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Online Shopping Mobile App Development

With the rise in the number of mobile users, online shopping mobile apps have become more prevalent than ever before. The demand for online shopping has given birth to many online shopping mobile app development companies. These apps have significantly influenced the shopping habits of modern users as they provide great comfort for the users to browse from any place and offer a variety of payment options. Almost everyone in the present world relies on online shopping mobile apps to make shopping more easy and quick. Unfortunately, not every online shopping app achieves the required goals and reaches the expectations of customers. Hence it is crucial to select the best online shopping app development company for your online shopping app development. If you are planning to develop an online shopping app for your business like Groceries, Clothes, Food&Beverages, Gadgets, etc., there are some critical things you need to take into consideration. First among them is you need to be clear about what are the required features for developing online shopping mobile app.

How mobile apps empower Online shopping experiences?

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  • Enhanced revenue: Mobile apps reach the globe more precisely, which can propel your business revenues manifold and improves the popularity as well.
  • Customer Retention: By leveraging the fantastic mobile app features an online shopping app will boost customer retention and bring them back again and again to shop.
  • Secured Payment: The shopping apps are developed by providing more secure online payments to win the customers’ trust and improve their shopping experience.
  • Grab the Advantage of smartphones: By developing online shopping apps, the customers can shop by sitting in their comfort zone. Even it facilitates multi-channel marketing activities for your business brand.
  • Personalisation: Online shopping apps are best used for doing their marketing strategy by delivering timely, offering relevant deals and recommendations through push notifications.

Features of Online Shopping App Development

Here are six essential elements features you need to include while developing your online shopping app


User Account

  • User Account: User Account is the first feature any online shopping app should have so that the user can check his history of orders, items saved to cart and wishlist. User account makes it easy for the user to have a log all his purchases, cancellations etc.
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications are one of the simple and most straightforward ways to attract your users back to the app. You can notify the user about the offers, new arrivals and various other news about the products.  The users can get the information through the notifications, and if he likes, he can browse through them instead of having to open the app by himself and search for the discounts or new products available.
  • Tracking: Tracking the product delivery status is essential and should be enabled in your online shopping app as it helps in engaging the customers and building trust between the organisation and the customer.

Search Options

  • Search Options: An Online shopping app will have thousands of products in hundreds of categories. If there is no search option, it would be tough for users to discover their favourite item. By implementing advanced search options, users can easily find the desired products by using the precise filters.
  • Feedback: Feedback plays a vital role in the development of business developments. While purchasing from a mobile shopping app, people generally check the other user’s experience with the products and depends on the ratings, reviews and suggestions through the feedback.
  • Payment Options: The user should have an option to pay online through debit cards more comfortable and safer or other payment option that would make the payment.

These are the essential features to include in your online shopping app development process.  Now let us have a look at the tips for how to make an online shopping app.

Online Shopping App Development Process

An online shopping mobile app development majorly includes five steps to consider. Let us discuss the development process of an online shopping mobile app in more detail. The first two steps play a vital role in deciding the future of your app.

Choosing the Product

  • Choosing the product: You need to know and be clear about the product you are going to sell online. You need to do proper research about the product and its market place. There is no use in developing an online shopping app and selling the products which do not have demand in the market.
  • Target Audience: You need to know your target audience and design the online shopping app in a way that it attracts that particular group of people. The process of adoption in the market becomes easy if you understand your target audience. Once you are clear about the target audience and the product you are going to sell, then you can proceed with the actual development process of the online shopping app. Remember that unless the users feel comfortable and safe, they will not choose your app. So make sure you are developing a user-friendly online shopping mobile app.


Professional Design

  • Professional Design: The Design includes colours, logo, theme, template etc. a user gets the first impression about the app through its design. So it is imperative to choose the best online shopping app development company for your app design. You need to have a professionally designed logo and attractive colours and a simple theme. Users are never attracted to the gaudy colours and sophisticated design that confuses them. The design should be in a way that navigates the user to the next action so that the user will not feel lost.
  • Choosing the Platform: The next thing you need to decide is the platform for your online shopping app. Again it depends on your targetted audience People in some parts of the world use iOS devices, and if you are aiming that audience you need an experienced online shopping iOS app development company and in case your target audience is likely to use android devices you need to go for an excellent online shopping android app development company.
  • Product Growth and Support: You need to take care of your product, promote your app will help marketing. Consider the feedback and improve your product accordingly, Speed up your app as the user will not like to wait till your app loads, and there are high chances that the user will leave the online shopping mobile app if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Development of mobile app

Business verticals that go for an online shopping app development

Many businesses usually go with online shopping app development. Here are some of such companies:

  • Textile Industry
  • Food and beverages Industry
  • Grocery
  • Footwear Industry
  • Fashion
  • Gadgets
  • Gems and Jewellery
  • Safety suppliers industry and many more.

Online Shopping mobile app development requires proper planning and work to build an that will succeed in the market. Once you are clear about what you are developing, why you are developing, and to whom you are targetting, then you can follow the above steps to design an online shopping app.

Krify is a leading mobile app development company based in India and UK. With a huge experience in developing more than 500 apps which also include many online shopping mobile apps. Our team is highly skilled in understanding the market and developing the apps accordingly in order to meet both the user and the market requirements making us one of the top online shopping app development company in India. Are you planning to develop an online shopping app? Reach us here.

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Grocery app challenges

Challenges Faced by Online Grocery Delivery Applications and their solutions

As we all know that the grocery industry is enormous and is increasing regardless of the challenges it is facing. Everyone needs provisions for their home and visits the grocery stores almost every month. From the past half-decade, the trend of Online Grocery Market in the UK has become more popular with the increase in Grocery Delivery App solutions as customers find it so convenient to order from the Grocery delivery app to go and get the groceries by themselves. Due to the busy schedules for everyone these days and also many other reasons to look for easy ways to get the work done. With an increase in technology, people are also getting busy. Also, there is a lot of population all these made grocery stores to shift to an online buying app which has brought some challenges. Still, are you in dilemma whether to develop a Grocery delivery App solution for your Grocery Business before you need to overcome a few problems.

Challenges Faced by Online Grocery Delivery App development and their solutions

Mobile app development banner

  • Low-profit margins-eating away profits: Customers always prefer Online Grocery delivery app solution as they expect good deals with less price. But after spending so much on shifting the store to online grocery app development but it is a too tough task to keep less cost for the products and sell them to customers which will ultimately bring loss to the company. Also, many people would like to test the vegetables physically rather than seeing them on the screen, which is impossible in online.
    • Solution: By including non-perishable items like packaged foods and personal care item etc. whose storage and delivery cost are less, you can save some expenses as well as satisfy the customer. You can merge the offline and online business where people can order online and collect them whenever possible from the store. This will minimise the operation cost to some extent.
  • Disorganised and Inefficient Delivery System: Customers will never plan before they order from a grocery store, they order it when they like to eat something or need any fruits and vegetables at that moment and expect it to reach them without any delay. The customers who order from online grocery app solution will compromise with the spontaneous buying experience. Many people still prefer to visit the store rather than ordering things online. As most of the people are working, they are not available to collect their stuff when it is delivered home.
    • Solution: This can be solved only if the companies follow some delivery schedules. A buyer should be able to receive his order within 30 mins, which must be implemented by Online grocery delivery app development. By this, the buyer can get a clear picture of the delivery so that they can manage their time.
  • Deep-rooted consumer behaviour: One more significant challenge faced by the online grocery app solution is that people do not want to order online as they are habituated to go to the store and pick up the stuff. There is this belief that the things that are sold online are not fresh and tasty. As per the recent survey, it is found that 4% of the customers in Los Angels and 16% in New York bought their grocery online and remaining people still prefer to use the traditional ways to get their groceries.
    • Solution: Customers have shown more interest in organic products, but then this trend cannot sustain as there are insufficient biological resources. You can find out different ways of how customers can get those natural products at a reasonable price. Another thing about the customer is that they don’t only see the quality of the food, but also they are concerned about the brand value of your store. Having a good brand recognization attracts more customers to buy from your store.
  • Difficulty in penetration in small towns: People in the small cities do not have much means of entertainment and for them going to store is the means of engaging with other people. On the other hand, most of the people who buy the stuff directly are habituated in bargaining, which is not possible when ordering through online. Some people are not aware of technology and are not willing to use it as the task of downloading the app and order seems like a big deal for them.
    • Solution: The grocery store owners must plan to conduct some awareness programs to such people and grow your brand reputation. By this, the people will show interest to go for online ordering from your grocery delivery app development.

Also, go through our previous blog: Grocery delivery app development


As people are shifting to online ordering, it is a good idea to develop an online grocery delivery app development. You need to take a few steps to easily overcome the challenges that are being faced by the remaining owners of the grocery business.

Krify is a leading Website and Mobile app development company. Our team has developed many modern E-Commerce websites and is also experienced in Grocery Delivery App Development. Making us one of the best Grocery Delivery App Development Company in India and UK. We also provide various Grocery  delivery App Solutions. In case you are planning to Hire Grocery App Developers UK. You can reach us anytime for more details.

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feedback app development

Feedback App Development Company

Feedback apps are a must to improve the existing business. It helps in collecting the customer’s opinions & suggestions and make the required changes for being successful in the market. Feedback apps are gaining massive popularity as they are playing an essential role in increasing the quality of the business by considering various feedbacks from different people. 

In case you are planning for an online feedback app development for your business, you need to understand what are the top mobile app development companies. Choose the best feedback app development company for your online feedback app design.

Why is feedback important?

It might be challenging to know what your customers will need from your service. But no matter what your customers need now, the only way to know it for sure is to listen to their personal opinion.
And that’s true. Only the active user can tell you what doesn’t work and what could be better for the service. Companies that ignore their customers’ feedback usually lose in the market. Online feedback left by your customers helps drive your service to apply changes that are most important for your customers.

Businesses that use the Feedback app

Here is the list of the companies that rely on the Feedback app for running their business successfully.

  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Beauty and saloons
  • Fitness Center
  • Fashion

Why Choose Krify for Feedback App design and development?

Krify is a bespoke IT Services and software solutions company based in the UK and India. Creating value for our clients is our passion and software technology is our forte. Our core competency includes mobile app, web, wearable app development and digital marketing services. If you are looking for the best mobile app development company for your online feedback app design, then you are in the right place.

Mobile app development banner

Krify has developed a patient online feedback app design and development to provide an innovative solution to our client and here are the functionalities included.
The main objective of the patient’s feedback app design is to understand the performance of the business in the market.

Also go through our previous blog: https://krify.co/best-solution-to-collect-your-clients-opinion-feedback-app/

The people who are going to interact with this Online feedback application are

  1. Guest
  2. Admin

Here are the detailed functionalities of each module in the application

  1.     License key generated by admin.
    •    License key.
    •    Submit.
  1.   Collect the details of guest.
    •     Guest name.
    •     Guest phone number.
    •     Guest id.
    •     Submit.
  1. Questions
    • Are you happy with scheduling an appointment?
    • Your views on ambience and cleanliness?
    • Were the staff helpful and show courtesy?
    • Staff behaviour and counselling?
    • How would you rate the facilities in the centre?
    • How do you find the quality of dialysis?
    • Did your nurse or technician listen carefully to you?
    • How much you rate us out of 5?
    • Comments/suggestion.
  1. Submit

Below are the screens of the patient feedback app; we have developed for our client.

Feedback app

Feedback app question

feedback app comments

Feedback app thank u

Our team of experienced app developers can develop Android and iOS feedback app by considering all your requirements and demands. For more information reach us here.

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Appointment Booking app

Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling App Development

Online Appointment booking app development has changed the way customers are contacting the service providers. Previously people used to wait for hours for their turn to come to meet the consultant, now with the usage of appointment booking apps, it is made easy for the customers to book an appointment in prior and reach the service provider at the time when the appointment is booked. This saves a lot of time for both the customer and the service provider.

There are different businesses that require Online Appointment Scheduling and Booking app Development. Doctors and Beauticians require this app the most as there is a very messy process for making an appointment after reaching a hospital or beauty clinic

Doctor appointment booking app helps the patients to book the appointment through so that they need not spend their whole time in the hospital for meeting the doctors. Also, An appointment with the beautician can be fixed via the app and visit the parlour at the fixed time slot.

Statistics of a growing market of doctor or beautician appointment apps

The medical or beautician appointment booking sites are the new hot trends and conjointly serve countless folks across the globe on a daily basis. And their success clearly defines what proportion potential this marketplace has for brand new players.

According to surveys, about 52% of individuals prefer a smartphone to get health or beauty related information. Around 33% of doctors and beauticians use their smartphones to let their clients know about the medications and beauty tips.

According to other statistics, from 2015 to 2020, the mobile health market’s CAGR is expected to be around 41%. The digital health market is expected to reach over $ 200 billion by 2020, driven primarily by mobile health market.

Statistics for Health market

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Are you interested in developing a doctor or beautician appointment application? This blog will give you some insight into how to build an appointment booking app development that will have all the essential features and suit the needs of your business best.

What are the features of an appointment booking app development for doctors or beauticians?

There are a lot of appointment booking app development for doctors and beauticians who offer a various set of features varying from a simple mobile app to complex platforms. In general, there are two modules involved in this type of apps. For Clients and for service providers like beauticians or doctors each are linked to each other through the admin panel. 

  • Client or customer App
    • Sign up or Login 
    • Customer Profile
    • Service page
    • Appointment booking option
    • Doctor or beautician location tracking option
    • chat option built in the app
    • Manage Appointments
    • Manage Accounts
    • payment option
    • review option.
    • Search and filters
    • Push Notification
    • Booking remainder
    • Help and support
  • Doctor’s or Beautician’s app or Admin
    • Doctor/beautician’s profile/ Dashboard
    • Manage staff
    • appointment status check option
    • appointment accept/rejection option
    • schedule edit option
    • Manage Appointments
    • Manage customers
    • Report and analytics

What are the key benefits of developing a beautician and doctor booking app?

  • City Based search: Customers can search for the professionals based on the city they located in.
  • Easy Payment: Customer can simply pay for the appointment booked by the payment gateway.
  • Manage Availability: Professionals can easily manage their availability through calendar over the website. 
  • Notifications: Get updates whenever an appointment is added, removed or cancelled.
  • Customer management: View all the upcoming appointments of any customers and also a history of all their previous bookings.

Mobile app development banner

What is the Working Process of a booking app development?

Here is the process for using an appointment booking mobile application

  • Signup/Login: First, the user needs to signup if he is the new user or he needs to login with his credentials if he is an existing user or he can log in with the social media channel logins.
  • Available  Services: After logging in the user need to check what all services are available and select the required services
  • Check the Slots: After selecting the required services the user gets the list of available slots for the particular service selected. Now the user needs to plan the appointment according to his availability and the available slots.
  • Payment options: The user has the convenience of paying the fee online. There are different payment gateway options in the app like a credit card, debit card or google pay, etc.

Final Thought

With this booking appointment app, the gap between the client and the service providers can be simply eliminated. The client can book their preferred doctors with just matter of a few clicks. There are many companies that offer you an Appointment Scheduling App Development service you need to choose the best among them. An experienced company knows more about the features and functionalities to include in your app in order to make it successful.

Krify is a website and mobile app development company based in India and the UK. At Krify, we have developed many Online Appointment Booking apps. We have a team of skilled developers who are well expertise in implementing the new technologies available in the market. If you are planning to develop an appointment booking app, reach us here.

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Live Tracking application

Live tracking App Development

A logistics business controls the storage and movement of the goods with a supply chain management between the two points such as source, and destination respectively. Logistics business deals with various orders and customers on a daily basis and needs to track delivery management.

Three Main phrases for Logistics delivery application

  • Pick up
  • Delivery
  • Live-tracking
  1. Pickup: Pickup functionality comes into the picture when the user places the order, then the restaurant will go for the delivery agent who is nearby for both the restaurant and the user. The delivery agent who is near will be assigned to pick up the order from the restaurant which is then tracked by the user.
  2. Delivery: This includes the delivery agent who delivers the food to the concerned customer. The time is taken to pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customers, this comes under the delivery phase. The user can review or gives ratings to the driver and the restaurant based on the delivery time and the food.
  3. Live-tracking: This part is a crucial one in any Logistics or delivery services providing businesses. The admin, as well as the customer,  can track the whole process from placing the order till delivering the order.

If you are planning to develop a live delivery tracking application. You need to understand the features to include in a Live tracking application development.

Features of Delivery Tracking Apps

  • Routing
  • Feedback
  • Tracking
  • Support
  • Automatic dispatch
  • Driver Log
  • Routing: The live tracking app should have a smart routing feature as it helps to optimize the travel routes on a daily basis which saves the cost of fuel and time. This allows the agent to increase the delivery orders per day.
  • Feedback: This feature allows monitoring the driver’s performance on each order, based on the customer reviews and the rating on the order delivery.
  • Tracking: This is the major feature and Live tracking application must-have. Tracking allows the user to track the live status of their order.
  • Support: This feature helps the customers to interact with the business consultants for any query regarding the services or orders.
  • Automatic dispatching: Based on the distance and availability of the driver, the order should be automatically assigned to the user.
  • Driver log: This helps the driver to maintain the history of orders delivered including the date and time. It also helps in understanding the number of orders delivery by the driver each day.

You need to choose the right live tracking app development company for your business as the development process requires a team of experienced developers who can develop a delivery live-tracking application by implementing all the required functionalities

Here, at Krify we have a team of developers with experience in developing more than 500 mobile applications and 200 websites. We have a skilled developers team who can adapt to the latest technologies in the market. Our developers have prior experience in developing live-tracking applications. For more information, contact us here.

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Introduction to UiPath – Future of the RPA UiPath tool

What is UIPath tool in RPA?

UIPath tool is a window desktop RPA software that has an open, extensible architecture designed for highly scalable automation. WEB-based and Desktop devices support UIPath. IOS and Android devices do not support it. UIPath is a drag and drops workflow-based automation tool which features three main products.

  • UIPath Studio
  • UIPath Robot
  • UIPath Orchestrator

UIPath Studio

UIPath Studio is an advanced UIPath tool which enables the user to design the automation processes visually through diagrams. It allows the users to model the process automation using powerful recorders. These recorders observe the user during work to build automation.

  • Visual business rules
  • Industry-standard
  • Screen recorder
  • Revision control
  • .Net Integration
  • Process mapping

UIPath Robot

UIPath Robot tool is a digital worker that helps in executing the process or scheduled work in batches that has been build in the Studio. These robots can work like humans without human supervision or assistance. UIPath Robot allows the user to use the embedded cognitive technology from Google and Microsoft. Also, it will enable the user to use the optical character recognition technology.

  • Email Automation
  • Citrix Automation
  • Data Automation
  • Office Automation
  • Desktop Automation
  • IT Automation

UIPath Orchestrator

UIPath Orchestrator is a web application, management console which enables the user to, schedule, deploy, manage and monitor the robotic processes, while the centralized work queues manage the business exception handling.

  • Process Monitoring
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Release Management
  • Credential Management
  • Remote Control
  • Transaction Queue

Features of UIPath tool

Here are some highlights of UI Path that make it uniques from other RPA tools

  • Security- UIPath tool offers security and enables auto-login features in order to run the bots
  • Compatibility- It allows the user to work with a vast range of applications like Desktop and web applications
  • Scalability and Robustness- UIPath provides efficient debugging techniques and exception handling mechanisms.
  • Hosting options- UIPath can be hosted in both virtual terminals and cloud environments.
  • Screen scraping- UIpath has a scraping solution which can accurately work with any applications like Flash, Jave, Legacy, SAP, etc
  • Centralized repository- It enables the centralized repository that helps the users to handle all the robots  simultaneously

Advantages of UIPath tool

Here are listed some benefits of choosing UIPath tool in RPA software among various tools available in the market.

  • UIPath helps in productivity improvement. 
  • UIPath can trigger python scripts, means it has machine learning capabilities.
  • UIPath provides internal compliance where the employees can run internal reviews regularly to identify and manage the compliance issues.
  • UIPath tool provides a Citrix environment and also desktop contribution
  • UIPath can run with a locked-screen
  • UIPath delivers a better customer experience by allowing the companies to offer useful and timely services to the customers
  • UIPath tool is user-friendly
  • UIPath offers a segregated space for multiple users
  • UIPath has its centralized management server, which allows the companies to manage the bots for performing automatic activities.
  • UIPath tool has the fastest speeds in the automation industry


Every RPA tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, comparatively, UIPath has more benefits and fewer drawbacks which is the reason why UIPath is most popular among the RPA tools and is preferred by many users.

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free VoIP SIP Servers

Free VoIP SIP Servers and their Graphical User Interface

What is a SIP Server?

SIP stands for session initiation protocol. A SIP server is a network protocol that is used for establishing connections for communication of different subscribers and also deals with call management. Also, SIP servers are often used to manage call connection in VoIP solutions. A SIP server can

  • Set up a connection between multiple endpoints
  • Initialize media parameters for the endpoint, using SDP protocol
  • Modify and adjust  the parameters during the session
  • Replace one endpoint with an another or new endpoint
  • Session termination

Difference between PBX and SIP-enabled PBX

A PBX is a system that connects the individual extensions to the external mobile networks or telephone lines, whereas a SIP-based PBX connects to the internet and allows to make calls over the internet using SIP protocol.

Different VoIP SIP servers and their GUI

Here in this article let us understand various VoIP SIP servers and their User Interfaces that are used to manage each SIP server.

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Asterisk is an interactive voice response platform that includes an automatic call distributor functionality. It is an open-source PBX that allows building own communication applications. It is a framework that is used for building real-time communication solutions and multi-protocol solutions. Digium sponsors it.

Features of the asterisk

  • Call monitoring
  • Call transfer 
  • Call waiting
  • Append Message
  • Blacklists
  • Blind transfer


  • Small server footprint for processing and memory capabilities
  • It has Longlife and support mechanisms
  • It allows access to gateway configurations. Documentation, forums, etc
  • For auto-provisioning it has an extensive database of end device templates.


  • ISDN
  • SS7
  • MGCP
  • H.323
  • IAX
  • SIP

Supported OS

  • Linux
  • BSD
  • Solaris
  • Mac OS X

GUI- The Graphical User Interface that is used to manage the Asterisk is Free PBX

Android App Development Company


Free switch

It offers the most flexible to build its unified communication suite. It is majorly focused on 

  • Cross-platform support
  • Stability
  • Modulatory
  • Scalability

Freeswitch as the essential calling features and also includes the advanced features like PSTN interfaces for digital and analog circuits, speech recognition and synthesis. 

The free switch makes use of the freely available software libraries that allows the required functions of the system; this way, it reduces the complexity of the system.


  • It has a Multi-tenant platform, and each tenant is segregated 
  • Freeswitch has clustering capabilities 
  • Concurrent calls, when given the same underlying hardware, can be maximized with increased capabilities.


  • STUN 
  • SCCP 
  • MRCP 
  • SIP 
  • IAX 
  • Skype
  • ISDN 
  • H.323 
  • XMPP 
  • RSS 

Supported OS

  • Mac OS X
  • Linux/BSD
  • Windows
  • Solaris

GUI- The Graphical User Interface that is used to manage the Freeswitch is FusionPBX


The abbreviation of Yate is Yet another telephony Engine. Yate is an extensible GPL licensed PBX and open-source communication software that supports 

  • Video
  • Voice
  • Instant messaging

It supports scripting languages like PHP, Unix shell, Python, Perl even though C++ is its core software.

Main components of Yate

  • Core
  • Message engine 
  • Telephony engine
  • Yate modules


  • H.323 
  • SIP 
  • MGCP 
  • SCTP 
  • SS7 over IP
  • IAX 
  • ISDN 
  • XMPP 
  • Cisco SLT 
  • SCCP 
  • TCAP 

Supported OS

  • Mac OS 
  • BSD
  • Windows
  • Linux

GUI- The Graphical User Interface that is used to manage the Yate is Yateclient

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Elastix has support for a wide range of hardware like Digium, Snom, Yealink. It has included a call center module with a predictive dialer. It only offers up to 8 free SIM calls to 25 users. Elastix offers unified communications server software, which includes the following features:

Features of Elastix

  • Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Faxing
  • Collaboration functionality
  • Integrated softphones for Mac and Windows

Elastix also includes the features that are brought from other open-source projects like Postfix, HylaFax, FreePBX, Openfire

Kamailio/ OpenSER

Kamailio, previously known as OpenSER, is a free and open-source sip sever and offers a high-security level. Compared to other SIP servers, Kamailio is a bit difficult to adopt as it requires deep knowledge of the SIP protocol. To provide secure communications, it has powerful features like

Features of Kamailio

  • SCTP
  • TLS
  • Asynchronous TCP, UDP
  • Instant messaging
  • Least cost routing
  • Load balancing
  • Routing fail-over
  • Authentication and authorization

Due to its ability to provide high-level encryption, it is one among the top secured servers and is recommended to businesses that prefer the security and wants everything to be kept inside.

GUI- The Graphical User Interface that is used to manage the Kamailio is Siremis


OpenSIPs is one of the fastest SIP servers that offer robust and scalable solutions at an enterprise level. It is a multi-functionality sip server that majorly targets delivering a high-level technical solution which can be used in professional SIP server platforms. This technical Solution providers mainly includes

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Security

Features of OpenSIPs

  • Multi-domain support
  • Perl programming Interface
  • Least cost routing
  • Variables support in the script
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Modular architecture
  • Call processing language

GUI- The Graphical User Interface that is used to manage the OpenSIPs is OpenSIPs CP

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Flexisip Server

Flexisip is a scalable and modular SIP server that offers all the required to deploy an own SIP service for desktop or mobile applications. It is easy to install, and for various purposes, Flexisip can be integrated into your SIP infrastructure.

Features of Flexisip

  • Real-time statistics through a command-line interface
  • Push notifications
  • Group chats 
  • Real-time presence status
  • Identifying users of service within the address book

It is essential to understand and do proper research before choosing the SIP server for your VoIP Solution setup. A single server can not meet all your needs, and every SIP server has its pros and cons. You wisely need to choose the VoIP SIP server that meets most of your requirements.

Krify is a leading VoIP service providing company with competency in customizing Linphone softphone by using Fusion PBX. We have customized softphones for various organizations and have developers who are expertise in Linphone development including the customization with advanced features. For more information reach us here.

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Linphone Free SIP Server Configuration

We are happy to bring a new competency to krify of free switch server set-up and configuration as a combo of linphone for free video/voice calling purpose.

What is a free SIP server?

A free SIP server allows the users to make free calls by creating their own SIP addresses and make SIP to SIP(app to app) calls using the SIP address. Along with video calls and voice calls we can also make conference calls similar to skype. For User interface the fusion PBX web UI control is used to take care of the frontend working

The working of the Linphone using the sip server

One of our clients has approached us with an idea of having in organisation calls where all the employees can be connected to each other through this app, by connecting their devices to the internet. We can up with a solution to this idea. Every employee in the organization will have a unique extension number which will be done by creating an extension for each server address, it is also called as user id.

After receiving the authentication details, users can log in with their credentials and use the app. Two or more employees can be connected using the user ids that are assigned particularly to each employee. Users can chat and make calls, It has various features for calls such as

  • Call recording
  • Mute calls
  • Hold a call
  • Speaker
  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Call adding
  • Conference call

The user can send text messages through the chat and can also share media through the chat feature available in the app, the user can share different files like 

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Audio files
  • PDF files

Cost estimation for the development of Linphone app

Cost estimations of the services majorly depend on the requirement of the client. There are other factors that impact the cost for the development:

  • Designing Logo for branding
  • Linphone Customization
  • SIP server set-up services
  • Maintenance of the Linphone
  • Features to be included in the Linphone

Krify is a renowned website and mobile app development company with a huge competency in Linphone customization. We are recognized as one among the top Linphone development companies. If you replanning to have a Linphone with your branding reach us today. In case you do not have a sip server, we also provide a sip server so that you need not worry about where to purchase a sip server. For more information reach us here.

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coffee business app development

Mobile App Development for Coffee Business

Are you still following the same boring, nonprofitable traditional business model? If yes, spend some of your time to look around and understand why you are no able to run your business successfully. Here is the answer, you are not able to compete in the market because you are not reaching as many audiences as your competitors are reaching, to grab the market attention. You need to increase your online presence and reach maximum people possible to enhance your business. In this article let us discuss the difference you can make in your business by growing digitally using technology. Consider a coffee business and we will understand the difference between the traditional coffee business and modern coffee business using an app.

Traditional business working

Usually, traditional coffee business is where the customer visits the local stall location, understands the offers or discounts on different items, chooses his order from the available menu, waits till the coffee is ready, drinks and leaves. He can also suggest changes or his feedback with the owner of the coffee stall.

In this modern era, this traditional method does not work. Here are some significant drawbacks of following the conventional coffee business model

Disadvantages of traditional business

  • The customers will not get to know the deals and offers available until they visit your store
  • You cannot update your customers regarding the location change etc
  • You cannot reach other people apart from your existing customers
  • Limited sales and marketing, less ROI

Modern business working

With the usage of technology, many industries have grown digitally and have gained popularity among the public. They have their websites and apps through which customers can directly communicate with them. In this method, the user can sit at his place and check the available menu that is updated in the app, check the offers available and order it online. He can later give reviews in the app. He can also check the ratings of all the items before ordering.

Let us understand the advantages of having and mobile for the coffee business through the below graph.

coffee business app

Functionalities to include in coffee business app

Let us understand the required features to integrate into the coffee business mobile application. They are 

  • Push notifications
  • Feedback form
  • Online payments
  • Order booking


Push notifications play an essential role in bringing the customers back to your business. By sending regular updates about your business, to the customers. You can send updates like offers, new products, available discounts and changes in the business location in the form of push notifications.

Feedback form

Feedback form helps in improving the business. The user can rate the coffee and give ratings as per his experience. The customers can give reviews and also suggestions with when considered, can help you to improve your business

Online payment

Online payment is a must feature in today’s world of cashless transactions. The user should be able to have different payment choices so that they can feel comfortable and secure as the payments can be done online.

Order booking

All the other features do not matter if you do not have this booking option in the mobile app. This feature helps the customer to order the coffee from any place and pay online without having to go to the coffee stall.

Benefits of having a coffee business app

Here are some advantages of having a mobile app for the coffee business, and how you can improve your business with a coffee business app. The main factors to consider are

  • Brand visibility
  • ROI
  • Tracking orders
  • Business management

Brand visibility

You can quickly increase your brand visibility by having a mobile app for your coffee business. It helps you to grab more customers to your business by promoting your app through various social media platforms.


You will have a good return on investment by having a mobile app for the coffee business, as it helps in increasing sales and generates more revenue. Customers can rate your service, and more people will get to know about your services through reviews

Track of orders

The track of all the order can be stored in the mobile app, even the user can have a track of all the orders he placed before, they can check it in history. The user can also see the rating of the item in the app itself, before ordering.


You can communicate with your customers through the app, instead of them, coming to your stall for any queries. By this, you can understand your customers and their interests better. Communication improves the loyalty and trust between the business and its customers.


There is no scope to sustain in this competitive world without growing digitally; people prefer easy ways to get their work done. The secret of any successful business is to consider the customers’ convenience. You can only grow by marketing your business online by having good branding and online visibility. Are you planning to develop a mobile app for your coffee business? 

Krify is well known for its mobile app development services across the globe. We have a huge competency on the website and mobile app development. We are based in India and the UK with a team who are skilled in the latest technologies. To know more about us, reach us here

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push notifications

Why you should integrate push notifications in your app?

Push notifications play a major role in engaging the users and to keep the customers connected and updated with the app. Push notifications help in increasing the traffic to your app by notifying the users regularly about the updates in the app or the latest information related to the application. Even if the app is closed push notifications help in providing required updates about the app. Here are the main advantages of including push notifications in application development. 

Major benefits of integrating push notifications in your application

Let us understand some major advantages of having push notifications for your mobile application. Here is the list of 5 benefits that play a vital role in increasing the sales through your app by push notification.

  • Customer Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Engaging users
  • Targetting the right users
  • Conversion rates

Customer Behavior

By tracking various factors like messages, interaction time, and browsing history. You can understand the user behavior and send them the related push notifications by considering their interests. Users do not prefer to use applications that send unrelated pop-ups every time.


It is an important way of alerting the customers about the last minute offers and other important coupons etc. You can add more valuable information to attract the customer to use your app through push notifications. You can communicate with the users allowing them to know the important updates or latest trends related to the app.

Engaging users

Many people do not use the app after installation. It is necessary that you keep reminding users about your app by sending frequent updates in the form of push notifications. But you need to keep in mind that sending too many push notifications might necessarily annoy the user to an extent that the user uninstalls the apps.

Target the right users

If the users accept to give their mobile app the access to track their location, it would be a great opportunity for you to understand the user location and target the specific users to use your app. For example, an app can send push notifications according to their timezone. Also, you can let the users know about the sale of various products in their location.

Conversion rates

By sending the push notifications you can create the urgency to the user for purchasing a product by reminding them over and over repeatedly. You can also create urgency by sending the limited-time offers in the push notifications.

These are some of the reasons you need to include push notifications in your android or iOS app. So while developing your mobile application make sure to integrate the push notification feature in the development process.

Krify is a global IT service providing company with huge competency in mobile app and website development company. We are known worldwide as the best mobile app development company, this is possible only due to our hard work for providing the best services to our clients. For more information reach us here.

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