. Tips for creating great promotional videos should utilise the emotive power of video by appealing to their customer’s needs and desires.

  • Open with a personal bond: Make a personal bond with your audience from the outset, retain it and develop it from start to finish.
  • Movement: Keep things moving and keep things interesting. Never bore your audience with just one shot of a bloke telling the customers straight to buy your product.
  • Arouse Curiosity: Plant the seed. Make us care about the product. Always try to ask a question to the audience and then proceed to answer it.
  • Make an irresistible offer: Work out precisely what problem your product or service is solving, explain it succinctly in your video, and then say how you’re going to solve it.
  • The art of rhetoric: Here, there are two. The first is to be bold. If your product is as good as you think, then say so. The second is to try and predict any objections to your argument and dedicate a section of your script to overcome them.
  • Create a mass enemy: Try and position yourself as the paladin in the shining shield that will save consumers from things they naturally mistrust or don’t like. Remember you are the answer that we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Add value: Never overlook the obvious. No matter where it is that your product adds value – and that doesn’t necessarily have to be on the price – highlight it to the audience. Get a bit inventive if you have to try and unearth some more profound hook points that might otherwise be missed.
  • Call to Action: If you can use a metaphor than so much the better. But your genuine customer must feel like they’re going to have a good time by signing up with you.
  • Close with a memorable Tag line: Come up with a famous strapline for your product or service. Something that means what your product will do, but also how users will avail. It doesn’t have to rhyme or be as fantastic, but it has to convey the brand, the product and the added value all in one

How to Market Your Mobile App with Video

Let’s take a look at how video can assist you in promoting your app, how you can get started, and what you can do with it.

  • It’s the valid thing next to try on your app
  • You get more qualified downloads
  • It’s good for branding
  • It’s good for SEO
  • It’s an excellent way to communicate with your existing audience

Different type of videos

  • 2D classic character animation
  • 2D Motion Graphics
  • 2D stop motion /cutout animation
  • 2D e-learning
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Motion Graphics
  • 3D Matte painting & environment creation
  • 3D walkthrough
  • Clay & Stop motion Animation
Bottom Line

Video marketing has many benefits for business at one level in the current time. As per people need to get more specification about the product, you need to make a real audio-visual picture in different categories like animation video; human acted video or product showing video.

Krify has competency in doing high-quality promotional videos which requires a better approach to brand awareness. We aim to communicate your message or brand, clearly and artistically in short, concise videos. Our video encapsulates business message, value proposition, branding, and an overall personality in a matter of minutes!

At Krify, we are Mobile App Promo Video Maker with an emotional element to drive brand loyalty and influence purchasing decisions. We strongly believe that Video Marketing is one of the best and cost-effective approaches to making a significant impact on the masses, keeping content at the helm.

Our Promotional videos incorporate the core message and value proposition, keeping branding in subtle ways which focus on presences or choices.

If you are looking for Creative and Professional Promotional video services for your branding then we are the one among the Corporate Promotional Video Production Company India, Bangalore as well as UK. Please contact us today. Give us this opportunity, we combine our creativity and make your thinking visible/motion in our designs and video production.

Have you ever applied for a promotional video marketing service for your product? If your answer is no, you must go for it for your RoI to increase. Why should you use video marketing? Krify stands by you for your promotional video services and marketing with experts.

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Budget Friendly Mobile Apps

What are the key factors that influence to develop a budget friendly Mobile application?

How much money do we need to spend? How much time the project takes to finish? What’s next? These are the common questions that invariably come to our mind when we start thinking about developing a Mobile application for business.

The key factors that influence Time and cost are

  • The Complexity of the functionalities -Initially we certainly think about dozens of features that our application should have. First, we need to list down the functionalities and start with a MVP (Minimum Viable application) with minimum set of features.

  • The choice of technology stack – The more technical the app, the more will be its development cost and time. Technologies such as Mongo DB, AI integration, Data analytics etc would automatically increase the development cost and time.
  • UX /UI designs and animations – The first look of any application can either be a maker or a deal-breaker. The style of design you choose such as Simple, Polished, Aesthetically brilliant, Innovative etc also plays an important role in cost and time estimations.

  • The type of application – Choosing the type of application such as Native or Hybrid or Web also plays an important role in time and cost estimations.

  • External APIS and Integrations – Third party integrations which will take data from other Websites and mobile apps is another point that affects the time and cost.
  • The Choice of Platform – Mobile platform such as Android, IOS, Windows etc and devices supported such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone X, iPad etc will directly affects the cost and time of building an application.

  • The testing environment – Thorough testing is critical to the quality of a product. An in-depth testing stage ensures app users face minimal issues such as glitches, bugs or lags. In-depth testing such as Cloud testing, Penetration, Security etc will affect the time and cost.

Do you know, your choice of development partner will also impact your mobile application development costs?

Outsourcing your app development is a very important decision to get customized, Quality and Polished application that reach your end customers expectations and competitive in the market. Not all the Mobile app development companies are adequately equipped in planning Mobile app budgeting. As a result of the knowledge gap they underestimate/overestimate the time, resources, and Budget required to develop the  mobile application.

Apart from time and cost, it is also important that the mobile app is professional as well as functional effectively. So, it is also very crucial to partner with right mobile app development company to transform your vision into reality.

In Krify, we have been building Mobile applications for 15 years and our extensive experience equips us to calculate the costs/budgets accurately before starting the project. If you have a clear idea on the type of the app you wish to develop then we will provide you with accurate estimations. Incase if you are not sure of what you want, we are very much interested to brainstorm together to find suitable option that fit your budget.

Contact us today to put your app idea in motion.

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How Prototyping can take your Startup to the next level?

Are you are a startup company or entrepreneur with app development idea? Do you want to make your app stand out with the competitors? then you should first go with Prototype.  This is your best first step in mobile app development because prototype ads life to your idea and communicate your vision clearly and it makes the process move both faster and in a more efficient way.

Developing an app is a time consuming and costly process. There are many points to take into account in mobile app development, especially during the initial stages. Some of the major steps include a conception of the idea, target audience, investment etc. Prototyping bridges the gap between designers and developers, allowing you to move a substantial step ahead of your competitors.

The initial stages of building a skyscraper are a lot like the beginning stages of building software. In the same way, architects create illustrations and draw up blueprints to provide builders and developers with a vision of the end product, designers create sketches, wireframes, and mockups to demonstrate the look and structure of an application.

What is prototype?

Prototype is an act of creating a proof of concept of a product which can be used to validate an idea and tested by the users before creating the actual product.  It is essentially an early simulation of the final app product.

A prototype is a collection of UX pieces, animations, interactions and other graphic elements meant to showcase the app’s purpose and functionality.

Prototype communicates the design and navigation of the app to stakeholders in order to maximize the efficiency of the development process.

Prototypes bring ideas to life and transform a creative vision into a reality to align the customers’ needs with the goals of an organization.

How Does an App Prototype Look Like

Below is an example of a Prototype we developed for Social Event booking application


Reasons to Start Prototyping

Concept validation

It is always good to test an idea before investing a lot of time and money. Prototyping allows you to experiment with the idea and reveals whether there is demand for your app idea. You can easily add, modify or remove features based on the feedback received from the users.

Better stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders involved in the development should have a better understanding of the purpose and functionality of the app. An early prototype is an opportunity to present the idea to partners, investors and other stakeholders and further brainstorm together about possible improvements.

Identify potential issues as early as possible

Changes in the requirements and workflow in the later stages of the app development process will consume a lot of time and money as well because it requires complex modifications in the app code. Hence by designing a prototype, you can decide what features to include or skip etc?

Can Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Prototyping helps catch UI and UX problems early so that your customers can be able to readily use the application after launching which helps you in seamlessly onboarding the application to your customers.

Speeds up (and Simplifies) the Mobile App Development Process

Your developers will have many questions for you that a functional prototype could have answered quickly. Prototyping will eliminate a lot of the back and forth that slows down the process. That way developer can fully focus on the coding part.

Gives Tangible Product for Funding

An app prototype is a functional idea of the end product. When presenting the app to prospective investors, a prototype works as a tangible product model that can speak about the product, its potential, and how it would be at the end. This will ensure investors about the value of your product.

Mobile App prototype comprises of following steps
  • Ideation and Brainstorming for the App concept and preparing requirement document.
  • Wireframes (Blueprint) : A skeletal outline of the flow of the app following requirement document
  • Graphic design/Mock up’s: The Look and feel of the user interface with color combinations following Wireframes.
  • Prototype: A virtual app which will provide the visual rendition and logic flow of an active mobile app

What are the different prototyping tools?

There are plenty of great prototyping tools that we can use which can quickly turn sketches, images and mockups into fully interactive and high-fidelity prototypes that look and feel like the finished product. Also helps you to quickly share the prototype with teams and clients. Below are a few examples

  • Marvel
  • Flinto
  • Justinmind
  • Invisionapp
  • Proto.io
  • Balsamiq

Here at Krify have good experience in creating mobile app prototypes that feel real. We understand that prototypes plays a critical role in the success of MVP so our designers will work with you to create polished, stylish design tailored to a smooth and well-chosen user experience Prototype.

What are you waiting for? To get your prototype started, Contact us today!

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What is the importance of writing perfect RFP for your mobile application?

When you are looking for new mobile application development then you need to find the right company who can convert your idea to a reality that can ensure its success. This is one of the challenging tasks, especially when so many vendors are trying to contact. So in order to make sure that your mobile app development really went well, one should find the best mobile app Development Company. The quality of your RFP helps you in finding the right mobile app development company by receiving responses from top development companies.

What is RFP?

A request for proposal (RFP) is a solicitation document developed by organizations or entrepreneurs with their business goals and submitted to mobile app development companies asking for competitive estimations to develop that certain application.

What are the Key elements of RFP?

Purpose of the project – The first step towards writing a proposal is to define the problem and the related KPIs. You need to write what business problem this application is to going to solve. This step is very important to articulate your problem and the easier it becomes for mobile app development companies to suggest your best-tailored solution.

Project Description – Need to explain the exact goal and what you want to achieve with this mobile application.

Target Audience -A mobile app should always be developed keeping in mind the target users of an application. Having a clear vision regarding the target group, enhance the success ratio of an app.

Mobile Platforms – Need to define whether you want to go with a native or hybrid application? Also, need to define in which platform you want the application such as

  • IOS App Development
  • Android App development
  • Windows app development
  • Progressive web apps

Timeline and budget -While writing an RFP, define the ballpark budget that you have and decide when the project should be launched. This information helps mobile app development companies to plan the project, technology stack etc.

Things to consider when selecting the best mobile app development company

Finally, the quality of your mobile app RFP will affect the quality of the responses you receive. The detailed and better your RFP, you will receive proposals from the best mobile app development company that provide accurate timeline and price estimations and help you to choose the company that matches your project.

As a full service mobile app development company with 12 + years experience, Krify handles the entire lifecycle of your project starting from Strategy, UX/UI Design, Architecture  planning, App Development, QA/UAT testing to deployment to respective stores.

Design & Development of mobile apps is our bread and butter. Start a conversation today with our business analyst team for your next mobile app development project idea!

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Revolution in Fitness Industry with Mobile apps!!

Do you agree that mobile apps are transforming the fitness industry ?

Let’s start this with by discussing what are the common challenges faced by Fitness centers.

Users Engagement

Engaging users is an ongoing challenge for any fitness center. This is possible with personalization not with mass messages.


Maintaining good communication with the users in the form of discussion to motivate users in efficient way is one the challenge for fitness centers.

Regular Updates

Updating users with new information, updates, comments etc through email is an issue for fitness centers because users get frustrated by receiving more emails.

If you are a Personal Trainer or a Fitness center or Gym, get your own fitness mobile app development as users are increasingly turning to mobile app. Nowadays living a healthy lifestyle has become trend. Being healthy means being beautiful, successful and Fit.

Reasons why Fitness centers require a mobile app

Direct connection

Mobile app will increase the chances of a direct communication with users. It helps to create more user engagement as well as increase brand awareness.

Push notifications

With this feature, Fitness centers can take advantage of sending text messages in the form of greetings, wishes, promotions, and offers etc to the users who downloaded the app. This will be a great way to approach users.

Membership Plans

From the app itself, users can be able to view membership plans and can easily book the appointment with few steps. Also even users can make the payment online through the app with just a single click.

Online Reputation:

Online reputation is very important if any business want to maintain long term success. For this, fitness centers can ask users to provide their feedback and valuable comments which will enhance their online reputation.


This feature allows users to see when there are any new classes happening and any special events coming up.


Google Map navigation feature in the app allow users to easily navigate from their current location to the Fitness center location.

Training Videos

Showing Training videos in the app created by your trainers is a good opportunity to let users know about different trainers that you have and their expertise. This will create interest in users to visit your fitness centers and try your classes.

New Equipment updates

You can be easily able to show case your new equipment images and their advantages.


Nutrition and recipes’

This is an innovative way to show your users that you care about them and their needs, by providing them with healthy recipes and insights on nutrition that they can use outside of the gym/Fitness center.

Do you want to miss all the above advantages by not having a mobile for your fitness center? Book Clients. Boost Profit. Drive Traffic by having personalized mobile app for your fitness center. We provide excellent quality at a reasonable price.


How much does it cost to build Fitness App?

It is hard to provide the estimation right now to develop a Fitness mobile app because it depends upon set of features, technology stack etc.

There are numerous phases involved in developing a successful mobile app such as Ideation and Documentation, UI/UX Design, Programming, and QA testing.

From our point of view, developing a mobile app is an ongoing project with new versions updates, new features development, new UI integration according to trend.

Below is a pie-chart where you can see percentage of each phase involved in mobile app development

In conclusion we can say that there is a very much importance of fitness apps in this smart era and there are many proven reasons. So strengthen your fitness business with Mobile app solution. Don’t think about the development , just share us your vision , how you want your mobile app and what features you want to incorporate, Our team of proficient and skilled developers who masters the art of developing mobile apps for fitness industry will create customize mobile app as per your goals.

Contact us today and share us your ideas with us NOW?

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Do you agree Android P is out to steal the iPhone’s high-end crown?

Only 1.1 percent of Android users are using Oreo  but the company is already working on Android P, which is a new report from Bloomberg.

Google’s next major version of Android could be called Pi (or perhaps Pie). According to Bloomberg, Android p is ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’, but this is unlikely to be the official name. Google has named every version of its mobile operating system after candies or desserts.

Improving the UX/UI (look) of the software” to better appeal to existing iPhone users is the one of the key goals of Android P.

Google has also updated the updated operating system to better integrate camera notches, such as the ones found on the Essential Phone and iPhone X, as more and more hardware manufacturers embrace redu-bezel designs.

Some other rumored features of Android P

  • Material Design to completely revamp the look and feel.
  • More powerful Google assistant
  • Multiple Screens and Foldable Displays
  • Features such as native call recording support
  • Enhancements on battery life and performance

It’s evident that Google wants Android and Chrome OS to better communicate with one another. We really hope Google will overcome all the issues with Android P.

We are creative & visionary native Android mobile app Development Company with proven track record of developing more than 150+ Android apps.

With our expertise in Android App Development, we craft innovative and secure Android App solutions that drives growth to your business. We have developed Android apps from simple to complex level in various domains like Consumer apps, Business apps, Ecommerce, Food ordering, Taxi Booking , Insurance, Pharma, Event Planning , Scheduling, Travel, Education, Social networking, Utilities, Gamification, etc.

You can hire our skilled & experienced Android resources to create your custom business apps for Android (Android Phone and android tablet) suiting your industry vertical.

Please contact us today to scale up your business ideas!!

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How to choose best framework for your next project?

A web application framework is a collection of software libraries, Web APIS and Web Services. It enable to speed up the process of application development by making the developers work easier.

There are several web frameworks available today and with the increasing popularity among web frameworks, it can get a bit difficult to decide which framework will be best suitable for your projects.

Below are few popular Web frameworks

  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python

There are many pros and cons of using each framework but its utilization is completely dependent on the project requirement.

As per the survey, PHP is one of the most popular and convenient scripting framework widely used for web programming .It makes development process much easier and helps to reduce development costs and time.

PHP framework boosts the programming process. This framework uses MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern which separates the business logic from the (UI) user interface. In MVC, M – Model refers to the data, V – View refers to the user interface, C – Controller refers to the business logic which handles the exchange of information between the model and the user interface. MVC basically separates the development process. Therefore the developers can work on the business logic while the designers can work on the user interface separately without getting in each other’s way. Hence PHP framework will be faster and less complicated compared to other frameworks.

Here we are going to enlist few very popular and used PHP frameworks

Laravel :

Laravel is the most popular web application framework among web developers. It is an open source framework introduced in 2011 by the developer Taylor Otwell. Within this short span, it gained huge popularity because of its features and powerful tools. The latest version of laravel is laravel5.5 and the key features of laravel include Databases migration system, Inbuilt templates, built-in command line tool Artisan, Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping), Unit testing and more.

Symfony :

Symfony is a PHP framework developed by SensioLabs. It is also an open source framework and the latest version of Symfony is Symfony3.3. It comes with various powerful tools like code-generation tools for prototyping and it has a built-in unit and functional testing framework which allows test-driven development. The debugging is made easy with the debug panel. It also has a command-line interface, to automate the deployment.

CakePHP :

CakePHP can really make the web development a Cakewalk. It helps us to build the application faster and easier with less code. It offers a flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system which makes the development process pretty easy. It also comes with wide range of built-in tools for securing the application. The list includes the tools for input validation, CSRF and XSS protection.

Codeigniter :

 This is a simple PHP framework which can be easily used by beginners tool .It is introduced in 2006 by EllisLab and widely popular for its simplicity and speed. Codeigniter is highly flexible, it even does not force on MVC. It also provides built-in CSRF and XSS protection.


Zend framework :

Zend framework is also a popular framework among developers with over 158 million installations. It is object-oriented and best suits for building enterprise applications. This framework is basically a collection of professional PHP based packages.

Krify PHP Team is equipped with Skilled and Proficient expertise PHP Developers and we have developed more than 200+ Web projects sucessfully. Depending on the complexity of the project, our team will choose the framework for execution and Implementation. If you need to hire expert PHP developers for your next project or for on going tasks , get in touch with Krify today

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Points to remember when porting Mobile App from One Platform to Another

The strategy used by some businesses is developing a platform first and then release it in store and based on the reviews and success rate, the app will hit the other platform.

Porting an app from one platform to another is not much about the translation of the codes, it is more about the development of the app from the scratch which involves different hardware configurations, operating system support, and customization.

Redesigning is one major prerequisite for porting and there is spark difference between the design philosophy of IOS and Android ecosystems.

Things to consider while porting

  • Analyze the existing application – how does it work, scope for optimization, bugs, technology stack etc.
  • By checking whether all the features are supported by another platform if not check feasibility and find an alternative solution.
  • Creating UI/UX and a navigational style as per design guidelines.
  • Architecture differences
  • Store submission

Android users have an option to come back to the home screen from the app by using back option, however for IOS that feature is not embedded.

Thus, converting or porting from one platform to another platform requires significant planning and careful consideration. If you would like to know further information about porting between two OS then please contact our team at Krify.

Our expert team can help you to convert your application to another platform seamlessly.

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What made GoodFirms Rank Krify as a TOP SEO Company in UK?

The final goal of any company is to get more qualified and potential leads for the business. Beginning from the Start-ups to the multi national companies, major investment is done on the digital marketing to gain brand recognition, attracting potential leads etc.

The success of the business depends on choosing the right digital marketing strategy. Here comes the question, How do you choose the right digital marketing agency and strategy fulfilling all your business needs?

To help and guide the businesses, GoodFirms has conducted an in-depth research on all the digital marketing companies to analyse the work force of the companies and featured the Best 10 SEO Companies in UK.

We are very proud to share that KRIFY is one among the top 10 SEO companies in UK.

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based renowned B2B research firm that helps in boosting various companies’ online reputation and reliability score through analytical research.It follows a thorough research and review process to analyze the company’s performance based on a various parameters like Industry experience, Type of projects , Client satisfaction ratio, skilled work force etc.

We take the pleasure in thanking GoodFirm for certifying Krify as one of the Best SEO Companies in UK . This recognition definitely works as motivation tool for us to strive for excellence and deliver superior customer experience in the coming years. Our ultimate goal is to help the businesses to win in the battle of search engines and increase their clients base.

We at Krify are so proud to have a skilled team of digital marketing & tech experts. We offer a plethora of services like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, ,Domain Registration, Business emails, Web Hosting, Content Management System and other IT related solutions. Our  strategies are highly focused, result-oriented and adaptive. This is why Krify has earned global reputation as the Top Digital Agency and Best SEO company.

Digital Marketing

Contact us today and enrich your digital presence. We are happy to be your technology and digital marketing partners.

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Difference between Software Development company and Digital Agency?

A Software company understand your requirement and they convert your idea to reality by designing, developing and deploying the application.

They will use their expertise and development skills to build the application and won’t think too deep in understanding the brand or marketing strategies. Once the application is live then they will have handed   over the project to the client and further they will involve in any improvements and maintenance support.

During their interactions they will ask questions like

  • What functionality do you need?
  • What style of designs do you need?
  • Will you provide us all the content?
  • In which platforms do you want the application?
  • What technology stack do you prefer?

A Digital agency manages all aspects of an application. They embrace strategic thinking, technical innovation and brand building to deliver client’s objectives.

Digital Agency

A digital agency develops a brief, gets under the hood of the brand they are working for, and ultimately delivers an application to engage and convert the right audience, maximising the conversion opportunity and ROI.

During their interaction they will ask questions like

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your organizational structure?
  • What is the end goal of the application?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What is the unique selling point of your application?

The end goal of software development company is to deliver the project successfully as per the specification whereas the end goal of digital agency is to promote the application, branding, customer loyalty and increase sales through digital marketing efforts.

If you are seriously interested to make your idea successful and if you have reasonable amount of investment then choosing a right digital agency is the correct approach.

Krify is a digital solutions company that goes beyond the definitions of a digital agency or a technology company which looks at the digital world with a different perspective, stereotypes.

Our team who involved in any of the project are

A Project Manager who will make sure the project runs smoothly. They will know each stage of the Project and update the project progress.

A Digital Strategist who will be responsible for putting the right solution and strategy in place, recommending things you never knew existed.

A Creative Lead who will own the design and produce engaging, powerful design solutions with the user experience in mind.

A Design Team of in-house animators, illustrators and photographers who will be on hand to contribute to project success and add special touches.

A Development Team who will work with the design team, creative lead and digital strategist to bring the project to life and make sure it works everywhere it should.

A Quality Analysts Team who measure quality standards and metrics for the current application. This team defines processes for test plan and several phases of testing cycle.

If you’re looking to build something bigger and more effective at driving conversions then Krify is the right place.

We have super creative designers, Passionate developers that brings high end design and World class application to the market.We are a collaborative team under one roof.

Contact us today and share your requirements with us. We are ready to assist you and shape your concept to reality with passion.


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