// Develop An On-Demand Spa Service App Similar To Soothe
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Develop An On-Demand Spa Service App Similar To Soothe


Why shouldn’t spa services also have an app as there is an app for everything? Same as with any other on-demand mobile-based service, this app is used to connect with massage therapists and customers. Based on the services customers require, the app will pair them with the top therapist in your area. 

When we talk about spa services or message services the thing we get into our brain will Soothe app. As this application offers therapists and clients a smooth flow of functionality. This platform allows therapists to connect with need-driven, niche audiences. Additionally, it will be simple for customers to use this app to find qualified therapists wherever they need them. If you are also in the idea to develop an app like Soothe then you should know what features it provides and what are its advantages.

Features Of On-Demand Spa Service App Similar To Soothe

The spa app should connect a user and a therapist. Also, there should be a person who monitors their actions in the app. So, developing a spa service app means developing a user app, therapist app, and admin panels. Let us see the features that need to be included in each of them.

Features Of User

  • Information about the therapists
  • Effective filtering with multiple levels for search 
  • Comparing experts
  • Simple booking
  • Advice on how to negotiate for better deals
  • Simple communication methods
  • Push notifications
  • Simple cancellation method
  • Various payment options
  • Option for ratings and reviews
  • User dashboard

Features Of Therapist App

  • Manage profile
  • Set availability
  • Approve or deny a service request
  • Display work record or work history
  • Select the location to service 
  • Dashboard which includes accounts, bookings, and other information
  • The flexibility of showing services
  • Easy payment interface
  • in-app communication
  • System for collecting feedback with social media integration

Features Of Admin Panel 

  • An easy procedure for gathering and showing data regarding massage therapists using all available filters
  • Control over the communication channel
  • Manage ads & featured listing
  • Simple access to consumer data to better serve them
  • Account and payment functionality
  • Review and feedback
  • Automated booking data capture

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Benefits Of an On-Demand Spa Service App Similar To Soothe

1. Flexibility

Appointments can be arranged by massage therapists or users according to their preferences and availability. The therapists and users can therefore balance their professional and personal lives.

2. Certified Professional

Licensed, experienced, and certified massage therapists can be found by app users. The app delivers complete security and convenience through its offerings.

3. Message services for Couples

You can enjoy spa services and other services together in the convenience of your own home as a couple.

4. Unique Services

People are always stressed out because of their jobs, travel, and modern lifestyles. A business like Soothe, which offers on-demand massages, demonstrates that no other app or service can match the satisfaction or relaxation that a massage app can deliver through its service.


Developing an on-demand spa service app similar to Soothe with all the above-mentioned features will provide a lot of benefits. If you are willing to develop a spa services app then approach the best app development company like Krify. 

Being a leading provider of mobile and web application development services, Krify creates reliable mobile and web applications. To help you achieve your objectives of developing a Spa service app that will boost traffic and conversions for your business, we have the knowledge and skill set you need. The members of our team would be delighted to make your idea live. To begin, get in touch with us immediately.