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itaap event in aug 2021

ITAAP IT Skill Development Event – Aug 2021

Krishna Reddy, CEO of Krify attended the ITAAP IT Skill Development Event organized by Govt.
The event covered various topics including skill development through higher education, skilling initiatives, entrepreneurship opportunities among others. The event had keynote speakers from various industries who shared their thoughts on how technology has changed over time. Our CEO, Krishna Reddy shared his experience at the event, highlighting about the advancement of technology and its impact on the current generation, leading to successful innovations and development.

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topdevelopers.co angularjs development companies list

Top Angular JS Development Company Recognized by Topdevelopers.co

Krify has been recognized by TopDevelopers.co as one of the finest Angular JS development Firms to mention in their list, and we are eternally grateful for this testimonial that is a testament to our work ethic. The wonderful folks at topdevelopers.co have compiled an extensive listing of many IT service providers with excellent reviews- including Krify Software Solutions Pvt Ltd., which has earned acclaim from all circles due to its stellar performance over the years. We are so honored to be mentioned in TopDevelopers.co’s list of Angular JS Development companies. They have the most extensive and researched lists, where they rank IT firms based on their success rate and customer satisfaction.

TopDevelopers.co has tagged us as one of the finest Angular JS development firms, and for a good reason too. Our developers have a combined experience in this field that spans decade’s worth of work with companies worldwide to help them grow their businesses using our expertise as well-known experts on what it takes to be successful when embarking on an AngularJS project.

Web developers

AngularJS is such an intriguing technology that it just invigorates our team to develop more new and interesting features for you. At Krify, We work with businesses worldwide who need help building websites or web applications from scratch using Google’s popular JavaScript framework, AngularJS. With years of extensive industry knowledge under their belts, we have provided valuable insights into how consumers interact online today, so business owners can stay ahead of the curve when it comes time to develop new products and services.

If you are looking for the best Angular JS development company, contact us without any delay. We are here to help you by providing top-quality solutions for your business needs.

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Krify The Hindu News Paper

The Hindu Newspaper Incubation Centre to come up in Rajamahendravaram

Kakinada one to be expanded to support startups; over 30 companies to be launched.

In a leap for the Information Technology sector in East Godavari district, an incubation centre to support startups would come up in Rajamahendravaram and the existing one in Kakinada would get a facelift.

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) Joint Director told The Hindu, “Work is in progress to provide incubation for IT startups in Vijayawada. Once it is completed, our focus will shift to the district, from where we are receiving inquiries from entrepreneurs.”

Observing the overwhelming response from Andhra Pradesh to the Indian Business Process Outsourcing (IBPO) scheme of the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology, he said that of the 48,300 applications received from the country about 11,500 were from the State. “Rajamahendravaram is one of the places from where we have received a good number of applications. The response has clearly indicated the need for developing infrastructure in the city to support budding entrepreneurs,” he said. The IT industry in Kakinada, second only to Visakhapatnam in IT exports in the last four years, employed 6,000 people in 60 startups that availed themselves of the incubation facility.

‘NRIs keen’

“At least 30 new companies will come up in Kakinada, provided the incubation facility is being expanded. NRIs from the region are keen on investing in start-ups here,” said Krishna Reddy Kovvuri, the CEO of Krify Software Technologies, a city-based cellphone application designing company.

Mr. Reddy, also the vice-chairman of the Information Technology Association of Andhra Pradesh (ITAP), asked why the government was not tapping the region’s IT potential. “Strengthening of the STPI can be an advantage to the IT sector here. Technocrats are ready to invest in youngsters with sharp brains. Infrastructural gap can only be filled by the government,” he said.

Reference Link: The Hindu News

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the hindi new paper software

The Hindu Teasing Innovative Acumen The IOT way

Engineering students work on software projects to develop apps.

What if a car is operated by hand gestures or an automated rover that cleans the floor? Well, around 90 engineering students from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are working on such innovative concepts to make them a reality.

Two-month internship:

The students, all final year engineering students from reputed educational institutions in the two Telugu States, are here in the city for a two-month internship programme as part of which they work on several artificial intelligence-based projects and developing apps to understand the nitty-gritty of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Students from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal, GITAM College of Engineering in Visakhapatnam and GMR Institute of Technology in Srikakulam among others have formed a talent pool that is working simultaneously on various software projects.

They have made two floors of a three-storied building at Atchampeta on the city outskirts their workplace while they are putting up in paying guest accommodations and rented houses near their office premises.

“I am working on a project in which car can be operated by hand gestures. Once the prototype is ready, it can be used for other vehicles as well. I have got a freehand and guidance, along with the needed infrastructure and facilities and the project works are apace,” says E. Bhavana, a student of NIT, Warangal.

M.B. Chowdary of GMRIT, Srikakulam is working a cellphone alert system for the clearance of dumper bin set up by the civic bodies in cities and towns.

“Mine is an IoT-based project which will come in handy for civic bodies. I am developing a small device that can be fitted to dumper bins so that messages will pop up in the designated cellphones in case bins are filled or gasses emanate from the litter,” explains M.B. Chowdary.

Automated rovers to clean floors and software programs to help track fluctuations in stock market are among the other projects on which the students are working on.

Huge response:

“We have got huge response for this two-month programme. From around 300 applicants we got this year, 90 students have been shortlisted. There are a few software companies that are offering such programmes and we are one among those few,” says Krishna Reddy Kovvuri, CEO of Krify Software Technologies, a city-based software firm that deals with in mobile app design and their development and marketing.Referring to the ‘popularity’ of the programme, Mr. Krishna Reddy Kovvuri says this summer internship began with only 10 students in 2012.“Since then, the programme is growing leaps and bounds every year with a good response from the students. This experience coupled with the participation certificate will help them get better placements for sure,” he explains.

Exposure platform

In a bid to encourage students from the government-run institutions, Mr. Krishna Reddy Kovvuri extended an invitation to the students of Government Polytechnic for Girls this year and says that the students are equally talented when compared to the students from the corporate institutions.

“Besides having the satisfaction of providing talented youngsters with the needed exposure, we are using this platform to source talented manpower to our firm too,” he adds.

Reference: The Hindu.

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Top Python Development Firm from UK and India

We are glad to announce the TopDevelopers.co has mentioned Krify as one of the finest Python development Firms. We heartfully thank TopDevelopers.co for recognizing us as one of the top Python Development companies.

TopDevelopers.co is a company that has the collection of various development companies where you can find the well-researched list of the most successful and finest IT service providing companies. The reviews are verified and help the users in choosing the best partner for technically accelerating their business. The service providing companies are categorised after thorough research.

Here is the screenshot where TopDevelopers.co company has tagged us one of the finest python development firms

Top Python App Development Company
Source: www.einpresswire.com/article/487069864/top-python-php-and-java-development-firms-for-june-2019-a-research-by-topdevelopers-co

Here at krify, we have Developers with huge experience in developing various mobile and web applications using trending technologies. We believe in client satisfaction and work by understanding the client’s project requirement and also suggest them the best ideas to increase their business. Our team is skilled and well trained in mobile app development. We are always updated with the latest technologies.

In case you are looking for top Python development companies in the UK or India, contact us without any delay. We are here to help you by providing the best possible solution for your business requirement.

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Custom development company

One of the Top Custom Software Development Companies in UK

We are happy to announce that we are recognized as one of the top custom software development companies in the UK by GoodFirms, a renowned B2B rating and review firm.

We can find various IT services providing companies in GoodFirms. GoodFirms categories the companies depending on the ranking and client reviews. The reviews are genuine and are according to the services the company has provided to its clients. GoodFirms is the best place to find the perfect IT company for your requirement. After a thorough study on the reviews and various other aspects, Good firms has tagged Krify as one of the top 10 Custom Software companies in the UK.

Here is the screenshot of Good firms tagging Krify as one of the top custom software development companies.

We have an expert team of developers with huge experience in developing custom software. We provide our clients with the most optimized solution possible by considering their business requirement and analysing the trends in the market. Our consistent hard work and effort in delivering the best services to our clients have made us one of the top web and mobile app development company in the UK and India.

We heartfully thank Good Firms for tagging us as one of the top custom software development company. This definitely helps us to gain more visibility and enhance our business by growing digitally.

If you are planning to develop a professional custom software our developers we would be happy to assist you 24/7, Contact us today.

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Good Firms has identified Krify as one of the Top Testing Companies

We are proud to proclaim that GoodFirms, one among the top B2B Research, review and Rating firm, has noticed and tagged Krify as one of the Top Software Testing Companies, in one of their posts.

Good firms are ratings and review website where you can find the best IT service providing companies. It chooses the best website and mobile development companies and the best digital marketing agencies. Good Firms is very selective while categorizing companies. Also, the rating on Good firms are genuine and fair, They are purely based on the service provided by the companies to their clients. You can find many companies of your choice among the best companies that are listed on the Good Firms.

Here is the screenshot of Good firms tagging Krify as the one among the top testing companies.

good firms

As a top testing company, we follow a specific strategy during the testing process. We conduct various types of tests to make sure that we supply the bug-free products to our customers. We have a well-trained testing team containing skilled testers who are experienced and expertise in identifying various kinds of errors and bugs in the applications. We believe that customer satisfaction is the first step toward success.

We thank GoodFirm for tagging us in the list of the top testing companies. This will definitely help us to get more visibility and online presence so that we can work with more clients and help more organizations to grow digitally by providing IT services.

The success of any mobile app or website depends on the testing. Testing plays a major role in the future of the app. If you are planning to develop an error-free mobile or web applications, with advanced features and functionalities contact us here. We would love to assist you regarding any requirement of your business.

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Krify Software Technologies PVT LTD is glad to announce our another milestone in our journey. ITAAP has Invited Sri. J.A. Chowdarysir on 9th December 2018 to occasion of Mega Sports to Godhavari Region IT Companies of Andhra Pradesh on 25th November, 08th & 09th of December. In his busy schedule, he graced the occasion by accepting our invitation. As a part of the event, the Price Distribution Ceremony is conducted on 10th December 2018 at Conference Hall of Krify Software Technologies PVT Ltd, Kakinada.

All our ITAAP members — Chairman Shri Nagaraju, President Shri Sreedhar Kosaraju, and Vice President of ITAAP – Shri Krishna Reddy K has addressed the need of sports to the employees and Agile Methodology Working to employees gathered at a Mega Sports Event hosted by IT Association of Andhra Pradesh (ITAAP) and Member companies such as Krify, Avineon, Cyient, Primesoft and etc were participated and made the event successful. Shri J.A. Chowdary is the featured speaker, inspiring employees to find an event they were passionate about and make their chosen careers more than just a job. J.A. Chowdary shared the joy he felt when he meets the employees of the all the IT companies at one place, and Shri Nagaraju encouraged the attendees to challenge themselves to a higher standard of work. The presentations struck a chord with Shri Sreedhar Kosaraju, who remarked, “I feel a new sense of purpose towards the event I’ve been assigned. I’m motivated to do more than just get the job done; I want to create an event that I would be passionate about.” With the motivation from successful advertisers, a chance to interact with key industry leaders, it was truly a day to remember.

Reference Links: The Hindu

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Clutch Post

Clutch.co ranks Krify as a top Digital Agency for 2017

We are pleased to announce that Clutch, a B2B Research, Review and Rating firm, has recognized Krify as one of the Top Digital Agencies in the UK, in their recent press release.

Clutch is a well-renowned review and rating company that picks the best mobile app development and the best digital marketing agencies. Its operations are very process oriented and have a transparent mechanism. The reviews of the Clutch are very fair based on customer/client-centric meetings, client’s experience, reaching target deadlines, cost-effective solutions, and professionalism.

Profile of Krify Software Technologies

In this century, digitization is in demand for boosting business’s growth towards success. We help businesses with their brand development and recognition using advancements in technologies like website, mobile app and software development. Digital Marketing is also included in our strategy which includes various approaches like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Display Ads, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, App Store Optimization, etc.

Clutch Highlights the Best Agencies in Canada & UK in 2017

As a top digital agency, we are providing all kinds of services & solutions which serve the businesses to get brand recognition and improve its growth curve exponentially. Our happy clients are testaments of the work we do for their businesses and brands. We guarantee you the best result from us.

Screenshot from Clutch.co Leaders Matrix

Finally, we thank team Clutch to recognize us as one of the top Digital Agency in the UK and our loyal clients, who have provided us their kind support. This will further motivate and lead us to strive for excellence and deliver superior customer experience in the coming years.

Contact us today and enrich your digital presence. We are happy to be your digital marketing partner. Talk to our Business Analysts today to get the customized digital solution for your business’s growth.

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