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Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developer in India

Kotlin is a programming language that was first released in February 2016 by JetBrains. Kotlin allows developers to write more concise, expressive code without sacrificing readability. This makes Kotlin the perfect fit for any company looking to optimize its development process and reduce the time-to-market of new products or features.

Kotlin’s high performance enables it to be used in server and client applications, giving it an edge over other languages like JavaScript or Swift. Kotlin has also been designed from the ground up with interoperability between Java frameworks and Android in mind, which means that you can use your existing libraries with no need for re-coding them into this new language. 

Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developer in India

Pricing Model While Hiring Dedicated Kotlin Developer in India

Companies of all sizes can benefit from Krify’s Kotlin app development services, which include flexible involvement. Our fees are based on your
project’s nature, size, and complexity and can be paid in fixed, hourly rates or dedicated price models.

Kotlin Developer in India


Fixed Price Model

If you’re a startup or a small business, we understand how valuable your time is and the resources you need; with our optimal cost estimates for small projects and a list of developers your project’sager to get started, we can assist in eliminating some of the guessings.


Dedicated Price Model

If your project is of a medium or large scale, we will assign a development team to work solely. Dedicated developers will be assigned to your project, so you can focus on what’s important.


Hourly Basis

Individual Entrepreneurs and Projects that are still in progress get compensated fairly for their efforts. Entrepreneurs that need expert assistance and want to add features as needed would benefit most from this.

Why Hire Kotlin Developers from Krify?

Hiring the right developer is crucial to your company’s success. You need someone who can work well with others, keep up with industry
standards, and communicate effectively. Krify is a full-service software development company specializing in the
Kotlin programming language, so we know what it takes to hire dedicated kotlin developers.

1.Dedicated Workforce

Our team of experts knows that every business needs are different, which is why they stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and development opportunities to be prepared when you call them for any customization.

2.Privacy and Security

We take privacy seriously and care about your best interests. We make sure to protect our clients by signing NDAs before starting any projects, guaranteeing that everything will stay confidential between us.

3.Source-code ownership

We’ve been working with the best developers in our industry for years now, and we’ve learned that nothing is more important than taking care of you. Our team will make sure your code is well-guided every step of the way until it’s completed.

4.On-time delivery

We develop efficient and high-quality apps, and within the deadlines, you need them to succeed with your business strategy. We use a speedy approach which has garnered us a reputation for quality.

5.Dedicated Workforce

Elite, experienced specialists are on hand to meet and surpass your expectations. Sourcing the most skilled and experienced people is one of our top priorities.

6.Latest Tools and technology

For our fast-paced environment, we have a dedicated team of kotlin developers. As a result, we make sure they are aware of what’s new to stay ahead of the curve and not fall behind when it comes to software updates.


To help you with your app development, we offer the greatest engagement models, and we encourage reviews at any time during the process.

8.Project Management and tracking

Our development team continually strives to provide clients with the finest possible experience. Our client has access to a dashboard, where they will be able to watch the development of their project and provide important suggestions in real-time.


Software upgrades and fixes are a part of the software maintenance process. Clients can request assistance with upgrading or fixing their applications, as well as requesting technical support for any questions they have about those processes.

Technologies Used By Our Kotlin App Developers

For us, at Krify, nothing is more rewarding than watching our customers succeed.
You can count on our Kotlin experts to provide you with top-notch results using cutting-edge technologies & techniques.









Android Studio

Our Dedicated Kotlin App Developers Expertise

Whether you need to develop, design, or deploy your next app from scratch or just want some new features added on – we have the team ready for any
size project and a wide variety of mobile solutions. We provide offshore Kotlin app developers and remote Kotlin programming talent through our comprehensive portfolio of services that cover every aspect of getting an application off the ground.

   Custom Kotlin app development

With our remote Kotlin application coders, we can customize and build secure apps suited for your unique business requirements with ease.

   Kotlin app consultation

We offer consultation services to ensure your idea can work on the type of device you have in mind. This way, it takes less time to develop an unusable product and makes it easier to request an accurate estimation upfront.

   Dedicated Kotlin developers

We are a leading app development company with our dedicated Kotlin developers and creative team. We will take your idea and make it into an awesome product that meets all your requirements to be both feature-rich and scalable.

Our Dedicated Kotlin App Developers Expertise
Our Dedicated Kotlin App Developers Expertise

   Kotlin App up-gradation

Our remote coder’s team will upgrade your existing Android app with the latest Kotlin version. The increased user base is a common result of updated apps compatible with newer devices and operating systems.

   Independent testing

Kotlin is the language that may well be taking over Java’s reign in Android Development. Our Kotlin developers are able to ensure your application runs smoothly, loads quickly, and provides error-free service without any difficulty.

   Kotlin app Maintenance

We know that your time is precious, and our Kotlin app maintenance will allow you to continue with your life without worrying about the apps on your smartphone.

How to Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developers?

  • Understand the scope of the project:

    This project’s current phase is critical. For our app to stand out from the various messaging apps that people have on their phones today, we need to figure out what features and design components are required. Otherwise, it will just be another generic messaging app with nothing remarkable about it at all.

  • Analyze the project:

    It is important that our Kotlin app programmers fully comprehend the project, including repetitious details such as timelines and scope. This way, analyzing a project in detail help developers understand the motto and intention of the client for developing the app.

  •  Develop the project with the right team:

    The Kotlin App Programming Team understands how crucial it is to grasp every detail about your project before beginning thoroughly; this helps us stay focused while creating cutting-edge software solutions you need to deliver quickly and efficiently.

  • Start to work:

    We have an excellent team that will be able to meet all of your requirements.
    Our privilege is to assemble the best team of developers and designers to develop a Kotlin app that meets all your requirements.

  • Deploy:

    Prior to launch, we’ll make sure your software is flawless, and For this reason, we will collaborate with you directly throughout the entire development and deployment process.

How to Hire Dedicated Kotlin Developers?

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Yes, we charge by the hour. As a result, you will be charged based on the number of hours you utilize

Yes, we do. We are fully committed to meeting clients’ operational requirements. We believe in delivering results, and if that is required to keep confidential, we are glad to sign the NDA.

Kotlin, like Java, is a programming language. However, it has many benefits, such as better security, syntax options, and compatibility with other languages, which make Kotlin stand out from the rest of its competitors in this arena.

The cost of developing a Kotlin app relies on a number of aspects, including the client’s requirements, the technologies to be used, the number of resources to be employed, and the time it takes to produce it.

Hire the most talented full-stack Kotlin app developers in India who can work on both front-end and back-end development; these programmers are skilled at all aspects of a software product.

We keep you in the loop with weekly project status reports, and it’s essential for your peace of mind to stay on top of upcoming milestones. We report bugs as they happen so we can work together responsibly.

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