// What Are The Features Of The SOS Application?
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What Are The Features Of The SOS Application?


Life is unpredictable, and emergencies are even more so for this reason, it is always preferable to make some plans, and take some measures. You can actually turn on your phone and call or message anyone for support when you need personal assistance. But in a life-threatening situation, such as an attack, sexual assault, robbery, harassment, accident, fire, or many more, we need some accessibility techniques that will allow us to contact support just by clicking on the button without actually using the phone. So, it is always a good idea to have an emergency SOS app as a backup on your phone.

If you or your beloved one finds themselves in a life-threatening critical situation and requires quick help, the SOS apps can save you or your loved ones as they are advanced emergency apps. There are so many types of SOS apps available in the play store and apple store. So, let us see the common and best features of SOS apps.

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Features of the SOS application

1. Permissions

These types of apps are all about safety and security. So, once a user installs this application it will first ask to allow the permissions to send messages, access contact details, location, access to the camera, and other required things. This allows the app to work properly when it is really required.

2. Login/Signup

These apps will allow the users to register or log in with their name, mobile number, and OTP. Without registering and providing the required details, the app may not start working although you installed it. 

3. Photos and Videos

These apps will ask permission to take videos and photos. So that, they will be able to record videos and take pictures when a person seeking help or in some danger. Once the user presses the button or does some other action as per the instructions of the particular SOS app, the process of taking photos and videos will be done automatically by the app.  

4. Text message

These apps will allow the user to predefine the text messages once they signup for the app. This message will be sent to the contacts of the user when he/she needs any assistance. 

5. Audio record

These applications will request authorization to record audio. In order to record audio when someone needs assistance or is in danger. This is also an automated process as the above two features. 

6. Location sharing

It is the most important feature of the SOS application. These applications will detect the mobile location with the help of GPS and provide a rescue location to the user’s contact. 

7. Nominate the contacts

It is very important to send the emergency message with a predefined text, location, audio, video, and photos to your contact who understands the situation by checking the message and acting accordingly. So, it is always important to nominate or select the contact numbers of your closest people.

8. Predefined contacts

Some SOS apps provide predefined contacts like nearby police stations, nearby hospitals, and many others. The emergency message will also be sent to them along with the user-nominated contacts.

9. SOS button

SOS apps will provide an SOS button. If the user clicks on it, the app will be activated and an emergency alert to the selected contacts. Some SOS apps activate the button just by moving the phone, dropping the phone, or doing some other action with the phone, this will completely depend on the development process of the app. 


SOS applications are the best way to save the life of people. If you want to develop an SOS application for providing a free service or paid service, it’s important to contact the best app development company which can include the above-mentioned features while developing the app. 

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